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Cuisine: Burger, Sandwiches.

Community Features

OMG Lamb Sandwich $14.00 house roasted herb marinated lamb, cucumber-tomato salad dressed greens & jalapeno yogurt, on ciabatta.
Double Bacon Grilled Cheese $11.00 hickory smoked bacon, american, swiss & herbed goat cheese.
Cajun Whitefish Sandwich $13.00 spiced white fish, dressed romaine lettuce, tomato, battered onion ring & herbed mustard.
Friday Fish & Chips $13.00 (friday only). sapporo battered cod, malt vinegar, housemade chips & tartar sauce.
Sunday Fried Chicken $15.00 (sunday only). two pieces southern fried chicken, mac & cheese, garlic- spinach & cornbread.
Community Cuban $14.00 house roasted pork shoulder, black forest ham, double swiss cheese, dill pickles & balsamic carrots, on toasted garlic roll.
Cast Iron Crispy Chicken Sandwich $12.00 hand torn – battered chicken, oven roasted tomatoes, mixed greens & herbed aioli.


Turkey Club $12.00 house roasted turkey breast, hickory smoked bacon, avocado, blue cheese aioli, romaine lettuce, tomato & mayonnaise.
New York Pastrami $11.00 new york pastrami, russian dressing, romaine lettuce, tomato, mustard & sauerkraut.
BLT $10.00 hickory smoked bacon, romaine lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise & mustard.
Reuben $11.00 new york pastrami, russian dressing, mustard, swiss cheese & sauerkraut.
Turkey Reuben $12.00 house roasted turkey breast, russian dressing, mustard, swiss cheese & sauerkraut.
Reuben Lite $10.00 (vegetarian). mushrooms, peppers, onions, russian dressing, mustard, swiss & sauerkraut.
Philly Cheesesteak $10.00 sliced sirloin, onion, peppers, provolone cheese & mayonnaise.
Community Grilled Cheese $8.00 (vegetarian). american, swiss & herbed goat cheese.


Served With Romaine Lettuce, Tomato, Mustard & Mayonnaise. Add Cheese $1, Add Bacon, Pastrami Or Egg $1.50
Beef Burger $11.00 hand formed sirloin & brisket patty.
Pastrami Burger $13.00 new york pastrami, hand formed sirloin & brisket patty.
Turkey Burger $11.00 80/20 formed turkey breast patty.
Salmon Burger $11.00 house butchered salmon, minced capers, red onion & celery.
Portobello Burger $11.00 (vegetarian). cilantro – parsley marinated portobello mushroom cap & house battered onion ring.

Sausages $9.50

Cook Time 8- 12 Minutes. All Sausages Served With Sauteed Onion, Peppers, Sauerkraut, Ketchup & Mustard.
Chicken – Apple
Smoked Polish
Spicy Cajun


A La Carte
Mixed Greens
Potato Salad
Seasoned Fries

Chef Select Sides

Sm / Lg. A La Carte
Spicy Potato Wedges $6.00 – $3.75
Rosemary Chicken Salad $10.00 – $5.25
Market Vegetable $6.00 – $3.75
Chef’s Selection $6.00 – $3.75 changes daily.

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