Cafe Buunni

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Cuisine: Coffee, Local/Organic, Coffee & Tea.


1/2 Lb / 1 Lb
Buunni Coffee Subscription $7.13 – $12.35 fresh-roasted buunni coffee delivered to you by subscription – every week, two weeks or month – as often as you like it. one less thing for you to think about. and, if you need to, it?s easy to cance
Buunni Blends $14.00 – $8.00 we have been developing some blends, and are thrilled to now introduce our espresso blend which we think will please even the most discerning of tastes of our espresso-loving customers! our first ble
Buunni Harrar $13.00 – $7.50 hailing from the historic and colorful harrar area in the east of ethiopia, our fair trade organic harrar coffee has been described as caramel and strawberry. a versatile coffee, roasting light bring
Buunni Sidama Natural $13.00 – $7.50 this is a sidama coffee that has been sun-dried; otherwise known as ;natural process;. this process is increasing in popularity in recent years and is an authentic and environmentally sound
Buunni Yirgacheffe $13.00 – $7.50 yirgacheffe is one of the most famous of ethiopia?s coffees, and is grown around a place of the same name, in southern ethiopia. the region is known for its lush, richly-soiled rolling highlands. wit
Water Decaf Sidama $13.00 – $7.50 we call it sidama for the region it comes from, also known as sidamo coffee, this water decaf is flavorful and tastes of milk chocolate and almonds. what?s not to like? a lighter roast brings out mor

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