Casey’s Grill and Bar

Up to date Casey’s Grill and Bar prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

Cuisine: Pub Food.


Shrimp Cocktail Jumbo shrimp served chilled with cocktail sauce and fresh lemon
Fried Calamari $6.95 Lightly fried golden brown served with hot banana pepper rings and marinara sauce
Cajun Shrimp $7.95 Sauteed jumbo shrimp delicately finished with a spicy Cajan butter sauce, piled on a fried zucchini fritter.
Crab Cakes $6.95 A mixture of fresh Rock Crab, vegetables and seasonings. Pan-roasted and garnished with a roasted red pepper dressing.
Stuffed Clams $5.95 Three HUGE native quahogs stuffed with Casey’s blend of chopped clams, chorizo, breadcrumbs and spices.
Casey’s Warm Spinach and Garlic Dip $4.95 Casey’s perfect blend of spinach, garlic, cream cheese and sour cream, baked and accompanied by a plentiful serving of nacho chips.
Stuffed Portobello Mushroom $6.95 A large Portobello mushroom stuffed with a mixture of pesto and sundried tomatoes, baked and smothered with smoked mozzarella cheese. Gently laid on a pool of garlic butter sauce.
Casey’s Twice Baked Potato Skins $5.95 Our twice baked potatoes are stuffed with a blend of seasoned potatoes, cheddar cheese and bacon. Then baked to perfection and served with sour cream and chives.
Chicken Satay $6.95 Strips of tender chicken marinated in a "Thai peanut sauce", roasted and garnished with a spicy cucumber relish.
Chicken Fingers $6.50 Hot and crispy breaded chicken tenders, with one of our tasty dipping sauces. Choose either BBQ, sweet and sour, honey mustard or buffalo sauce. For an additional sauce, bleu cheese dressing or celer
Casey’s ;Incredibly Popular; Wings $7.95 A dozen wings specially prepared in your favorite style; plain, teriyaki or BBQ. Along with an extra side of dipping sauce.
Famous Buffalo Wings $8.95 Buffalo sauce smothering a dozen wings and served with celery sticks and bleu cheese dressing.
Fried Mozzarella $5.95 Tenderly breaded cheese sticks, fried golden brown then placed over our tasty marinara sauce.
Casey’s Build-Your-Own Combo Platter $2.00 – $5.95 Choose any combination
Casey’s Fries $2.50 – $3.00 Choice of seasoned wedge, beer-battered or waffle style fries.
Nachos ;A Customer Favorite; $6.95 A large plate of crispy multi-color nacho chips smothered with melted Cheddar cheese and served with Casey’s special spicy salsa. Add chili or chicken $8.65
Nachos Grande "Casey’s Style; $9.95 – $11.95 Our multi-colored nachos piled high with chili, jalapeno peppers, lettuce and tomatoes; served with sour cream, Casey’s spicy salsa and our homemade guacamole.
Grilled Quesadillas "A Must Try" $6.95 – $8.50 Cheddar cheese, diced tomatoes, chopped onion, sweet red peppers, olives, jalapeno peppers and salsa stuffed between two large flour tortillas. Served with sour cream and Casey’s spicy salsa. Please,
Casey’s Classic Pizza $6.95 Grilled pizza layered with fresh plum tomatoes marinated in basil, garlic and imported extra Virgin Olive Oil topped with mozzarella cheese.

Casey’s Chili $4.95 Topped with melted Cheddar cheese and garnished with our multicolored nacho chips.
Chefs Daily Soup $2.50 – $3.50
New England Clam Chowder $2.95 – $3.95
French Onion Soup ;House Specialty; $3.95 Baked with a French bread crouton and Swiss cheese.

Casey’s Salad Board

House Garden Salad $2.95 – $4.95 Crisp greens, shredded carrots, cherry tomatoes, Black olives, red onions, sprouts and fresh sliced cucumbers.
Casey’s Oriental Chicken Salad $8.95 Grilled chicken breast sliced and placed on a bed of rice noodles and fresh greens. Sprinkled with diced scallions and sesame seeds. Finished with our homemade oriental dressing.
Grilled Chicken Salad Plate $7.95 Boneless chicken breast grilled, thinly sliced and laid over a large fresh garden salad. Choose your favorite style: unseasoned, BBQ, Cajun, teriyaki, lemon pepper, honey mustard or buffalo.
Taco Salad $7.95 A large flour tortilla bowl filled with lettuce, tomatoes and Cheddar cheese. Choose either spicy beef, diced chicken or black bean. Garnished with sour cream, spicy salsa and our multi-colored nacho
Fresh spinach Salad $7.95 Fresh garden spinach and sliced mushrooms tossed in a warm bacon dressing. Sprinkled with a grated hard-boiled egg.
Tuna Salad Plate $7.95 A large house salad, combining crisp greens, shredded carrots, cherry tomatoes, black olives, red onions, sprouts and sliced cucumbers. Topped with our special tuna salad, made with delicious white A
Caesar Salad $7.95 – $12.95 Crisp romaine lettuce tossed with our own classic Caesar dressing, topped with croutons and grated cheese.

Entrees – Sandwiches

Casey’s Incredible Steak Sandwich $9.95 Lean sirloin steak grilled and served on Texas toast with lettuce and tomato topped with sauteed onions and mushrooms. Served either open or closed style with Casey’s seasoned wedge fries.
Classic Clubs $6.95 Your choice of turkey, ham, tuna salad, hamburger, roast beef or the Casey’s "combo club" combining ham, turkey and Cheddar cheese, layered with three slices of toast, bacon, lettuce, tomat
Casey’s Grilled Chicken Club $7.95 A grilled boneless breast of chicken served ;club style; with three slices of toast, bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise. Choose either: unseasoned, BBQ, Cajun, honey mustard, buffalo or
Grilled Portabello Sandwich ;A Vegetarian’s Delight" $6.95 A fresh Portabello mushroom cap grilled and topped with roasted red peppers, pesto and smoked mozzarella cheese. Served on a grilled bulkie roll with lettuce, tomato and Casey’s seasoned wedge fries.
Casey’s Burger $6.95 1/2 lb of fresh lean ground beef char-broiled just the way you like it, served on a grilled bulkie roll with lettuce and tomato, and Casey’s seasoned wedge fries.
Casey’s Old No. 7 Burger $7.50 1/2 lb of fresh lean ground beef char-broiled, topped with molasses and Jack Daniel’s sauteed onions, finished with American cheese and placed on a grilled bulkie roll with lettuce and tomato. Accomp
Buffalo Bleu Cheese Burger $7.50 1/2 lb Casey’s burger, basted with our house buffalo sauce, smothered with bleu cheese dressing. Piled high on a grilled bulkie roll with lettuce and tomato. Served with Casey’s seasoned wedge fries.
Casey’s Famous Tex-Mex Burger $7.95 1/2 lb of fresh ground beef, char-broiled with a mesquite flavored BBQ sauce, topped with jalapeno peppers and Cheddar cheese. Served on a bulkie roll with lettuce, tomato & served with Casey’s seaso
Casey’s Maui Burger $7.95 1/2 lb of fresh ground beef blended with ginger, scallions and teriyaki sauce. Char-broiled then topped with a slice of red onion and grilled pineapple. Piled high on a grilled bulkie role with lettu
Grilled Chicken Sandwich $6.95 6 oz. boneless breast of chicken served on a bulkie roll with lettuce and tomato. Specially prepared in your favorite style: unseasoned, BBQ style, Cajun spice, teriyaki glaze, honey mustard, buffalo
Casey’s South of the Border Chicken Sandwich $7.95 Boneless grilled chicken breast topped with spicy salsa, pepper jack cheese and chipotle mayonnaise. Set on a grilled bulkie roll with lettuce and tomato.
Grilled Chicken Pesto Wrap $7.95 Boneless grilled chicken breast, sliced and layered with red roasted peppers, pesto, lettuce and tomato then wrapped in a fresh garlic herb tortilla.
Vegetable Wrap ;The Vegetarian’s Favorite" $5.95 A medley of fresh carrots, broccoli florets, zucchini, cauliflower and summer squash tossed with soy sauce, then topped with Swiss cheese and wrapped in a fresh garlic herb tortilla.
Classic Reuben $6.95 A combination of corned beef, melted Swiss cheese and sauerkraut layered on grilled rye bread with Russian dressing. For a different flair, try our "Turkey Reuben" prepared the same classic
Monte Cristo $5.95 Fresh roasted turkey breast, baked ham and Colby Cheddar cheese stuffed between two slices of egg-dipped Texas toast, grilled and topped with our own cheese sauce.
French Dip "Casey’s Big Seller; $6.50 Tender warm roast beef, stacked on a French baguette with a generous side of au jus for dipping.
Casey’s Traditional BLT $4.95 Bacon, lettuce and tomato with mayonnaise, on your favorite choice of bread or wrapped in a garlic herb tortilla.
Tuna Melt $5.95 Fresh tuna salad prepared with only white Albacore tuna, grilled on your choice of bread with tomato and American cheese.
Grilled Cheese $3.95 – $4.95 Grilled with your choice of bread and cheese.

Entrees – Extras

Add a large portion of fries to any sandwich $1.00 Casey’s seasoned wedge fries, beer battered or waffle.
Add American, Swiss, Smoked Mozzarella, Cheddar Cheese, Sauteed Onions, Sauteed Mushrooms, Bacon, Chili or Guacamole $0.50

Entrees – Pasta

All pasta dishes are served with garlic bread.
Lasagna Florentine $8.95 Broad egg noodles spread with ricotta cheese and spinach, rolled, topped with a creamy marinara, sprinkled with a blend of mozzarella and romaine cheeses then baked.
Casey’s Basil Parsley Fettuccine $11.95 Fresh basil parsley fettuccine tossed with jumbo shrimp and sun-dried tomatoes. Finished with a garlic cream sauce.
Tortellini Alfredo $10.95 Classically prepared cheese filled tortellini served in a rich Alfredo cream sauce. Add Grilled Chicken $12.95
Penne Con Pollo $10.95 Grilled chicken, artichoke hearts, diced tomatoes, red pepper flakes and penne tossed in a garlic butter sauce.
Four Cheese Ravioli $11.95 Four cheese ravioli combined with a blend of fresh basil, olive oil, roasted tomatoes, garlic, pepper flakes and white wine. Garnished with goat cheese.
Gnocchi with Grilled Chicken $11.95 Potato dumplings and strips of grilled chicken tossed in a Gorgonzola cream sauce then gently placed on a pool of traditional marinara sauce.
Capellini di Capo $11.95 Capellini topped with a medley of shrimp, oregano, olive oil and garlic in a chunky tomato sauce, sprinkled with Feta cheese.
Linguini and Smoked Chicken $11.95 Linguini with smoked chicken, scallions and sliced mushrooms, tossed in a tangy Dijon mustard cream sauce.

Entrees – Seafood

Fresh Native Baked New England Scrod $12.95 Baked with lemon, white wine, seasoned crumbs and butter.
Sauteed Scallops $14.95 Tender native sea scallops, sauteed with diced tomatoes and tossed in a pesto cream sauce.
Baked Native Scallops $13.50 Native sea scallops topped with our special seasoned crumbs, baked with a combination of lemon, white wine and butter.
Casey’s Fresh Atlantic Salmon $13.95 An 8 oz. salmon fillet grilled and delicately finished with a lemon tarragon sauce.
Shrimp Provencal $14.95 Jumbo shrimp sauteed in a fresh garlic, basil and butter sauce with roasted tomatoes.
Crab Cakes $14.95 A mixture of Rock crab, vegetables and seasonings. Panroasted and served with a roasted red pepper dressing.
Pecan Banana Mahi Mahi $15.95 8 oz. Mahi Mahi encrusted with pecans, oven roasted then finished with a banana butter sauce and garnished with sliced plantains.

Entrees – Meats

New York Sirloin $19.95 14 oz. trimmed choice New York Strip steak grilled and topped with sauteed onions and mushrooms.
London Broil $14.95 Marinated Hereford beef grilled, thinly sliced and served au jus.
Flat Iron Steak $16.95 10 oz. Flat Iron steak, pan-roasted to your liking and topped with a gorgonzola cream sauce
Maple Glazed Pork Chop $12.95 10 oz. lean pork chop, pan-roasted and generously topped with spiced roasted apples and a maple syrup glaze.

Entrees – Chicken

Along with Casey’s entrees, you have a choice of baked potato, garlic mashed potato, fries, rice and vegetable or pasta.
Chicken Stir Fry $10.95 Tender strips of chicken sauteed with onions, peppers, snow peas and broccoli. Placed on a bed of rice and finished with Casey’s teriyaki sauce.
Chicken and Mushrooms $12.95 Boneless chicken breast dipped in egg and flour, sauteed with fresh mushrooms, garlic, dry with wine and fresh cream.
Casey’s Famous Smoked Chicken Breast $14.95 Boneless chicken breast, pan-roasted and topped with roasted apples, smoked bacon and sage. Finished with our special apple cider sauce.
Chicken Francaise "Very Popular" $12.95 Lightly floured chicken fillets dipped in egg, sauteed and finished with a citrus butter sauce.
Stuffed Chicken Breast $12.95 A large, whole boneless chicken breast filled with a corn bread and walnut stuffing, baked and finished with a light chicken gravy.
Chicken Parmesan $10.95 Boneless breast of chicken, lightly breaded and baked, toped with mozzarella cheese and marinara sauce. Served with a generous side of pasta and garlic bread.

Entrees – Mexican

Burritos $10.95 – $9.95 Two flour tortillas wrapped with lettuce and tomato then topped with Cheddar cheese and baked. Served with black beans, rice, salsa and sour cream. Garnished with multi-colored nacho chips and your c
Casey’s Fajitas $12.50 – $13.50 Pan-fried sliced onions, bell peppers and the filling of your choice. Served with warm flour tortillas, spicy salsa and sour cream. Choose either beef, chicken or our popular beef and chicken combo.

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