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Cuisine: Latin American, Central American.

Platos Tipicos

Authentic Dishes
Aguacate-Queso, Arroz Y Frijoles $7.00 avocado, cheese, rice & beans
Frijoles Con Platano Y Crema $6.50 beans with plantain & cream
Tamales De Elote Crema Y Cuajada $6.50 corn tamales served with cream and cheese
Huevos Rancheros $7.00 eggs over easy with tomato sauce, cream, beans & tortilla
Chorizo Revueltos $8.00 sausage mixed with egg, beans & cheese
Yuca Con Chicharron $7.50 cassava & pork rind
Frijoles Con Crema $8.00 beans with cream, plantain and sausage
2 Pupusas $8.50 2 pupusas with beans, rice & plantain


Combo Dishes
Tacos Y Enchiladas Arroz Y Frijoles $9.50 taco & enchilada served with rice & beans
3 Camarones Pollo Y Carne Con Papas Fritas $14.00 3 shrimp, chicken & steak with fries
Costilla, Chorizo, Chuleta $14.00 ribs, sausage, pork chops served with rice, beans & salad


Sopa De Pollo $7.00 chicken soup
Sopa De Mondongo $7.50 tripe soup
Mariscada $11.50 seafood soup
Sopa De Res $8.00 beef soup (sat. & sun)
Sopa De Camarones $17.00 shrimp soup
Sopa De Pescado $11.00 fish soup

Carne De Res

Bistec Ranchero Arroz Y Ensalada $11.00 steak with rice and salad
Carne Asada Casamiento, Ensalada $12.00 tortilla grilled steak with rice and salad
Costilla A La Barbacoa Arroz Ensalada Y Tortilla $11.50 b.b.q. ribs with rice and salad
Bistec Encebollado Arroz Ensalada Y Tortilla $11.00 steak & onions with rice and salad
Carne Guisada Arroz Y Ensalada $9.00 broiled steak with rice and salad

Carne De Cerdo

Chuletas Fritas Arroz Y Frijoles $9.00 fried pork chops with rice & beans
Costilla Asada Casamiento Y Ensalada $8.50 grilled pork ribs with rice, beans & salad
Carne De Cerdo Asada Arroz Y Ensalada $9.50 grilled pork with rice and salad
Costilla Frita Arroz Y Ensalada $8.50 fried port ribs with rice & beans
Lomo Empanizado Papas Fritas Y Ensalada $9.50 breaded pork with french fries & salad


Pollo Guisado Arroz Y Ensalada $8.50 broiled chicken with rice and salad
Pollo Empanizado $9.50 chicken cutlet with french fries and salad
Pollo A La Plancha $11.00 fried chicken with rice & salad
Pollo Asado Arroz Y Frijoles $8.50 grilled chicken with rice & salad
Pollo En Salsa De Hongos $11.00 chicken in mushroom sauce
Pollo Asado $8.50 grilled chicken with rice & salad
Pollo En Salsa De Hongos $11.00 chicken in mushroom sauce
Pollo Asado Con Vegetales $8.75 chicken with vegetables


Sea Food
Coctel De Conchas Blancas $10.50 clam cocktail
Coctel De Camarones $12.00 shrimp cocktail
Ceviche De Camarones $12.00 shrimp a la vinagreta
Camarones En Salsa $13.75 shrimp in tomato sauce with rice & salad
Camarones Empanizados $12.00 shrimp with french fries & salad
Camarones A La Parrilla $11.50 grilled shrimp with french fries and salad
Calamares En Salsa $14.00 tomato sauce with rice & salad
Calamares Fritos $10.00 ensalada mixta / fried calamari mixed salad
Pescado Frito $11.00 fried fish with rice and salad
Mojarra En Salsa $12.50 tomato sauce with rice & salad
Filete De Pescado $11.50 breaded fish fillet with french fries and salad


Enchiladas Y Tacos $2.50 fried tortillas with meat & salad topping, pollo, res cerdo.
Tamales tamales with chicken or corn
Tamales $2.00 pollo
Tamales $1.75 elote
Jalapeno $1.25 hot pepper
Tortillas $0.40 corn tortilla chorizo tortilla with cheese and tortilla
Cuajaday Y Tortilla $1.75 white cheese and tortilla
Arroz $1.75 rice side order
Platano Frito $1.75 fried plantain
Platano Frito Con Crema $4.00 fried plantain with sour cream
Ensalada Mixta $4.00 mixed salad lettuce, tomato, avocado & onion
Ensalada De Calamares $10.75 squid salad
Ensalada De Pollo $7.00 chicken salad


Corn Tortillas. Stuffed With Cheese, Pork Rind Or Mixed Beans.
Queso $1.50
Queso Y Frijol $1.50
Chicharron $1.50
Queso Y Chicharron $1.50
Queso Y Loroco $1.75
Frijoles Fritos Con Crema Y Tortilla $4.00 fried beans with cream and tortilla


Flan $3.00
Empanadas $1.50
Quesadilla $3.50
Atol De Elote $6.50
Nuegados En Miel $4.50

Hot Drinks

Cappuccino $2.50
Expresso $2.00
Cafe Regular $1.00
Cafe Con Leche $1.00
Chocolate $1.50

Refrescos $1.75



Cola Champagne $2.00
Coca Cola $1.00
Orange $1.00
Sprite $1.00
Uva $1.00
Naranja Fresa $2.50
Sangria $2.50
Jarritos $2.50

Licuados $3



Corona $3.00
Tecate $3.00
Regia $8.50
Suprema $3.00
Pilsener $3.00
Heineken $3.00
Famosa $3.00
Modelo Especial $3.00
Negra Modelo $3.00

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