Dashi Japanese Restaurant

Enjoy Dashi Japanese Restaurant latest menu price updated list. Up to date Dashi Japanese Restaurant and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

Dashi Japanese Restaurant Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly

Dashi Japanese Restaurant Tempura Menu and Prices

Prawns Tempura (6 Pcs) $13.99
Vegetable Tempura (8 Pcs) $9.35
Shrimp And Vegetables Tempura $13.99

Dashi Japanese Restaurant Rolls Menu and Prices

Crazy Hair Roll $10.95
Unagi Roll $7.70 Eel, avocado and cucumber.
Xxx Roll $16.00 Spicy tuna with hot sauce.
Deep Fried California Roll $7.70 California roll deep fried.
Cucumber Roll $4.40 Inside, cucumber, outside, seaweed.
Tuna Special Roll $11.00
Spider Roll $12.05 Deep fried soft shell crab, avocado, crab meat & smelt egg.
Shrimp Tempura Roll $9.85 Shrimp tempura, avocado & crab.
Spicy Tuna Roll $7.70 Spicy tuna, cucumber and avocado.
Dashi House Roll $15.40 Avocado, assorted sashimi and flying fish roe on top.
Redwood Roll $11.00 Spicy tuna, crab meat and avocado inside.
Rainbow Roll $13.20 Cucumber, avocado, crab meat with mayo & assorted sashimi on top.
Harley Davison Roll $20.00
Johnny Love $17.00 Fish chips, unegi & avocado with sauce.
Avocado Roll $4.40 Inside, avocado, cucumber, outside, avocado and eel sauce.
Salmon Special Roll $15.00
California Roll $6.05 Initiation crab, avocado, and cucumber.
Salmon Roll $5.50 Inside, fresh salmon, gobo, sprouts, outside, seaweed.
Green Dragon Roll $13.15 Crab meat deep fried shrimp. Avocado & sauce.
Play Boy Roll $16.00
Dragon Roll $14.25 Cucumber, shrimp tempura, with mato & eel, avocado on top.
Tuna Roll $5.50 Inside, fresh tuna, outside, seaweed.
Philadelphia Roll $8.80 Cream cheese, avocado, topped with fresh salmon.

Dashi Japanese Restaurant Udon Menu and Prices

Noodle soup & fried noodles.
Tonkatsu Udon $12.99 Udon with pork cutlet in dashi broth.
Chicken Udon $12.99
Tempura Udon $13.99 Noodle soup topped with seaweed, prawn and veggie tempura.
Beef Udon $13.99

Dashi Japanese Restaurant Seasonal Desserts By ROTR Menu and Prices

Seasonal desserts below are provided by rotr to enhance your holiday festivities.
Holiday Red Velvet Cake (24Hr notice) $20.99 Serves 8-10 24 hour notice required.
Holiday Apple Pie (24Hr notice) $20.99 Serves 8-10 24 hour notice required.
Holiday Pumpkin Pie (24Hr notice) $19.99 Serves 8-10, 24 hour notice required.

Dashi Japanese Restaurant Donburi Menu and Prices

Rice bowl.
Katsu Donburi $15.99 Fried pork chop with onion, mushrooms and egg.
Beef Donburi $15.99 Sliced beef over rice with zucchini and broccoli.
Veggie Donburi $10.99
Unagi Donburi $17.99 Eel with special sauce.
Oyako Donduri $17.99 Chicken and egg over rice.
Tofu Donburi $10.99
Chicken Teriyaki Donburi $13.99

Dashi Japanese Restaurant Side Orders Menu and Prices

Miso Soup $2.20
Steamed Rice $2.20

Dashi Japanese Restaurant Sushi (2 Pcs) Menu and Prices

Unagi – Sushi $4.95 Eel.
Ebi – Sushi $4.40 Cooked prawn.
Sake – Sushi $4.40 Salmon.
Ikura – Sushi $4.95 Salmon egg.
Tako – Sushi $5.50 Octopus.
Hamachi – Sushi $6.88 Yellow tail.
Maguro – Sushi $5.45 Tuna.
Tamago – Sishi $3.85
Ika – Sushi $7.65 Squid.

Dashi Japanese Restaurant Drinks & Snacks Menu and Prices

All Items below are provided by potr.
Sierra Mist (12 Oz) $1.25 Sierra mist (12 Oz) can.
Diet Pepsi (12 Oz) $1.25 Diet pepsi (12 Oz can).
Lipton Green Tea With Citrus $1.75 (20 Oz) enjoy lipton green tea with citrus, made from the finest leaves in the world with a clean and pure taste that is packed with protective flavonoid antioxidants. Hints of lemon peel and lemon g
Assorted Cookies (24 – Pack) $14.99 Cookies are available with every delivery. Order must be placed 2 hours before delivery time. A 24 – pack assortment of tasty kirkland brand cookies including double macadamia nut, oatmeal raisin and
Assorted Veggie Tray (Serves 10) $16.00 A harvest of fresh, crispy assorted garden vegetable (broccoli, tomatoes, snap peas, carrots & celery) with a cool ranch style dressing for dipping.
Brownie Bites (Oc, La, Sf Only) $14.99 We’re sorry, this item is temporarily unavailable in inland empire, las vegas, san diego, and seattle try our holiday desserts or assorted cookies instead. 48 Pcs order must be place 2 hours prior to
Pepsi (12 Oz) $1.25 Pepsi (12 oz) can.
Aquafina Water (20 Oz) $1.75 Aquafina water (20 oz) plastic bottle.
Yogurt & Granola Combo (Serves 6) $10.00 A charming assortment of yoplait original yogurts paired with nature valley granola bars, makes for a quick and nutritious breakfast or snack.
Assorted Fresh Fruit Bowl $26.99 Serves 12-15 order must be placed 16 – hours in advance gourmet selection of fresh seasonal fruits cut, sliced and ready to eat. Great assortment including golden pineapple, cantaloupe, melon red gra
Orange Juice $11.75 Tropicana fresh squeezed orange juice one gallon served 12-16 cups are not included unless selected.

Dashi Japanese Restaurant Entrees Menu and Prices

Served with rice & salad.
Maguro Shiyoyaki $17.05
Salmon Teriyaki $17.05
Chicken Teriyaki $14.85
Beef Teriyaki $17.05
Unagi $19.75 Bbq fresh water eel.
Tofu Teriyaki $12.05
Korean BBQ $19.75 Sliced short beef ribs marinated in soy, honey, garlic, sake and onion.
Tonkatsu $15.95
Saba Teriyaki $17.05 Grilled mackerel.
y Walnut Shrimp $17.05
Chicken Cutlet $15.99

Dashi Japanese Restaurant Sashimi (8 Pcs) Menu and Prices

Hamachi – Sashimi $16.45 Yellow Tail.
Maguro – Sashimi $13.48 Tuna
Shiro Maguro – Albacore $13.48 Albacore.
Assorted Sashimi Combo – 12 Pcs $25.03
Sake – Sashimi $12.38 Salmon.

Dashi Japanese Restaurant Appetizers Menu and Prices

Gyoza $6.99 Japanese pork dumplings (6 pcs).
Appetizer Tempura $9.99 Lightly battered deep fried prawns and fresh seasonal vegetables.
Chicken Kara- Age $9.99 Lightly frIed chicken marinated in soy sauce and sweet sake.
Soft Shell Crab (App) $9.99
Oyster Fry (6 Pc) $9.99
Edamame $4.99 Steamed soy beans.
Crab Cakes (4 Pc) $9.99
Spinach Goma-Ae $6.99 Spinach in sesame sauce.

Dashi Japanese Restaurant Hand Roll – Temaki Menu and Prices

Spicy Tuna Hand Roll $5.50
Salmon Skin Hand Roll $5.50
Spicy Hotate Hand Roll $7.15
California Hand Roll $5.00
Ungai Hand Roll $5.50

Dashi Japanese Restaurant Salad Menu and Prices

Green Salad $9.00 Mixed greens with house sauce.
Chicken Salad $11.00 Mixed greens with chicken and house sauce.
Seaweed Salad $7.00

Dashi Japanese Restaurant Grill & Oven Menu and Prices

Chicken Yakitori $8.80 Skewers of bbq chicken (2 pcs).

Dashi Japanese Restaurant Sushi Bar Chirashi Don Menu and Prices

Assorted Raw Fish, Sushi Rice $20.85
Tuna Salmon Sashimi Sushi Rice $20.85

Dashi Japanese Restaurant Sushi Bar Specials Menu and Prices

Lion King Roll $16.45 Avocado, crab meat, basked salmon outside.
Super California Roll $12.05
Caterpillar Roll $12.05 Imitation crab, avocado, and cucumber topped with avocado.
49Ers Roll $14.25 Avocado, crab meat, salmon on the outside.
Hamachi Lover Roll $16.45
Dynamite Roll $12.05 Scallops, baby shrimp, mushrooms and onion, baked in our special mayo sauce.

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