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Up to date Agave Restaurant & Bar prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.


Beef Nachos A La Mexicana $8.95
Botana De Mariscos Para Dos $8.95
Camarones Al Agave $19.95 Envueltos en tocino con rajas de quesoy chile, wrapped in bacon with strips of cheese & chile
Bean & Cheese Nachos $7.95
Chicken or Beef Nachos $8.95
Botana De Quezadillas Y Taquitos $9.95
Chicken Wings (6) $6.95


Menudo $8.95
Birria De Chivo $9.25 Goat meat stew
Cocido De Res $9.25 Beef vegetables soup
7 Mares $13.95 7 Seas soup
Caldo De Camaron $11.95 Shrimp soup
Caldo De Pescado $10.95 Fish soup
Albondigas De Res $8.95 Beef meat balls soup


Maiz No Carne $2.00 Corn tortillas no meat
Maiz Con Carne $2.75 Corn tortillas with meat
Harina No Carne $3.00 Flour tortillas no meat
Harina Con Carne $3.95 Flour tortilla with meat
Quesadilla De $3.00 Shrimp & cheese

Tacos and Burritos

Super tacos & super burritos avocado, cheese & beans taco add $1.00, burrito add $1.50
Taco De Chivo $1.85 Goat meat
Taco De Asada (Beef) $1.85
Taco De Lengua $1.85 Beef tongue
Taco De Adobada $1.85 Marinated pork meat
Burrito De Asada (Beef) $4.50
Pollo (Chicken) $4.50
Adobada $4.50 Marinated pork meat
Carnitas (pork) $4.50
Lengua (Beef tongue) $4.50

Platillos Chicos or Small Dinners

Served with rice & bean, servidos con arroz y frijoles. Add $1.50 for house beans
Enchilada De Pollo (Chicken) $5.95
Queso (Cheese) $5.95
Taco $5.95 Your choice of meat
Tostada $6.25 Your choice of meat
Tamal De Puerco (Pork) $5.95
Pollo (Chicken) $5.95
Chile Relleno $7.50

Antojitos Michoacanos

Huchepos de elote, corn tamale served with or without sour cream $1.50, enchiladas estilo apatzingan topped with tomatoe, tomatoe sauce, cabbage and fresh cheese
Enchiladas (5) Con Pollo $10.25 Served with chicken
Enchiladas Con Cecina $10.50 Served with dried meat
Enchiladas Con Guilota $10.50 Served with fried guilota
Enchiladas Con Bistec $10.50 Served with steak
Morisqueta Con Carne De Puerco En Chile Rojo Y Frijoles $8.25 White rice, beans, pork meat in red sauce
Aporriadillo $10.50 Dried beef cooked with egg sautee on red sauce
Flautas (5) Pollo Con Papa $9.25 Deep fired corn tortillas, filled with chiken & potatoe
Tacos Dorados (5) Pollo Con Papa $9.25 Deep fired corn tortillas, filled with chiken & potatoe
Birria Seca $10.20 Dried goat meat plate


Incluye queso, chorizo, cebollitas, nopales y salsa. Served with cheese, chorizo, onions, cactus & salsa add $1.00 for shrim or agrega $1.00 para camaron
Molcajete De Asada Y Pollo or Stonebowl $14.95 Served with beef & chicken

Dinner Plates

Served with rice & beans, servido con arroz y frijoles. Add $0.50 for house beans
Chile Relleno (2) $9.25
Carne A La Mexicana $10.74 Beef cooked with tomatoes sauce, onion and bell peppers
Carne Asada $10.25 Grilled beef
Chile Verde $9.95 Succulent cubed pork in rich green sauce
Chile Colorado $9.95 Succulent cubed beef in rich red sauce
Flautas (3) $7.95
Fajitas $11.50 Tender slices of beef or chicken sizzled to perfection
Fajitas Mixtecas $12.50 Beef, chicken & shrimp
Steak Ranchero $11.25 Prime cut beef steak ranch style with salsa
Enchiladas (2) Suizas $9.50 Beef or chicken with guacamole & sour cream
Enchiladas Rojas O Verdes (2) $8.95 Red sauce or green sauce
Pollo (Chicken) $8.95
Queso (Cheese) $8.95
Mole De Pollo $11.50 Mexican gravy oaxaca style
Chimichanga Puerco, Res O Pollo $10.95 Deep fried burrito, pork, beef or chicken
(2) Sopes Asada (Beef) $9.95
Pollo (Chicken) $9.95
Carnitas $10.50 Estilo michoacan


Served with rice & beans, servido con arroz y frijoles. Add $0.50 for house beans
Filete De Pescado A La Mexicana $11.95 Fish filet cooked with tomatoe sauce, onion and bell peppers
Camarones Rancheros $12.95 Prawns ranch style with salsa
Camarones Empanizados $11.50 Breaded prawns
Camarones Al Mojo De Ajo $12.95 Prawns grilled to perfection in garlic
Camarones A La Diabla $12.95 Prawns in red hot sauce
Mariscada Ranchera $14.95 Seafood combo cooked with tomatoe sauce, onion and bell peppers
Paella A La Marinera $14.95 Delicious seafood combo cooked in a savory rice
Pescado Frito $12.95 Deep fried fish
Tostadas De Camaron O Ceviche $2.95 Deep fried tortilla topped with shrimp or fish
Salmon A La Parilla $11.95 Grilled salmon

Seafood Cocktails

Coctel De Camaron or Shrimp Cocktail $11.25
Coctel De Camaron Y Pulpo or Shrimp & Octupus $11.25
Coctel De Camaron Y Ostion or Shrimp & Oyster $11.25
Campechana De Tres or Cocktail with Choice Of Seafood $12.95

Solo Entre Semana or Week Days Only

Served with rice & beans, servido con arroz y frijoles. Add $1.50 for house beans
Taco De Res O Pollo or Beef Taco or Chicken $4.50
Enchilada De Res, Pollo O Quesoor Beef, Chicken or Cheese $4.50
Tostada De Res, Pollo, Camaron, Ceviche O Queso $4.50 Beef, chicken, shrimp or cheese
Tamal De Puerco Or Beef Tamal $5.50
Burrito $5.95
Chile Relleno (1) $6.50
Enchilada Y Taco $6.50
Enchilada Y Tostada $6.50
Enchilada Y Tamal or Huchepo (Beef Or Co) $6.50
Chile Colorado $6.95
Chile Verde $6.95
Enchilada Y Chile Relleno $7.95
Chimichanga De Res, Pollo O Queso $7.95 Beef, chicken or cheese
Flautas(3) De Res O Pollo $6.95 Beef or chicken
Taco Salad $5.50
Chile Relleno Burrito $5.50


Served with rice & beans, servido con arroz y frijoles. Add $0.50 for house beans
Chilaquiles Con Huevos Estrellados $8.95 Fried tortillas with scrambled eggs
Huevos Con Chorizo $7.75 2 Scrambled eggs sith chorizo
Huevos Con Jamon $7.75 2 Scrambled eggs with ham
Huevos Rancheros $7.75 2 Eggs, fresh salsa
Huevos A La Mexicana $7.75 Mexican style eggs
Nopales A La Mexicana $7.75 Sprickly pear cactus mixed with eggs, onions and spices
Machaca De Res $8.50 Shredded beef, onion, chile peppers & eggs

Kid?s Menu

Served with rice & beans, servido con arroz y frijoles. add $0.50 for house beans
Pepitas De Pollo Con Papas Fritas $4.95 Chicken nuggets with fries
Taco O Enchilada De Pollo O Asada or Taco Or Enchilada $4.95 Beed or chicken
Hamburguesa Con Papas Fritas $4.95 Hamburgers with fries
Quesadilla De Harina O Maiz $4.95 Agrega $1.00 con carne or flour or corn quesadilla add $1.00 for meat


Hot Chocolate $1.75 Hot or iced
Tea $1.75
Sodas $1.95
Orange Juice $2.25
Limonada $2.50
Bottled Water $2.50
Coffee $1.75
Milk $1.75
Penafiel Y Jarritos $2.50
Shirley Temple $2.50
Aguas Naturales $2.75

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