Taco John’s

If you want a stop shop where you can get anything for breakfast, lunch or dinner then Taco John’s is the perfect place. The distinctive item that they are well known for is deep fried potato nuggets which are cut into small pieces then added with a mix of their spices to add flavor. Although it started in Wyoming, it has grown to over 27 other states .making it one if the most popular take away restaurants serving Mexican foods mostly.

Foods and Drinks they serve

Apart from potatoes nuggets, crispy taco and meat and potato burrito are other meals worth trying at Taco John’s. These are also known to be savory and popular. Their tacos are classified as taco bravo, softshell taco, staffed grilled taco, and a six-pack and a pound. Under Burittos, you can get bean burritos, super burrito, and chicken grilled burrito. You can get these with a side salad, Potato Oles, re-fried beans or chips and Nachi cheese. Side salads are provided at an additional price and all prices are available on Taco John’s menu prices.

If you want something special from Taco John’s, you can choose super nachos, crunchy chicken, crunchy chicken or cheesy quesadilla. These usually make Taco John’s Take Away and are unique in their own way. If you prefer something heavier, you can order tack bravo, meat, and potato burrito, chicken grilled burrito or any other item available in their combo menu. These can be taken at any time of day. However, if you want breakfast, some of their choices include Mexican doughnut bite, meat, and potato breakfast burrito or junior breakfast burrito among others.

New Items and Kids’ Menu

If you have children, don’t worry since Taco johns can still cater for your needs. Children’s meals such as bean burrito, kids soft-shell taco, kids crispy taco and meal crunchy chicken with ranch are available to choose from. Taco Johns has also introduced boneless wings which include bold buffalo, sweet chipotle barbecue and honey habanero.

Cook Out’s History and Menu evolution

Taco johns one of the food chain restaurants that have done remarkably well growing from one outlet to over 400 others distribute across different regions. They had grown to 425 branches in various states showing amazing successful growth that is showing promise of continuing. Starting out as a small taco stand, John Turner had big dreams but even he couldn’t imagine the level of success that small stand would garner.

He sold the startup to another family who gave it a new name and played a major role in growing it into what it is today. The company started by targeting small communities but changed to larger areas, a move that has proven to be very beneficial to them. During this growth, they started partnering with other franchises which helped them cover more geographical region and gain a larger client base. Despite all the changes, Taco John’s menu prices have been fairly consistent.

Taco John’s doesn’t disappoint in their meals. However, you should check the nutritional value of each meal including the ingredients used if you’re health conscience. This doesn’t mean that their meals are harmful, it will just help you know the type of nutrients you’re consuming. It’s also advisable to check Taco John’s menu prices before ordering anything. Thereby allowing you to know the exact amount you want to spend. Henceforth helping you budget appropriately.

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