Altu’s Ethiopian Cuisine

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Cuisine: Ethiopian.


Soft Drink $1.79


Spicy Chicken Stew $9.99 Spicy thick sauce with dark berbere spice and a touch of tomato.
Mild Chicken Stew $9.99 Sauce made with a base of caramelized onions.
Cheese $3.45
Breast Chicken Strips $11.50 Mild or medium spiced.
Vegetables $4.15 peppers, onions, tomatoes, mushrooms & cheese
Low Cal $4.15 vegetables & egg whites
Denver $4.15 ham, onions, peppers & tomatoes, cheese
Ham & Cheese $4.15
Spinach, Mushrooms & Cheese $4.15
Chili & Cheese $4.15 grilled onions & peppers
California Ranch $4.65 bacon, avocado & cheese

Vegetarian Specials

Vegetarian Specials
Spicy Lentils $7.99
Mild Split Yellow Peas $7.99
Vegetarian Burrito $5.25 rice, beans, vegetables & cheese
Whole White Peas and Potatoes $7.99
Garden Burger $5.25 avocado, sprouts, tomato & lettuce
Spicy Pinto Beans $7.99 Richly layered with flavorings and traditional berbere spice.
Fresh Banana Protein Shake $3.55
Mild Lima Beans $8.25 Mild and creamy.
Smoothie $3.55 strawberry, peach, mango
Spicy Ground Peas $8.25 Chickpeas ground into flour. Spiced and flavorful.
Vegetarian Combo $9.99
Spicy Ground Peas Mixed with Greens $8.99 Spicy ground peas blended with collard greens.
Mild Garlic Lentils $8.25
Mild Chickpeas Sauce $8.25

Group Dinner Feasts

Group Dinner Feasts
Veggie Feast $26.50 – $32.00 Spicy lentils, yellow peas, spicy ground peas, Lima beans and collard greens.
Meat Feast $32.00 – $41.00 Spicy chicken, mild chicken, spicy beef and mild chicken breast.
Grilled Cheese $2.45
Veggie and Meat Feast $32.00 – $40.00 Two items from meat feast and three items from veggie feast.
Bacon Melt $3.95
Chicken Melt $4.95
Reuben On Rye $4.95
Comed Beef Melt $4.95
Patty Melt $3.95
Tuna Melt $4.95
Turkey Melt $4.95
Pastrami Melt $4.95
Coach’s Pick $5.75

Beef and Lamb

Beef and Lamb
Spicy Sirloin Meat Stew $10.75 A flavorful sauce spiced with berbere. Richly spicy.
Mild Sirloin Meat Stew $10.75 Mild yet flavorful chunks of meat in savory sauce.
Toast $1.35
Sirloin Meat with Mixed Vegetables $11.00
3 Bacon Strips $1.55
Lamb Meat $14.00 Lamb meat with rich sauce.
Avocado $0.85
Beef and Chicken Combo $11.50
Dressing $0.65
Beef with Any Vegetarian Dish $11.50
Croissant $1.50
Chicken with Any Vegetarian Dish $11.50
French Fries $1.75
Beef in Spicy Chickpea Sauce $10.75
Bagels $1.35
Cream Cheese $0.50
Cheese $0.45

Daily Specials

Daily Specials
Tuesday Special $10.25 Beef and Cabbage Mix.
Wednesday Special 1 $9.99 Chicken cooked with mustard, lemon juice, onion and jalapeno pepper. Served on Senegal rice.
L.a Tuna $5.45 tuna, avocado, cheese & olfalfa
Wednesday Special 2 $8.99 Collard greens cooked in peanut sauce and coconut milk. Served on Mozambique rice.
Turkey Delight $5.45 turkey, avocado, cheese & alfalfa
Thursday Special $8.99 Green beans, carrots and potatoes.
California Sunshine $5.25 bacon, avocado, cheese & alfalfa
Friday Special $10.25 Spicy tender beef shreds.
Grilled Chicken Breast $5.25
Triple Decker Club $5.45 turkey & bacon
Zuma Club $5.45 ham, turkey & cheese
Vegetarian Pita $5.25 fresh vegetables with cheese & avocado
Gladlator $5.45 roast beef, turkey cheese & onions
New Yorker $5.45 corned beef, turkey, cheese & hot mustard
Gyro $5.25 chicken or beef/lamb on pila with cucumber sauce
Philadelphia Steak $5.25 grilled onions, mushroom & cheese

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