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Cuisine: Tex-Mex.

Platos Tipicos – Typical Platters

Picada International $11.99 (carne, pollo, chuleta y gamarones) (meat, chicken, pork chop and shrimp)
Bandera $9.99 (guatita, arroz, chivo, ceviche and encebollado) ( guatifa, rice, goat, ceviche and fish in onions)
Bandeja Campesina $9.99 (arroz, frijoles, carne, chicharron y nuevo) (rice, beans, meat, skin pork and egg)
Chaulafan $9.00 (carne, pollo, camarones y maduro) (meat, chicken, shrimp and sweet plantain)
Guatita $8.00 triple stew with rice
Seco de Chivo $8.00 goat with rice
Seco de Gallina con Arroz $8.00 hen with rice
Pollo Apanado con Arroz $9.00 breaded chicken with rice
Pollo a La Plancha $9.00 grilled chicken
Arroz con Chuleta $9.00 pork chop with rice
Churrasco $9.00 grilled steak
Carne Asada $9.00 (con arroz, maduro, frijoles y ensalada) (grilled beef, sweet plantain, beans and salad)
Carne Apanada $9.00 con papas fritas, arroz y fijoles
Parrillada Para UNO $12.00 (carne de res, chancho, morcilla, pollo, tostones o ensalada) (meat, pork, Spanish sausage, chicken, fried green plantain, or salad)
Parrillada Para Dos $22.00 meat, pork, Spanish sausage, chicken, fried green plantain or salad)
Bistec Ecuatoriano $9.00 breaded beef steak
Lomito Salteado $9.00 con huevo y papas fritas
Bistec Encebollado con Huevo y Maduro $9.00 onion steak with egg and sweet plantain
Fritada con More y Maduro $9.00 fried corn stew
Hornado con More $10.00 baked corn stew
Tallarin con Camaron $10.00 shrimp and tallarin
Tallarin con Pollo $9.00 chicken and tallarin
Llapingachos $9.00 tortilla with potato, eggs and sausage
Salchipapas $5.00 sausage with French fries
Arroz con Pollo y Maduro $8.00 rice and chicken
Papa con Cuero $8.00 skin pork with potato

Arroces – Rices

Arroz con Camarones $9.99 rice with shrimp
Arroz Marinero $11.00 seafood rice
Arroz con Concha $12.00 shell with rice

Ceviches – Cocktails

Ceviche de Camaron $10.99 shrimp cocktail
Ceviche de Concha $12.00 shell cocktail
Ceviche de Pescado $9.99 fish cocktail
Civiche Mixto $12.00 mixed cocktail
Encebollado de Pescado $9.00 fish with onions
Encebollado Mixto $12.00 shrimp and fish

Camarones – Shrimp

Camarones Apanados $9.99 breaded shrimp
Camrones Fritos $9.99 fried shrimp
Camarones al Ajillo $9.99 shrimp in garlic sauce

Pescado – Fish

Corvina Frita $9.00 fried fish
Corvina al Horno $9.00 fish with rice
Pargo Rojo Frito con Arroz y Tostones $14.00 fried red snapper
Trucha Frita con Arroz y Tostones $14.00 fried fish
Chupe de Pescado $8.00 typical platter with fish
Cazuela de Pescado $9.00 fish stew
Cazuela Mixta $12.00 mixed seafood stew
Sudado de Pescado $8.00 broiled fish
Bollo de Pescado $6.00

Sopas – Soups

Sopa Marinera $11.99 seafood soup
Sopa de Camarones $9.99 shrimp soup
Caldo de Bagre $9.00 fish soup
Sancocho de Pescado $9.00 fish soup
Caldo de Galluna $8.00 hen soup
Caldo de Salchicha $9.00 sausage soup
Caldo de Bola $9.00

Aperitivos – Appetizers

Humitas $3.00 corn platties
Maiz Tostado $2.00 toasted corn
Tostones $2.00 fried plantains
Flan $2.00 custard
Higo con Queso $3.00 figs with cheese
Pechiche con Queso $3.00
Gelatina de Leche $2.00
Gelatina Cristalina $2.00

Batidos y Jugos

Toamate de Arbol $2.50 – $3.00
Mora $2.50 – $3.00
Pina $2.50 – $3.00
Lulo $2.50 – $3.00
Parcha $2.50 – $3.00
Papaya $2.50 – $3.00
Melow $2.50 – $3.00

Bebidas – Beverages

Quaker $3.00 – $1.50
Sodas Ecuatorianas $2.00
Cafe $0.50
Te $0.60
Morocho $3.00 – $1.50
Sodas Americanas $1.00
Chocolate $2.00 – $1.00

Vinos – Wines

Vinos – Wines (Copa) $4.99 vino tinto, vino blancao

Side Orders

Mote $2.00 corn
Maiz Tostado $2.00 toasted corn
Aguacate $2.00 avocado
Cebolla Curtida $2.00 onions in vinegar
Papas Fritas $2.00 French fries
Huevos Fritos $2.00 fried eggs
Arroz $2.00 rice
Frijoles $2.00 beans

Ensaladas – Salads

Ensalada Mixta $5.99 vegetables, lettuce and tomatoes
Ensalada de Aguacate $5.99 avocado salad
Ensalada de Camarones Asados $9.99 shrimp salad
Ensalada de Pollo Asado $8.99 chicken salad
Ensalad de Carne Asada $9.99 beef salad
Cervezas $3.00

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