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Up to date Carsons Tavern prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

Cuisine: Pub Food.


Basket of Fries (Fresh-Cut) $2.99
Muchos Nachos $6.99 Taco meat, shredded cheeses, lettuce, tomato, jalapenos & a side of sour cream & salsa
Supreme Appetizer $8.99 3 fried provolone, 5 tiny tacos, 3 chicken tenders, 5 onion rings & 6 wings.
Scottdale Spuds $4.99 Fries w/ melted cheddar & provolone cheeses & bacon. Your choice of dip.
Basket of Onion Rings $3.99
Fried Provolone $3.99 Served w/ marinara sauce
Tiny Tacos $3.99 Served w/ ranch
Chicken Tenders $4.99 Your choice of dip
Pepperoni Cheese Sticks $3.99


Dressings: blue cheese, ranch, french, house balsamic, vinaigrette, honey mustard, lite italian, golden italian, vinegar & oil. Extra Dressing: 60 cents per cup
Taco Salad $5.99 Served with salsa, sour cream, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, chips, meat & cheese
Chicken Tender $5.99 Plain-or buffalo, mixed cheeses, onions, tomatoes & fries
Grilled Chicken $5.99 Provolone cheese, onions, tomatoes & fries
Steak $6.99 Provolone cheese, onions, tomatoes & fries
Southwest Chicken $5.99 Cajun chicken breast, cheddar cheese, tomatoes & breaded onion & pepper strips
Chef Salad $5.99 Ham, turkey, egg, tomatoes, onions, provolone & cheddar cheese
Dinner Salad $2.99 – $3.99 Provolone cheese, onions, tomatoes & homemade croutons


Mrs. C’s Chili $1.99 – $2.99
Soup du Jour $1.99 – $2.99

Famous Wings

Over 10 million sold since, served with ranch or bleu cheese
Hot $5.99 – $3.99
Mild $5.99 – $3.99
Butter & Garlic $5.99 – $3.99
BBQ $5.99 – $3.99
Hot Butter & Garlic $5.99 – $3.99
Hot BBQ $5.99 – $3.99
Honey Mustard $5.99 – $3.99
Seasoned Ranch $5.99 – $3.99
Mild Parmesan $5.99 – $3.99
Butter Bay $5.99 – $3.99


Available after 4 pm thursday thru sunday, available toppings: pepperoni, sausage, ham, bacon, onions, green peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms, black olives, banana peppers (mild), jalapenos, meatballs, toppings: $1.00 ea
14 Inch 8 Cut Pizza $7.99 Toppings: $1.00 ea. Available toppings: pepperoni, sausage, ham, bacon, onions, green peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms, black olives, banana peppers (mild), jalapenos, meatballs
14 Inch 8 Cut Whie Pizza $8.99
Taco Pizza $8.99

Specialty Sandwiches

Add fries, soup or onion rings $0.99?. Fried Toppings .50?, Xtra Cheese 0.50?
Steak-n-Bacon Melt $4.99 Shaved rib-eye w/crisp bacon topped w/melted cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomatoes & mayo
Reuben $5.99 Stacked high with corned beef, saurkraut, swiss cheese & thousand island dressing on rye bread
Gourmet Steak $6.99 1/2 Lb marinated sirloin steak topped w/ sauteed onions, peppers, mushrooms & cheddar cheese on a 12" bun
Turkey Club $5.99 Roasted turkey breast, bacon, swiss cheese, lettuce, tomatoes & mayo on toasted bread
Giant Fish $5.99 Lightly breaded atlantic cod, deep fried & seaved on a roll
Fish Tail $4.99 Smaller version of the giant fish
Chicken Philly $6.99 Grilled chicken topped w/ sauteed onions, mushrooms & provolone cheese on 12" roll
Chicken Club $5.99 Breaded chicken breast w/ crisp bacon, provolone cheese, lettuce, tomatoes & honey mustard
Buffalo Chicken $5.99 Breaded chicken breast tossed w/ buffalo sauce served on a toasted bun w/ bleu cheese, lettuce & tomatoes
Grilled Italian $5.99 This one is the same as the italian herbs but on a roll
Grilled Cheese BLT or Combination $3.99


Add fries, soup or onion rings 0.99?, All heros are served on 12" roll
Original Steak & Cheese $5.99 Shaved rib-eye topped w/american cheese, lettuce, onions, mayo & tomatoes
Deluxe Steak & Cheese $6.99 Shaved rib-eye topped w/ sauteed onions, peppers, mushrooms, american cheese, lettuce, tomatoes & mayo
Ham & Swiss $5.99 Lettuce, tomatoes & mayo


Add fries, soup or onion rings 0.99?, all burgers topped with lettuce & tomatoes
Hamburger $3.99
Cheeseburger $4.99 We top this burger w/ your favorite cheese
Bacon Cheeseburger $5.99 Your favorite cheese & crispy bacon
Mushroom & Swiss Burger $5.99 Grilled mushroom & melted swiss cheese

Big Larry

3 LB Burger $13.99 Topped w/ bacon, ham, french fries, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, ketchup, mustard, mayo, pickles, american & provolone cheese


Add fries, soup or onion rings 0.99?
Grilled Chicken Wrap $5.99 Lettuce, tomatoes, parmesan cheese & honey mustard
Philly Steak Wrap $5.99 Onions, peppers & provolone cheese
Buffalo Chicken Wrap $5.99 Breaded chicken tossed in mild wing sauce, lettuce, tomatoes & blue cheese

Best Sandwiches

Add fries soup or onion rings 0.99?
Steak $5.99
Fish (Cod) $5.99
Corned Beef $5.99
Capicolla $5.99
Cheeseburger $5.99
Chicken (Breaded or Grilled) $5.99
Buffalo or Plain $5.99


Spaghetti $7.99 Served w/ soup or salad & garlic toast
Hot Turkey $7.99 Choice of mashed potatoes or fries
Chicken Parm $7.99 W/ soup or salad & famous spaghetti

Famous Wings – Monday Night

Over 10 million sold since 1982. Served with ranch or bleu cheese
Wing Special $0.30 Wing eat in or take out! Must order at leat 12 of the sam flavor. Extra dressing 50? per cup, celery 50? per order

Kids Menu

Drink included
Chicken Tenders with Fries $3.99
Grilled Cheese with Fries $3.99
Spaghetti & Meatball $3.99


Fountain Drinks (Pepsi Products) $2.15 Pepsi, diet pepsi, sierra mist, dr. pepper, raspberry, mountain dew, ginger ale
Coffee $1.75
Bottle Drinks $1.75

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