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Cuisine: Mediterranean, Greek.


Avgolemono $4.00 Traditional greek chicken soup.
Patzaria Beets $6.00 Red beets marinated in garlic, e.v.o.o. & red wine vinegar served with skordalia.
Pikilia Assorted Spreads $8.00 Assortment of our traditional greek spreads: taramosalata, tzatziki, tyrokafteri & melitzanosalata.
Octapodi Octopus $13.00 Grilled octopus with capers, red peppers & oniions in red wine vinaigrette.
Shrimp Saganaki $10.00 Sauteed jumbo shrimp with tomato sauce topped with melted feta cheese.
Garides Grilled Jumbo Shrimp $16.00 Drizzled with metaxa saffron lemon sauce.
Sikotakia Liver $12.00 Calf liver with scallions & dill in a white wine & caper sauce.
Lahanika Vegetables $10.00 Grilled or fried zucchini & eggplant chips served with tzatziki sauce.
Feta Sto Fourno $9.00 Oven baked feta cheese over eggplant puree, tomato with e.v.o.o. and balsamic glaze.
Calamari $10.00 Lightly pan-fried calamari, served with a garlic lemon yogurt sauce.
Red Peppers $6.00 Grilled red peppers served with e.v.o.o., garlic & red wine vinegar.
Midia $10.00 P.e.i. mussels with garlic, oil & feta in a light white wine broth.
Gigandes $6.00 Giant greek lima beans baked in fresh tomato sauce & fresh dill.
Seafood Croquettes $8.00 Fesh cod fish fused with shrimp in a light batter served with skordalia & diced red beets.
Htenia $10.00 Grilled diver scallops served with fresh tomato & cucumber relish.
Saganaki $7.00 Kefalograviera cheese lightly pan-fried.
Halloumi $8.00 Grilled cypriot cheese with tomatoes, onions & cucumber relish in a citrus vinaigrette.
Zucchini Croquettes $7.00 With feta & kefalograviera cheeses & fresh herbs on a bed of caper yogurt sauce.
Loukaniko $8.00 Grilled country sausage on a bed of blace eye peas.
Kavourokeftes Crab Cake $14.00 Jumbo lump crab cake served on a bed of gigandes salad with mustard aioli.


Add chicken or salmon to any salad $5.00.
Traditional Greek Salad $9.00 Village salad prepared with beefsteak tomato.
Marouli $7.00 Chopped romaine lettuce, dill, scallions & feta cheese with e.v.o.o. & red wine vinegar.
Prasini $7.00 Organic mixed greens in a red wine vinaigrette.

Whole Fish

Served with a choice of any side dish, our chefs de-bone your fish unless otherwise instructed.
Lavraki Loup De Mer Greek sea bass, lean with a mild flavor.
Red Snapper Florida, moist & lean fish with a sweeter flavor.
Tsipoura Royal Dorado Greek fish with a mild sweet flavor.
Fagri Greek pink snapper with a firm sweet taste seafood.
Solomos Salmon $18.00 Grilled atlantic salmon fillet served over leek & rice pilaf.
Shrimp Santorini $16.00 Greek orzo with jumbo shrimp, garlic, onions & tomato sauce topped with melted feta cheese.
Xifias Swordfish $18.00 Grilled center cut swordfish steak with roasted vegetables & tomato sauce.

Meat & Poultry

Paidakia Lamb Chops $18.00 Grilled new zealand lamb chops with roasted lemon potatoes.
Brizola Steak $16.00 Bone on 16oz aged rib eye steak with lemon potatoes.
Bifteki Greek Burger $15.00 Greek burger seasoned with onion & mint and topped with kefalograviera cheese & tzatziki sauce and served with lemon potatoes.
Kotopoulo Chicken $18.00 Mediterranean marinated grilled organic chicken served with lemon potatoes.
New York Strip Steak $22.00 16oz new york strip steak served with lemon potatoes.
Chicken Kebob $12.00 Chicken kebob with grilled vegetables & rice pilaf.

Greek Specialties

Kotopoulo $14.00 Mediterranean marinated grilled organic chicken served with lemon potatoes.
Pastitsio $12.00 Layers of greek macaroni with aromatic ground beef, fresh herbs, bechamel sauce.
Mousaka $14.00 Layers of potatoes, eggplant & aromatic ground beef topped with a bechamel sauce.
Dolmades $10.00 Stuffed cabbage with rice, meat & fresh herbs in an egg lemon sauce.
Lamb Youvetsi $18.00 Braised lamb shank over lazanaki noodles in a light tomato & cinnamon sauce.
Soutzoukakia Meatballs $12.00 Greek meatballs with fresh greek herbs in a light leek & tomato sauce over rice.
Yemista Stuffed peppers with rice & fresh herbs.

Chef?s Lunch Specials

Bifteki Platter $12.00 Ground beef patty seasoned with fresh herbs, garlic & onions.
Salata Me Garides $16.00 Our traditional greek salad topped with grilled jumbo shrimp.
Chicken Souvlaki Platter $14.00 Chunks of marinated organic chicken with fresh herbs.
Salata Me Octapodi $14.00 Organic mixed greens topped with grilled octopus, red wine vinegar & e.v.o.o.

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