El Pan-Americano

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El Pan-Americano Sandwiches Menu and Prices

EI Chivito (Uruguay)   succulent grilled meat with sliced tomatoes, onions, lettuce, ham cheese, bacon, mushrooms, green
Medianoche (Cube)   french bread with mayonnaise, mustard, ham juicy pork, swiss cheese, pickles and butter, pressed on the grill
Pepito (Venezuela)   meat or chicken or both, sauteed with onions, peppers with tomatoes, onions, alfalfa, ham, cheese, bacon, crushed potato chips, avocado and egg.
Sandwich De Pernil (Venezuela)   french bread, slow oven cooked pork, sliced tomatoes and avocado.
Tortas (Mexico)   french bread with a beans sauce, avocado, mayonnaise accompanied by tomato, lettuce, peppers and meat, carne asada or al pastor.
Sandwich De Milanesa (Argentina)   breaded meat perfectly cooked on a delicious french bread with mayonnaise, tomato, lettuce, ham and melted mozzarella cheese

El Pan-Americano Perros Calientes Menu and Prices

Hot Dogs
EI Asquerosito (Venezuela)   caracas classic hot dog with sausage grilled with a cap of diced onions, cabbage, crushed potato chips and grated parmesan cheese
EI Colombiano (Colombia)   bogota classic hot dog with a sausage grilled with onions chopped, cole slaw, potato chips crushed and pineapple salsa.
EI Completo (Chile)   grilled sausage on french bread with a cap of mashed avocado, diced tomato, sauerkraut and mayonnaise

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