Afghan Grill

Up to date Afghan Grill prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal. Afghan Grill is available in 2 states.

Appetizers & Soup

Bulanee $6.25 leek or potato filled turnovers lightly fried, then sprinkled with mint
Kadu Buranee $6.25 sauteed pumpkin with garlic yogurt and meat sauce
Kashk $6.25 chilled eggplant puree seasoned with garlic yogurt and pepper
Aushak $6.25 leek dumplings topped with yogurt and meat sauce
Sambosa Goshti $6.25 lightly fried pastries filled with ground beef, chick peas and green peas
The Sampler $19.50 bulanee, aushak, sambosa goshti and kadu buranee
Mantoo $6.50 steamed meat dumplings topped with meat sauce
Crispy Shrimp $7.00 fresh shrimp wrapped in rice paper, then lightly fried
Aush Soup $7.25 diced seasonal vegetables and noodles simmered in onion broth and herbs, topped with yogurt and meat sauce

Salads $6.25

Garden Salad lettuce, tomato, onion and cucumber with house dressing
Afghani Salad tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, bell peppers with mint dressing
Cucumber Salad yogurt, diced cucumbers and herbs
Panir Salad fresh tomatoes, feta cheese and mint in vinaigrette

The Grill

Beef Kofta Kabob $16.95 seasoned ground beef on a skewer, char-broiled, served with grilled vegetables and rice
Chicken Kabob $16.95 marinated chicken breast char-broiled with fresh grilled vegetables, served with rice
Beef Teka Kabob $17.25 skewered chunks of sirloin beef char-broiled with fresh tomatoes, onions and bell peppers, served with rice
Lamb Kabob $17.95 marinated lamb chunks char-broiled with fresh tomatoes, onions and bell peppers, served with rice
Lamb Chops $19.75 seasoned lamb char-broiled, served with grilled vegetables and rice
Shrimp Kabob $18.75 shrimp marinated in curry, char-broiled, served with grilled vegetables and rice
Combination Kabob $21.75 marinated lamb, chicken, beef, or shrimp char-broiled and served with fresh tomatoes, onions, bell peppers and rice


Kachalou Chalao $15.95 sauteed potato slowly simmered in spices, garlic and onion
Kachalou Chalao $17.00 with lamb
Badenjan Chalao $15.95 eggplant sauteed with onion, garlic and tomato, served with rice
Badenjan Chalao $17.00 with lamb
Sabzi Chalao $16.95 spinach slowly simmered in garlic, onions tomato and peppers, served with rice
Sabzi Chalao $17.95 with lamb
Kadu Buranee $17.95 sauteed pumpkin topped with garlic yogurt and meat sauce, served with rice
Vegetable Combo $17.95 portions of kadu, eggplant and sabzi, served with rice
Kofta Chalao $17.95 sauteed meatballs simmered in a blend of spices, garlic and onions
Korma Chalao $17.95 chunks of chicken breast slowly simmered with tomatoes, garlic, onion and coriander seeds served with rice
Qabili Palao $17.95 seasoned lamb or chicken, served with saffron rice and covered with sauteed sweet carrots and raisins
Aushak $16.95 leek dumpling, steamed, topped with mint yogurt and meat sauce
Mantoo $17.95 steamed beef dumplings topped with garlic yogurt and vegetable sauce

Desserts $6.25

Firnee delicate chilled custard sprinkled with pistachios
Baklava paper-thin layers of walnut filled pastry drizzled with light syrup
Bastani cardamom and rosewater flavored ice cream topped with pistachios


Soft Drinks $2.50
Iced Tea, Iced Coffee $2.50
Sparkling Water $2.50
Coffee, Tea $2.50
Turkish Coffee $3.95
Mixed Drinks And Cocktails $8.50


Heineken $6.25
Sam Adams $6.25
Amstel Light $6.25
Pilsner $6.25
Corona $6.25
Bud Light $6.25
Guinness $6.25
Miller Light $6.25

Red Wines

By The Glass
House Wine $8.00 malbec andes peak-dolium
Merlot Serenity Santa Barbara, California $9.00
Ropiteau Pinot Noir, France $8.00
Cabernet Sauvignon Chateau Lartenac, Bordeaux $9.00
Malbec Dolium Mendoza, Argentina $8.50
Shiraz Santa Digna Miguel Torres, Chile $9.00

White Wines

By The Glass
House Wine $8.00 chardonnay tour de floradice, france
Sauvignon Blanc Entre Deux Mers Bordeaux, France $8.00
Verdejo Valdelainos Rueda, Spain $8.50
Pinot Grigio Serenity Santa Barbara, California $9.00

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