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Meaza Beef Entrees Menu and Prices

Tripa   Tender pieces of beef tripe cooked very well done in white wine sauce with carrot, garlic, tomato, onion and ethiopian butter
Ye Qunta Firfir   Fresh air dried beef cubes cooked in a special red sauce mixed with pieces of injera
Liyu Kitfo (Special Kitfo)   Ground lean beef mixed with mitmita, cardamom, fresh onions, jalapenos and special ethiopian butter purified and spiced butter with a side of homemade cheese served raw, medium or well done
Tibs   Cubes of beef sauteed with onion, green pepper, garlic and olive oil can be served rare, medium or well done
Qey Wot (Beef Stew)   Marinated beef and cooked with red wine, onion, red pepper, garlic and ethiopian butter. Purified and spiced butter
Kitfo (Regular Kitfo)   Ground lean beef mixed with mitmita, cardamom and special ethiopian butter purified and spiced butter with a side of homemade cheese. Served raw, medium or well done
Meaza Tibs   Cubes of lean meat lightly sauteed on a frying pan with out an added fat, cooked with onions, garlic and green pepper
Yebere Alicha Wot (Beef Alicha)   Beef cooked in a non spice sauce with onion, garlic, ethiopian butter and turmeric
Kurt   Fresh prime beef served with mitmita or special house awaze
Ye Tibs Fitfit   Cubes of beef in spicy or non spicy sauce mixed with piece of injera
Ye Bere Goden Tibs (Beef Ribs Tibs)   Beef ribs sauteed with onion, green pepper and black pepper, fried and served on iron pan with out any fat
Awaze Tibs   Beef cubes sauteed with awaze, onion, garlic and olive oil
Gored Gored (Cubed Beef)   Cubes of lean beef mixed with ethiopian butter, awaze, chopped onion and green pepper. Served raw, medium or well done
Milas Ena Senber   Cubes of beef tongue and beef tripesauteed in special blend sauce, tomato, green pepper, garlic and onion

Meaza Beverage Menu and Prices


Meaza Vegeterian Entrees Menu and Prices

Liyu Ye Tsom Wot (Special Vegi Combo)   Lentil, peas, cabbage shiro, tomato salad and timatim fitfit tomato with crumbs of injera
Ye Timatim Fitfit (Tomato Fitfit)   Pieces of lnjera rinsed and mixed with chopped tomato, onion, jalapeno, special house dressing
Tikil Gomen (Cabbage)   Cabbage cooked in turmeric sauce with garlic onion and jalapeno
Gomen (Collard Green)   Collard green cooked in garlic sauce, onion and jalapeno
Ater Kiki (Yellow Peas Stew)   Yellow peas cooked in mild sauce with onion, garlic, tumeric and olive oil
Ye Tsom Wot (Regular Veg.)   Spicy lentils, peas, cabbage, collard greens and tomato salad
Misir Wot (Lentil Stew)   Lentil cooked in red sauce with onion garlic, special sauce and olive oil
Ye Tsom Migib Ke Asa Gar (Vegetarian Combo with Fish)   Lentil, peas, cabbage, collard green and tomato salad served with whole fish
Shiro Bedist   Powered peas cooked in special ethiopian made clay pot with olive oil, garlic, onion and topped with fresh jalapeno

Meaza Appetizers Menu and Prices

Ye Beg Goden (Lamb Baby Short Ribs)   Lamb baby short ribs sauted with green pepper and fresh onion
Meaza salad   Chopped tuna mixed fresh green peppers, onion, tomato dressed with olive oil and fresh lemon juice
Sambusa   Lentil, onions green peppers in a crispy wrap and deep fried
Tomato Salad   Chopped fresh tomato, onion and green pepper dressed with house dressing
Mixed Green   Fresh chopped romaine, chopped lettuce red onion, green peppers mixed with house dressing

Meaza Combinations Menu and Prices

Asa Tibs (Fried Whole Fish)   Whole fish sauteed and served with your choice of salad or ice
Bozena Shiro   Powded peas cooked in ethiopian hand made clay pot in a special sauce with tender cubes of beef, onion, garlic, ethiopian butter and special red sauce
Qey Wot Ena Alicha Wot   Red stew hot & alicha wot not hot
Kifo   Spices cubed beef & tibs cubed cooked beef
Doro Wot   Sauteed chicken parts cooked in a special sauce with ethiopian butter, red pepper, onion, garlic and boiled egg added to it before serving
Ye Asa Awaze Tibis   Cubes of red snapper sauteed in olive oil tomato, onion, garlic, awaze and green pepper
Ye Asa Dulet (Fish Cubed, Cooked and Spiced)   Cubes of red snapper sauteed in olive oil tomato, onion, garlic, awaza special ethiopian hot sauce and green pepper

Meaza Dessert Menu and Prices

Vanilla & Chocolate Ice Cream  
Italian Made Grand Mother Cake  
Italian Made Amerraho Cake  
Italian Made Tiramisu  
Double Chocolate Cake  

Meaza Lamb Dishes Menu and Prices

Dullet   Chopped lean beef, lamb tripe, lamb liver, onion, garlic
Ye Beg Kikil (Lamb Dish)   Lamb stew made in a very spicy tasty sauce with garlic, onion, ethiopian butter and turmeric
Ye Beg Tibs (Lamb Tibs)   Cubes of lamb marinated in special house and sauteed with onion, tomato, garlic and green pepper
Ye Beg Dereq Tibs (Well Done Lamb Tibs)   Cubes of lamb sauteed with onion, green and black pepper
Ye Beg Awaze Tibs (Lamb Awaze Tibs)   Cubes of lamb marinated in red wine and sauteed with onion, awaze and garlic

Meaza Special Sodas and Juices Menu and Prices

San Pelegrino  
Mango Juice  

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