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PUPUSAS REVUELTAS $1.75 Small stuffed tortilla, filled with pork and cheese, served with marinated cabbage.
PUPUSAS DE QUESO $1.75 Small stuffed tortilla filled with cheese
TAQUITOS FRITOS $6.50 Crispy corn tortillas, rolled and filled with beef and cheese, served with guacamole and sour cream.
CAMBAS AL AJILLO $7.50 Jumbo shrimp sauteed with garlic, parsley, white wine and butter sauce.
YUCA CON CHICHARRON $8.25 Fried yucca and jumbo pieces of port, served w/ the salsa house.
CALAMARES FRITOS $6.50 Fried calamari with a special sauce served with a mixed salad
CEVICHE CAMINO REAL $7.00 Chopped seafood marinated in lemon juice.
COCKTEL DE CURILES SALVADORENOS $8.50 Fresh Salvadoran black clams on the half shell, prepared with red onions. tomatoes, lemon, cilantro and jalapeno
ENSALDA DE SALMON $8.95 Salmon Salad
ENSALA DE POLLO YAGUACATE $8.25 Tortilla shell filled with grilled chicken breast. avocado, lettuce, tomato & cheese.
NACHO COMBO $8.50 A combination of chicken, beef, cheese, jalapeno and tortilla chips
DESAYUNO CAMINO REAL $7.50 Huevos rancheros o a su gusto, servidos con platanos, frijoles y queso.
TAMAL DE POLLO $2.00 A tamale filled with chicken.


SOPA DE RES $9.00 Beef and vegetable soup, Salvadoran style.
MARISCADA A LA ESTELA $17.00 Fresh seafood soup with calamari, salmon, clams, shrimps and black sea bass.
MARISCADA AL ESTILO JASON $11.00 Fresh seafood soup with calamari, mussels, clams, shrimps, fish and crabs.
SOPA DE GALLINA INDIA $8.95 Mixed vegetables with stripes of gallina India, served with rice.


SOPA MARINERA HANDURENA $10.50 Honduran style fresh seafood soup served with small, crabs, shrimps, fish, cassava and coconut milk.
POLLO ROSTISADO ESTILO HONDURENO $8.50 Rotisserie chicken served with unripe fried plantain and cabbage salad with mayonnaise.
BALEADAS HONDURENAS $6.95 A flour tortilla sandwich served with beans, cheese, sour cream and egg.
CAMARONES AL DIABLO $13.95 Sauteed jumbo shrimps with tomatoes and spicy sauce


POLLO A LA PLANCHA ESPILO SALVADORENO $9.75 Grilled chicken Salvadoran style, cocktail with white wine, cherry tomatoes, lemon, cilantro & butter sauce served with rice and baked potato.
MOJARA CAMINO REAL $13.50 Pan-fried whole fish with fresh tomatoes onion, potatoes and green olives.
SALMON A LA JESSICA $13.50 Sauteed salmon with shrimps, calamari, white wine & butter sauce. Served with rice and vegetables
ROCK FISH FILLET $14.95 Served with white wine, peppers, butter, cilantro and light tomatoes sauce, with linguini pasta.
TACOS AL CAMINO REAL $8.95 Three delicious soft tacos of your choice: chicken & steak, served with guacamole and sour cream.
CARNE ASADA $9.95 Marinated beef skin steak with rice and beans and pico de gallo.
CODORNISAS AL CAMINOTEAL $13.95 Cornish hen with mushroom sauce.
NANCHO’S CAMARONE $14.00 Jumbo shrimp in white wine, garlic butter sauce, served with asparagus, sherry tomatoes and roasted potatoes
PASTA CAMINO REAL $15.00 Linguini can carnarones, calamaris, clatrus en salsa devino blanco.
FILET MIGNON $18.95 Our finest steak, cooked with cilantro, butter and white wine sauce.
T-BONE STEAK $19.00 Grilled with pepper, butter and wine and cilantro sauce, served with asparagus and mush potatoes.


STEAK A LA MEXICANA $17.00 Sauteed N.Y.Steak topped with medium salsa. Served with a cheese enchilada & baked potato.
CAMARONES A LA CAROLINA $14.95 Jumbo grilled shrimps, cooked with lemon, cilantro, olive oil and touch of butter. Served with rice and vegetables.
ENCHILADA POBLANA $9.50 Three different kinds of enchiladas (chicken, beef and cheese), served with rice, guacamole & sour cream
QUESADILLA $9.50 Grilled flour tortilla stuffed with chicken and melted cheese, diced onions, served with guacamole and sour cream.
SUPER BURRITO $8.25 A super burrito of chicken, beef and pick combined with beans, served with guacamole & sour cream
FAJITA MIXTA $14.00 Our special fajitas, marinated strips of steak, shrimp and chicken, served sizzling hot with bell peppers, tomatoes, onions and taqnito sauce.
GRILLED NEW YORK STIAK $19.00 Included with jumbo shrimp, served with broccoli and masted potatoes.
COMBO QUESADILLA $11.50 Flour tortilla with cheese, chicken and ajita w/ guacamole, jalapeno and sour cream


SPRITE $1.75





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