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Cuisine: Coffee, French.


Soup of The Day $6.50
Homemade Country Pate $7.50
Celeri Remoulado $8.75 celery strips with mustard dressing
Wild Mushrooms in a Pull Pastry $8.75
Crab Cake $8.75 crispy sauteed lump crab with pickle
Salade Liagoaise $8.00 sauteed potatoes, sleaned beans, bacon, endivas in sherry vinegar
Salade De Chicous Du Hord $8.00 belgian endives with apples, watercress and walnuts
Comale Au Monttachel $8.75 baked tomato filled with goast cheese served with warm fresh basil vinaigrette
Relilsgris Rillios $8.75 sauteed snails in a roquefort cream sauce
Baked Mussels with Garlic Butter $8.75
Requested as an Appetizer $4.00

Mussels Specialties

all items are served at the cost of $16.95
Moules Mariniere onion, garlic, white wine
Moules a Rardennaise bacon, onion, mushroom, white wine, cream
Moules a La Lronencale tomato, garlic, onion, white wine, butter
Moules Loulette mushroom, onion, cream, white wine, lemon
Meules Lrinlaniere lulien of carrots leeks, mushrooms, marsala wine
Moules Au Roquefort bacon, celery, onion, blue cheese and beer
Moules au Curry cream, curry, parsley, white wine
Moules au Nert onion, basil, curiander, cream, white wine
Moules Pasino shallots, garlic, butter, red pepper, ham, white wine
Moules Brutelles black and green olives, shallots,garlic, herbes, marsala wine


romme frites are served during the course of the meal
Calf Liver Sauteed $18.75 with bacon onions, mushrooms and sherry vinegar
Waterzooi of Chicken $18.75
CHicken Breast Filled $18.75 with sweet peppers, onins and wild mushrooms
Grilled Pork Chops $19.75 with apples, onions and wild mushrooms
Dark Belgian Beer Stew of Beef $19.75
Mild White Sausage with Apples and Onions $20.75
Rabbit with Pnnes $20.75
Veal Sweetbreads Sauteed $20.75 with salsifis and mushrooms
Monk Fish Roasted $20.75 with mustard and candives
Grilled Brook Trout $19.75 with beens vinaigrette
Seafood Casserole Belgian Style $21.75
Broiled Salmon $21.75 with shrimp flavored reamaise
Broiled Sirloin Steak $24.75
Fild of Beef Sauteed in a Green Pepper Sauce $28.75

Pasta Specialties

all items are served at the cost of $14.95
Penne A La Comate penne in a tomato sauce, and fresh basil
Ravioli Forestiere cheese filled ravioli with a sild mushroom and tomato
Fettuccini Au Saumon Fume fettuccini with smoked salmon and shallots in white wine and cream sauce

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