Neato Burrito

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Neato Burrito Burrito Menu and Prices

A neato burrito is a flour tortilla filled with choice of rice, beans, meat, salsa, sour cream and cheese
Vegetarian $5.00
Choice of Rice   Spanish, BBQ or brown.
Choice of Sour Cream   Regular of non-fat.
Buffalo $6.25 Chipped bison roast. Low in fat and tasty as steak.
Burrito-Bowl on Chips   Same choices served in a bowl, on chips, plus $0.25.
Choice of Beans   Black beans, vegetarian refried beans, hummus or troegs rugged trail beer chili.
Hummus $5.25 Our own black bean hummus, another great option for the vegetarian.
Choice of Salsa   Pico de gallo (mild red), salsa verde (spicy green) or salsa-of-the-day.
Choice of veggies   Lettuce, cucumbers or jalapenos.
Burrito-Bowl   Same choices and price, served in a bowl, no tortilla.
Chicken $5.75 High quality breast meat. We have two chicken choice, regular or cajun.
Burrito-Grilled   Same choices and price, tortilla grilled.

Neato Burrito Burrito-of-the-Day Menu and Prices

Wednesday – Roasted Pepper Pesto $5.25 – $6.50 Dirty rice, black beans, roasted poblano pepper pesto, cheese. This burrito can be made as a vegetarian, chicken or buffalo burrito
Cowboy Crunch Burrito $6.00 A cult classic, BBQ rice, refried beans, cajun chicken, ranch dressing, crushed nachos, lettuce and tomatoes.
Monday-For Those About to Rock, We Cilantro $6.00 Cilantro-lime rice, black beans, sweet BBQ chicken, cheese, drizzled with cilantro pesto sauce.
Thursday – Chick in a Thai $6.25 Brown rice, black beans, chicken marinated in a Thai peanut sauce, cheese, and roasted banana and cashew nut salsa.
Troegs Rugged Trail Beer Chili   Troegs rugged trail beer adds distinction to this vegan chili. Try it in any burrito as your bean choice.
Tuesday – Blackened Chicken $6.25 Dirty rice, black beans, blackened chicken, cheese, made with Tuesday’s salsa-of-the-day, jalapeno and feta salsa.

Neato Burrito Salsa-Of-the-Day Menu and Prices

Fri-Salsa Bacharach ; Cucumbers, red onion, dill, tomatoes, balsamic vinegar.
Tues-Jalapeno and Feta ; Feta cheese, sour cream, jalapenos, lime juice.
Thurs-Salsa Drexel ; Red and green peppers, onions, corn, sweetened with honey.
Mon-IPO Salsa ; Sweet slow roasted tomatoes, smoked chipotle peppers, fresh cilantro and lime juice.
Sat-Jalapeno and Feta ; Feta cheese, sour cream, jalapenos, lime juice.
Wed-Salsa Satchmo ; Pineapples, jalapenos, fresh cilantro.

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