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Melao Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly

Melao Sopas and Ensaladas Menu and Prices

Sopas and Ensalada
Cazuela de Frijoles $12.50 Delicious homemade beans accompanied by white rice, pork rind, sweet plantains and a beet salad.
Sancocho de Res $12.50 Beef short ribs soup served with rice and avocado.
Ensalada de Pollo $9.95 Grilled chicken breast with mix greens, tomatoes, red onions, apples and passion fruit dressing.
Sopa de Fideo (Chicken Noodle Soup) $4.50 Served with white corn cake.
Sancocho de Gallina $12.50 Hen soup served with white rice and avocado.
Ensalada Melao $7.95 Spinach, mix greens, pear, Gorgonzola cheese, walnuts and cranberries with balsamic dressing.
Consome de Pollo $4.50 Chicken soup with gizzards and served with white corn cake.

Melao De La Parrilla Menu and Prices

De La Parrilla
Langostinos a la Parrila $19.95 Grilled garlic marinated shrimp, served over grilled pineapple, sauteed vegetables and yucca fries with garlic butter.
Carne Asada $15.95 Grilled top sirloin, served with white rice, red beans, house salad and sweet plantains.
Pechuga de Pollo $14.95 Grilled marinated chicken breast, served with white rice, red beans, house salad and sweet plantains.
Churrasco $21.95 12 oz. Grilled New York strip loin, served with potatoes, yucca, sweet plantains and chimichurri sauce.

Melao Favoritos Menu and Prices

Bandeja Paisa $18.95 Our traditional mountain platter of grilled top sirloin, pork belly, white rice, pinto beans, white cheese corn cake, fried egg, Colombian sausage, sweet plantains and avocado.
Chuleta de Cerdo $15.95 Crispy breaded pork loin, served with white rice, french fries and house salad.
Arroz con Pollo $14.95 Colombian chicken paella served with sweet plantains.
Parrillada $21.95 House special grilled New York strip loin, chicken breast, served with potato, yucca and sweet plantains.
Picada $24.95 Serves three. Combination of pork belly, pork ribs, sausage, fried green plantains, yucca, white cheese corn cake and tomatoes.

Melao Tapas Latinas Menu and Prices

Tapas Latina
Camarones con Championes al Ajillo $7.25 Shrimps and mushrooms with olives oil and garlic.
Empanada $1.50 Traditional Colombian turnovers filled with beef, chicken or vegetarian (spinach and mushrooms).
Marranitas $6.25 Green plantain balls filled with fried pork belly and our homemade green salsa.
Cocktail de Camarones $7.95 Colombian style cooked shrimp in a fresh lime juice, cilantro, red onions and Tabasco sauce. Served with corn tortilla chips.
Duo de Tostones $6.95 Crisp, flat green plantains topped with shredded beef and shredded chicken in a criolla salsa.
Guacamole $6.95 Served with corn tortilla chips.
2 Tamalitos de Pollo $5.95 Authentic chicken tamales served with our homemade green sauce.
Chuso de Res $6.95 Grilled beef kebab, served with potato and fresh salad.
Chorizo con Arepa $4.95 Colombian pork sausage and cheese corn cake.
Chuso de Pollo $6.50 Grilled chicken kabab, served with potato and fresh salad.
Arepa de Choclo $3.00 Sweet corn cake with queso fresco on top.
Chicharron con Arepa $4.95 Colombian traditional fried pork belly with a cheese corn cake.

Melao Vegetarianos Menu and Prices

Patacon con Vegetales $12.50 Flat crisp green plantain topped with sauteed vegetables and cheese.

Melao Del Mar Menu and Prices

Del Mar
Mojarra $14.95 Fried orange roughy (whole) served with white rice, flat crispy green plantains and house salad.
Tilapia $15.95 Tilapia fillet in a white wine sauce. Served with garlic vegetables, sauteed potatoes and mushrooms.
Arroz con Camarones $16.95 Yellow rice with sauteed vegetables and shrimp, served with flat crisp plantains.

Melao Porciones Menu and Prices

Arepa con Queso $2.50
Ensalada $3.50
Sweet Plantains $3.50
Red Beans $2.95
Flat Crisp Green Plantains $3.50
Yucca $3.95
Avocado $2.95
Papa Chorriada $2.95 Criolla sauce.
Rice $2.95
Papa Criolla $3.95
French Fries $3.95

Melao Tradicionales Menu and Prices

Sobrebarriga a la Criolla $15.95 Flank steak in criolla sauce. Served with potatoes, white rice, house salad and sweet plantains.
Lengua en Salsa $15.95 Beef tongue in a special cream sauce (sweet peas and carrots) and served with potatoes, white rice and sweet plantains.
Bistec a la Criolla $15.50 Top sirloin in criolla sauce. Served with green plantains, white rice and house salad.

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