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cake flavors: vanilla chocolate red velvet lemon, ranberry carrot banana chocolate chip, spiced apple pumpkin gingerbread. Frostings: vanilla chocolate cream cheese coffee, cookies & cream strawberry peanut butter peppermint salted caramel. Cake size
Selection Toppings Items dozen cupcakes $26.00, 1dozen mini cupcakes $15.00, seasanal fotvars, classic birthday:vanilla cake, vanillafrosting, raspberry jam
Classic Birthday Vanilla cake, vanillafrosting, raspberry jam
Double Chocolate Cake Chocolate with chocolate frosting & spn’nkles
Candy Bar Cake Chocolate with peanut 1m tfercrea:m & assorted candy
Gingerbread Cake Cream cheese fro sting and sprinkled with toffee bits
Cranberry Carrot Cake: Cream cheese frosting, with ar without walnuts
Red Velvet Cream cheese frosting, chocolate piping, heart sprinkles
Raspbeny Chocolate Chocolate cake, raspberry fam, chocolate frosting, pink piping
Rail Bow Cake Rainbow cake layers, vanilla frosting, rainbaw sprinkles
Flour less Chocolate Cake With pecan caramel or chocolate piping

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