Cedars Meat House

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Cuisine: Middle Eastern.


Falafel $3.50
Eqqplant $3.00
Tabouleh $5.00
Yogurt $3.00 with cucumber
Raw Kibbeh $10.00
French Fries $3.00
Lentil Soup $2.00
Hummus $3.00
Kibbeh $5.00
Fattoush $3.00
Salad $3.00
Buffalo Wings $5.99
Lebneh $3.00


Falafel $2.50
Pasterma $2.50
Eggplant $2.00
Shish Tawook $3.50
Beef Shawerma $3.50
Liver Or Kidney $3.50
Sausage $3.50
Hummus $1.50
Kufta Kebab $3.50
Shish Kebab $3.50
Chicken Shawerma $3.50

Grilled Per Pound

Cedar Platter $10.00
Shish Kebab $10.99
Aleppo Kebab $10.99
Liver $7.99
Chicken Shawerma $8.99
Lamb Chops $10.99
T-Bone Steak $13.99
Arayis $4.99 with meat
Kufta Kebab $9.50
Kibbeh On Skewer $10.99
Shish Tawook $8.99
Rotisserie Chicken $7.99
Beef Shawerma $8.99
Sausage $9.99
Rib Eye Steak $13.99

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