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Entretapas Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly

Entretapas Sides Menu and Prices

White Rice $2.50
Spanish Olives $3.50
French Fries $4.50
Salad $2.50

Entretapas Sandwiches Menu and Prices

Chorizo Y Queso Manchego $9.90 spanish sausage cantimpalo, manchego cheese, extra virgin olive oil.
Jamon Serrano Y Queso Manchego $9.90 spanish serrano ham, manchego cheese
Pollo Al Grill $10.90 grill chicken, mustard, honey, hard boiled egg, and salad. accompanied by french fries or salad
Steak Grilled $11.90 manchego cheese, honey, arugula, red onion, and dijon mustard. accompanied by french fries or salad
Calamar $10.90 fried calamari, alioli mayonnaise, and green salad.
Lomito De Cerdo $11.90 pork loin, manchego cheese grated, tomato, and green pepper.
Jamon Serrano $9.90 spanish serrano ham, extra virgin olive oil.
Queso Manchego $8.90 manchego cheese, extra virgin olive oil.
Chistorra, Queso Mahon Y Piquillo $10.90 spanish sausage, mahon cheese, and piquillo pepper.

Entretapas Desserts Menu and Prices

Flan Artesano $3.90 custered homemade caramel pudding.
Crema Catalana Con Frutas Del Bosque $4.90 catalan creme brulee with berries.
Vanilla Ice Cream $3.50 two scoops of vanilla
Mousse De Chocolate $3.50 chocolate mousse.
Tarta De Santiago Con Helado $4.90 flourless almond tart with ice cream.
Tres Leches $4.90 three milks pudding.

Entretapas Tapas Menu and Prices

Lomitos De Cerdo Con Tomate $10.90 dice pork tenderloin with homemade tomato sauce.
Gulas Con Camaron Al Ajillo $13.90 gulas (surimi) with garlic shrimp
Garbanzos Con Chistorra $9.90 moorish stew of chickpeas and spanish sausage.
Berenjenas Gratinadas $10.90 2 slices of eggplant gratin with manchego cheese, tomato and pepper sauce
Pescaitos Fritos $10.90 marinated seasoned in garlic and lemon deep fried
Mejillones Al AlbariA±o $13.90 mussels with garlic cooked in albariA±o wine.
Pollo Al Ajillo $10.90 chicken cooked in garlic.
Calamares A La Romana Or Chopitos $10.90 fried calamari, or our variety of baby squid.
Empanada Gallega – Porcion $9.90 authentic traditional galician pie, ingredients may vary according the day.
Albondigas A La Andaluza $9.90 beef meatballs in our homemade sauce
Gambas Al Ajillo $10.90 shrimp cooked in garlic, very, very traditional.
Boquerones En Vinagre $9.90 anchovies in vinegar.
Chistorras Al Cava $9.90 red spanish sausage, flambee with cava wine.
Morcilla De Burgos $9.90 4 slices of sausage on caramelized onion base.
Patatas Bravas O Alioli $8.90 fried potatoes in hot sauce, or alioli cold mayonnaise
ChampiA±ones Al Ajillo $10.90 sautA©ed mushrooms with garlic and serrano ham
Salpicon De Mariscos $11.90 spanish seafood salad.
Croquetas $9.90 bacalao, cheese, or ham
Pulpo A La Gallega $15.90 octopus, braised boiled potatoes, paprika and olive oil.
Berenjenas A La Miel $9.90 sliced eggplant whit honey
Almejas A La Marinera $13.90 sauteed clams in a garlic, tomato & with wine sauce.
Pan Con Tomata $9.90 tomato toast with olive oil and spanish ham
Porcion De Tortilla EspaA±ola $8.90 slice of spanish tortilla: baked eggs, potato and onions
Pimientos De Piquillo $10.90 peppers stuffed with cod, the traditional

Entretapas Drinks Menu and Prices

The Consumption Of Raw Or Undercooked Eggs, Meat, Poultry Seafood And Shellfish May Increase Your Risk Of Food Borne Illness.
Sangria $4.90 red wine fruit and our secret ingredients.
Tinto De Verano $4.50 red wine and sierra mist.
Coffee And Infusions $2.25 espresso, cafA© con leche, cortado.
Soft Drinks – Water $2.45 still water, mineral water, coca cola, diet cola, crush, sprite, iced tea.
Pitcher Sangria $18.00
Bottled Juices $2.90 cranberry juice, orange juice, diet citrus, green tea.
Wines $4.90 red tempranillo mancha, white, verdejo
Bottled Beer $4.90 mahou, alhambra, miller, heineken, polar, more than 30 brands, craft, imported

Entretapas Paella Menu and Prices

Paellas To The Order: Please Allow 30 Minutes Cooking And Resting Time. This Allows The Rice To Settle And The Flavours To Blend. Tenga En Cuenta Que La Verdadera Paella Tarda Entre 30 Y 40 Minutos En Cocinarse, Su Paciencia Sera Recompensada Con Un Delic
Paella Valenciana. 2 People $29.80 mixed fish, seafood, chicken and vegetables.
Paella Campera. 2 People $58.90 – $85.90 for those allergic to shellfish or those who like strong flavors, this paella with chicken, pork, sausage and vegetables, is the best option.
Paella Mediterranea 2 People $29.80 cooked with mushrooms, mixed vegetables, peas, red peppers, green and black olives.
Paella Campera. 2 People $14.90 add person
Paella De Mariscos (Marinera) $99.90 – $39.90 cooked with shrimp, cuttlefish, mussels, and selection of fish.
Arroz Negro. 2 People $29.80 black rice with mushrooms, squid and squid ink.

Entretapas Meat And Fish Menu and Prices

Mackerel (Caballa) En Papillote $20.90 spanish mackerel, depending on market, with onion, tomato, potato slices, and white wine, wrapped in foil to oven 30 minutes, delicious
New York Steak $18.90 with mushrooms sauce. only these: rare, medium, well done
Kingfish A La Naranja $18.90 baked fillet kingfish, marinated in orange and lemon juice, with spinach.
Carpaccio Iberico $16.90 thin slices of pork loin, cooked with salt and pepper, served with salad of arugula and goat cheese.
Parrillada Mar Y Tierra $22.90 grilled shrimp, squid rings, sausage, blood sausage, chicken breast, pork tenderloin medallions and meat with apple salad

Entretapas Kids Menu Menu and Prices

Entretapas Kid $6.90 baguette bread of serrano ham sandwich, and french fries.
Pollo Grill $8.90 grill chicken breast and french fries.
Grill Cheese Sandwich $6.90 grill cheese in baguette bread and french fries.
Chicken Fingers And French Fries. $6.90

Entretapas Entretapas Eggs Menu and Prices

Create Your Own Huevos Rotos $3.90 add ingredient of your choice: chistorras (spanish sausage), jamA?n serrano (spanish ham), calamares (grilled calamari). gulas (surimi)
Create Your Own Huevos Rotos $7.90 fried eggs with garlic, vinegar, spanish-style potato chips. the wow special!! chistorras.

Entretapas Salads & Soups Menu and Prices

Soup Of The Day $8.90 ask your server
Mediterranea Salad $10.90 mixed lettuce, serrano ham, goat cheese, home dressing.
Lukewarm Salad Goat Cheese $12.90 rulo goat cheese, tomatoes, arugula, orange, serrano ham, blackberries and sherry vinaigrette.
Asturias/Salad $10.90 romaine lettuce, tomatoes, tuna, olives, anchovies, red onions, apples, orange, and vinaigrette.

Entretapas Lunch Specials Menu and Prices

Fish Fillet & Soup Day/Salad $11.90 fish fillet oven bake with potato and vegetables
Paella Valenciana & Soup/Salad   mixed fish, seafood, chicken and vegetables
Mediterranean Salad & Soup Day $11.90 mixed lettuce, serrano ham, goat cheese, home dressing.
Grilled Chicken Salad & Soup Day $11.90 french fries or salad
Beef Meatballs Andaluza & Soup Day $11.90 side of french fries or white rice

Entretapas Tablas Menu and Prices

Tabla De 3 Quesos $14.90 selection of 3 cheeses
Jamon Iberico $29.90
Jamon Serrano And Manchego Cheese $14.90
Jamon Serrano $14.90 manchego cheese, and chorizo.
Tabla De 1 Queso $10.90 your selection of cheese (manchego, tetilla, idiazabal, or mahon).
Jamon Serrano $14.90

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