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Cuisine: Bar Food.

Small Plates

Mixed Olives Bowl $6.00 a simply addictive medley of olives
Apple Chutney Grill Cheese $7.00 (vg). sweet, spicy and savory apple chutney and cheese melted between sourdough bread. our exotic twist on a favorite comfort food.
Whiting Strips $8.00 lightly battered fried whitings with homemade tartar sauce paired with a side salad of garden salad
Calamari $8.00 battered fried calamari served with a spicy marinara sauce
Baked Clams $9.00 tasty and simple baked clams topped with turkey bacon
Tacos served with bushbaby’s special sauce, mixed greens andspicy condiments.
Tacos $8.00 beef, fish or vegetable
Tacos $10.00 shrimp
Teriyaki Sliders $12.00 (beef or turkey) charcoal grilled burger topped with caramelized onions, mixed greens and avocado. served with salad or house fries, a mix of sweet potato and idaho potatoes.

Full Plates

Satay Seitan Skewers $13.00 grilled seitan served with spicy satay peanut sauce. served with grains and sauteed seasonal greens
Satay Shrimp Skewers $15.00 grilled shrimp served with our spicy, satay sauce. served with grains and sauteed seasonal greens
Teriyaki Salmon $16.00 grilled salmon steaks served with honey teriyaki dipping sauce, grains of the day and sauteed seasonal greens
Moroccan Chicken $13.00 (tofu option available) chicken marinated and grilled with a blend of moroccan-inspired spices and turkish apricots. served with grains of the day and sauteed seasonal greens.
Pulled BBQ Seitan $13.00 spicy barbeque seitan and mixed greens served on a light and crispy cornbread waffle
BBQ Chicken & Fixins? $13.00 spicy barbequed chicken served with mixed greens and a light and crispy cornbread waffle
Wings & Waffle $15.00 a new twist on an old favorite, fried chicken with a light, cornbread waffle. served with the house barbeque sauce and sauteed seasonal greens.
Pancakes, Eggs & Bacon $12.00 (vg).
French Toast, Eggs & Bacon $12.00 (vg).
Wafflewich $12.00 (vg). our version of breakfast is turkey bacon, eggs and cheese pressed between a belgian waffle. served with apple & ginger chutney syrup.
Salmon Croquettes & Eggs $12.00 served with your choice of grits or home fries
Southern Fried Whiting & Eggs $12.00 served with your choice of grits or home fries
Wingettes & Waffle $13.00 a twist on an old favorite. fried chicken paired with a light cornbread waffle. served with barbeque sauce on the side.
Moroccan Tofu & Grits $12.00 tofu steaks sauteed with our moroccan-inspired spicy sauce over grits. served with slices of avocado.
Moroccan Shrimp & Grits $15.00 shrimp sauteed with our moroccan-inspired spicy sauce over grits.. served with slices of avocado.
Kale, Mushrooms & Grits $10.00 kale, mushrooms and tomatoes sauteed with garlic and onions over grits. served with slices of avocado.


House Garden Salad $6.00 mixed greens with plum tomatoes and pickled garlic drizzled with house vinaigrette.
Grilled Shrimp & Calamari Salad $12.00 mixed greens, plum tomatoes, pickled garlic drizzled with house vinaigrette.


Bushbaby Fries $4.00 a combination of sweet potatoes and idaho white potatoes.
Grains Of The Day $5.00 our grains will change based on a rotating menu. please ask our server what the grains are today.
Seasonal Sauteed Greens $5.00 our greens will change in order to keep our menu fresh (kale, spinach, swiss chard). please ask our server what greens are cooking today.


Waffle & Ice Cream $8.00 (vg). a light and fluffy waffle topped with vanilla ice cream & fruit compote drizzled with our wine-infused sauce
Fruit Parfait $7.00 alternating layers of seasonal fruit compote, cookie crumble and cashew cream.
Drunken Chocolate Strawberries $5.00 liqueur-infused strawberries covered with dark chocolate

Side Orders

Grits $4.00
Home Fries $4.00
Bushbaby Fries $4.00
Egg Scramble $4.00
Tofu Scramble $4.00
Turkey Bacon Or Tempeh Bacon $4.00
Mixed Greens $4.00
Toast $1.00


Cafe Au Latte $2.00
Coffee Of The Day $2.00
Decaf Coffee $2.00
Iced Coffee $2.75
Americano $2.25
Frappuccino $5.00
Espresso Shot $2.00
Macchiato $3.00
Vietnamese $4.00
Cappuccino & Lattes $5.00
Flavored Lattes $5.00 caramel, chocolate, coconut, hazelnut, mocha chino, vanilla

Teas, Hot Chocolate And Juices

Millie?s Iced Tea $4.00
Apple Cider $4.00
Orange Juice $4.00
Cranberry Juice $4.00
Pineapple Juice $4.00
Smoothies $6.00
Tea Lattes $5.00
Hot Chocolate $3.00 dark or white chocolate
Milk Steamers $3.00
Teapot For One $3.00
Teapot For Two $6.00

Black Teas

Black Ginger
Black Peppermint
Coconut Vanilla
Indian Chai
Wali blend of black tea, vanilla, orange, pineapple

Green Teas

Green Citrus blend of green tea, orange, citrus.
Jasmine Chai blend of jasmine tea and spices
Moroccan Mint

Herbal & Decaf Teas

Lemon Verbena
Nile Rose blend of hibiscus and spices
Peppermint Leaf
Rooibos Chai blend of rooibos tea and spices
Spearmint Leaf

White Teas


Chocolate-Infused Tea

Chocolate Masala blend of tea, chocolate, indian-inspired spices

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