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Cuisine: Sushi.


Seaweed Salad $1.95
Spinach $1.95
Chicken Gyoza $2.75
Shrimp Tempura $2.75
Mixed Tempura $3.25
Veggie Tempura $2.75
Egg Rolls $1.95
Egg Custard $1.95
Croquette $1.95
Edamame $1.95
Mochi $1.25 4 different favor
Dim Sum – A. B.B.Q Pork Bun $2.00
Dim Sum: B. Shrimp Dumpling $2.00
Dim Sum: C. Glutinous Rice Cake $2.00
Dim Sum: D. Shiu Mai $2.00
Dim Sum: E. Custard Bun $2.00


all sushi are 50% off after 6:30 p.m.
California Roll Sesame $4.25
California Roll Mersago $4.75
Unagi Roll $5.50
Unagi Nigiri $5.95
Tempura Roll $5.50
New York Roll $5.20
Alaska Roll $5.20
Nigiri California $7.95
Nigiri Assorted $7.95
Futomaki Assorted $5.00
Kappa Avocado $3.95
Kappa Oshinka $3.95
Kappa Carrot $3.95
Spicy Tuna $5.20
Tekka Maki $2.75
Inari $3.20

Udon or Soba

hot or cold
Regular $5.25
Tempura Shrimp $5.75
Tempura Vegetable $5.25
Chicken $5.75
Beef $5.75
Wakame $5.25
Yaki Soba $5.25

Over Rice

Oyako Donbari $5.25
Ten Don $5.75
Chicken Bento $5.25
Salmon Bento $5.25

Slave Ice

Water Melon $4.25
Mango $4.25
Honey Dew $4.25
Shave Ice-Ice Cream $2.75
Ice Cream-Cone $1.25
Organic Wines $13.99
Sakes $2.25
Beers $1.25

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