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Up to date Buddha Lounge prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal. Buddha Lounge is available in 2 states.

Cold Appetizers

Cold Appetizers
Thai Basil Salmon Wrapped $9.00 Salmon, mix green, mango and avocado and cucumber with basil sauce.
Sushi Tacos $12.00 Spicy tuna on wasabi cracker, served with balsamic vinegar.
Sashimi Ceviche $12.00 Tuna, salmon, fluke, onion and bell pepper, served with lime zest and sweet vinegar.
Seared Pepper White Tuna $11.00 Almonds, cranberry with cream cheese glaze, served with garlic sauce and mango puree.
Seafood Mango Salsa $12.00 Shrimp, crabmeat, squid, octopus, red clam,onion, bell pepper and mango served with mango lime salsa.
Tricolor Tartar $13.00 Tuna with truffle peel and wasabi soyer salmon with mango chili sauce, yellowtail with jalapeno and guacamole.
Yellowtail Jalapeno 3 Way $12.00 Served with ponzu sauce, basil chili sauce and lime zest.
Tuna Pizza $12.00 Guacamole, jalapeno, tomatoes, chives, olive and seaweed salad.
Modern Sashimi Apps $14.00 Diced sashimi, avocado, mango, king crab served with red wine vinaigrette.
Toro Special $18.00 Served with cilantro garlic yogurt and citron miso.

Hot Appetizers

Hot Appetizers
Edamame $4.00
Gyoza $5.00 Mango chutney and spicy garlic soy.
Shrimp Shumai $5.00 Ginger chili dipping sauce.
Haru Maki $5.00 Spring roll. Served with Pomelo chili sauce.
Chicken Skewers $6.00 Asian style peanut sauce.
Herb Crusted Calamari $7.00 Mild chili plum sauce and mango salsa.
Beef Negimaki $7.00 Scallions and teriyaki glaze.
Chicken Lettuce Cup $9.00 Onions, pea, shallots, sriracha and hoisin sauce.
Crispy Soft Shell Crab $10.00 Baby greens and wasabi emulsion.
Stuffed Jalapeno with Spicy Tuna $10.00 Cream cheese, bonito flakes and sweet soy glaze.
Rock Shrimp Tempura $10.00 Spicy bottarga aioli.
Crispy Ginger Duck Roll $12.00 Shredded crispy duck, avocado and balsamic glaze.
Slow Cooked Baby Back Ribs $12.00 Tamarind chili sauce.
Kobe Beef $35.00 Served with wasabi pepper sauce and sesame chili soy.


Miso Soup $3.00 Seaweed, tofu and nameko mushrooms.
Oven Roasted Butternut Squash Soup $5.00 Infused coconut curry and young soy beans.
Hot and Sour Soup $6.00 Assorted seafood and kaffir lime leaf.
Lobster Miso Soup $6.00 Seaweed, tofu and nameko mushrooms.
Seafood Bisque $7.00 Lump crab meat and chives.


Seaweed Salad $5.00 Orange mango sauce.
House Salad $6.00 Mesclun, cucumbers, tomatoes and pomegranate dressing.
Kani Salad $7.00 Avocado, cucumber and rice cracker.
Warm Goat Cheese Salad $9.00 Arugula jus and age balsamic.
Asian Shrimp Salad $10.00 Mango jicama, kiwi, spring mix, red dried shrimp and crushed peanuts.
Seared Pepper Tuna Salad $10.00 Served with red wine vinaigrette.
Smoked Salmon Salad $11.00 Served with pineapple dil sauce and raspberry puree.

Feature Selections

Feature Selections
Style Tempura $14.00 Assorted vegetables and shrimp tempura served with soy emulsion.
Buddha Lounge Teriyaki $15.00 – $22.00 Sauteed seasonal vegetables and natural teriyaki sauce.
Pan Roasted Chicken Breast $18.00 Wasabi mashed potato, sauteed seasonal vegetables and Au jus.
Grilled Scottish Salmon $22.00 Sauteed seasonal vegetables, sob noodles, served with truffle soy sauce.
Herbs Crusted Colorado Rack of Lamb $24.00 Mashed potato, sauteed chantrells, mushroom and natural lamb jus.
Crispy Sliced Red Snapper $22.00 Haricot verts, wasabi mashed potato and Thai chili glaze.
Broiled Saikyo Miso Chilean Seabass $22.00 Black rice, baby bok choy and orange miso sauce.
Char-Grilled Natural Beef Tenderloin $26.00 Wasabi mashed potato, sauteed seasonal vegetables and natural beef jus.
Oven Roasted Veal Chop $28.00 Taro fries and mushroom sauce.
Surf and Turf $32.00 Roasted tenderloin, grilled lobster and lobster essence.

Special Rolls

Special Rolls
Ocean Roll $12.00 Seaweed salad, crab meat, avocado, masago, whitefish, tempura fried, eel sauce and spicy aioli.
Naruto Roll $12.00 Tuna, salmon, yellowtail, crab meat and avocado wrapped with thinly cucumber and light sweet vinegar. No rice.
Hawaiian Roll $12.00 Shrimp tempura, mango, pineapple, avocado and kani of mango sauce.
Phoenix Roll $14.00 Shrimp and banana tempura topped with spicy tuna and banana yogurt.
Cupid Roll $14.00 Spicy tuna, white tuna tempura topped with tuna and citron miso aioli.
Pink Lady Roll $14.00 Spicy mix (tuna, salmon, white fish and crabmeat), avocado, mango, eel sauce and mango puree.
Alligator Roll $15.00 Avocado, cucumber, cream cheese topped with panko eel, jalapeno glaze and coconut pineapple sauce.
Tokyo Roll $15.00 Shrimp and claw fish, cucumber topped with eel, avocado and wasabi aioli served with eel sauce and mango puree.
Deep Blue Roll $15.00 Soft shell crab, avocado wrapped with soy paper topped with seared spicy squid, eel sauce and sweet chili sauce.
Crazy Mama Roll $16.00 Baked king crab and yellowtail, topped with salmon and avocado served with masago aioli.
Lobster Explosion Roll $16.00 Tempura lobster, avocado, wasabi tobiko and claw fish topped with spicy salmon served with black pepper sauce.
Italian Roll $16.00 King crab, avocado and cucumber topped with seared scallop, served with pasto sauce and Parmesan cheese.

A La Carte

A La Carte
Crab Stick $2.00
Tuna $3.00
Albacore $3.00
Salmon $3.00
Smoked Salmon $3.00
Salmon Roe $3.00
Flying Fish Roe $3.00
Eel $3.00
Mackerel $3.00
Fluke $3.00
Striped Bass $3.00
Squid $3.00
Octopus $3.00
Yellowtail $3.00
Super White Tuna $3.00
Shrimp $3.00
Baby Yellowtail $4.00
Sweet Shrimp $5.00
Sea Urchin $5.00
King Crab $6.00
Toro $8.00

Classic Rolls

Classic Rolls
California Roll $5.00
Tuna Roll $5.00
Salmon Roll $5.00
Yellowtail Scallion Roll $5.00
White Tuna Roll $5.00
Philadelphia Roll $5.00
Alaskan Roll $5.00
Boston Roll $5.00
Eel Roll $5.00 Avocado and cucumber.
Spicy Tuna Roll $6.00
Spicy Salmon Roll $6.00
Spicy Yellowtail Roll $6.00
Spicy White Tuna Roll $6.00
Sweet Potato Roll $6.00
Vegetable Tempura Roll $6.00
Shrimp Tempura Roll $8.00
Soft Shell Crab Roll $10.00
King Crab Roll $10.00

Sushi Platters

Sushi Platters
Spicy Platter $15.00 Spicy tuna, spicy yellowtail and spicy salmon rolls.
Simple Platter $16.00 California, spicy tuna and shrimp tempura rolls.
Sushi Platter $22.00 Ten piece assorted sushi and California roll.
Tri Color $24.00 Three piece each of tuna, salmon, yellowtail and tricolor roll.
Sashimi Platter $26.00 Sixteen assorted sashimi.
Sushi and Sashimi Combination $25.00 Five pieces sushi, 10 pieces sashimi and choice of roll.
Buddha Sushi and Sashimi Combination $32.00 Seven pieces sushi, seven pieces sashimi and served with seven different sauces and special roll.
Sushi and Sashimi Deluxe $50.00 Ten pieces sushi, 18 pieces sashimi and special roll.

Rice and Pasta

Rice and Pasta
Classic Fried Rice $8.00 – $10.00
Pineapple Fried Rice $8.00 – $10.00 With bean sprouts and cashew nuts.
Mango Fried Rice $10.00 – $12.00 Crispy shrimp crackers and mango.
Yaki Udon $12.00 – $14.00 Stir fried wheat flour noodles.
Angel Hair $14.00 With crispy chicken strip.
Pad Thai $12.00 – $15.00 Sauteed flat noodles, bean curd, peanuts and bean sprouts.

Lunch Kitchen Entrees

Lunch Kitchen Entrees
Lunch Tempura $7.00 Shrimp and assorted vegetables. Served with your choice of soup of the day or salad.
Lunch Teriyaki $7.00 – $8.00 Served with your choice of soup of the day or salad.
Lunch Beef Negimaki $8.00 Broiled roll with beef, scallions and teriyaki sauce. Served with your choice of soup of the day or salad.
Lunch Pan Roasted Scottish Salmon $13.00 Served with corn salsa, caramelized onions and your choice of soup of the day or salad.
Lunch Broiled Saikyo Miso Chilean Seabass $14.00 Served with black rice, baby bok choy, orange miso sauce and your choice of soup of the day or salad.
Lunch Yaki Noodles $7.00 – $8.00 Served with your choice of soup of the day or salad.
Lunch Nabekayi Noodles $7.00 – $8.00 Served with your choice of soup of the day or salad.
Lunch Pad Thai Noodles $7.00 – $8.00 Served with your choice of soup of the day or salad.
Lunch Tempura Noodles $8.00 Shrimp and assorted vegetable tempura. Served with your choice of soup of the day or salad.

Lunch Sushi Bar

Lunch Sushi Bar
Lunch 2 Roll Special $9.00
Lunch 3 Roll Special $11.00
Lunch Sushi $10.00 Six pieces assorted sushi with tuna roll.
Lunch Sashimi $12.00 Ten pieces assorted sashimi.
Lunch Sushi and Sashimi Combination $14.00 Five pieces sushi, six pieces sashimi with tuna roll.

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