Arada Ethiopian Restaurant

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Cuisine: Ethiopian.


3 Piece Beef Sambusa $5.95
3 Vegetable Sambusa $5.50
Azifa $7.95 Whole lentiles marinated with fresh garlic, onions, lemon juice and vegetable oil.
Arada Special Hummis Dip $5.95
Gluten Free Injera $2.00

Entree Selections

Entree Selection
1. Doro Wot $10.50 – $19.50 Spicy chicken stewed in berbere sauce and an assortment of arada spices. Includes your choice of two sides.
2. Doro Alitcha $10.50 – $19.50 A mild tender chicken seasoned with arada unique blend of spices. Includes your choice of two sides.
3. Siga Wot $11.95 – $20.95 Tender beef chunks braised in a red pepper (berbere) sauce with assorted spices. Includes your choice of two sides.
4. Yebeg Siga Alitcha $11.95 – $20.95 A mild lamb stew spiced with garlic, ginger and other spices. Includes your choice of two sides.
5. Kitfo $12.95 – $22.95 Finely ground lean beef with arada spiced Ethiopian butter served with house-made cottage cheese. Includes your choice of two sides.

Arada Specials

Arada Special
6. Yetibs Fit-fit $12.95 – $23.95 Tender strips of beef sauteed with onions, jalapeno peppers, tomatoes, spicy Ethiopian butter and tossed with injera.
7. Gored Gored $12.95 – $23.95 Chopped lean beef with spiced Ethiopian butter and hot chilies.
8. Arada Six $16.96 – $30.95 A delightful combination of siga wot, yebeg siga alitcha, yater alicha, minchet, yemiser wot and greens.
9. Awaze Tibs $12.95 – $23.95 Tender beef sauteed with berbere sauce, fresh garlic, tomatoes and onions.
10. Super Arada $16.95 – $31.95 A combination of doro wot, siga wot, yater alitcha, yemiser wot, greens and minchet.
11. Minchet $11.95 – $21.95 Finely chopped prime beef first fried in a pan with ginger, onion, cardamom and white pepper until golden, then sauteed in keywot.
12. Meat Combination $17.95 – $31.95 A combination of siga wot, yebeg siga alicha, minchet and awaze tibs.

Vegetarian Entrees

Vegetarian Entree
13. Yater Alitcha $9.95 – $17.95 Yellow split peas seasoned with fresh onions, garlic and ginger.
14. Yatakit Alitcha $9.95 – $17.95 Potatoes, carrots and cabbage with onions, fresh garlic and ginger.
15. Yemiser Wot $9.95 – $17.95 Split lentils in a red pepper (berbere) sauce with assorted arada spices.
16. Gomen $9.95 – $17.95 Greens steamed and delicately seasoned with fresh garlic, ginger, jalapeno peppers and onions.
17. Fosolia $9.95 – $17.95 Cooked green beans, carrots, fresh onions, garlic, ginger, black pepper and Ethiopian spices.
18. Shiro Wot $9.95 – $17.95 Imported chickpeas seasoned with fresh ginger, garlic, onions and arada spices.

Arada Vegetarian Combination

Arada Vegetarian Combination
Veggie Combination $15.95 – $29.95 A wonderful combination of yater alitcha, yatakilt alitcha, yemiser wot, greens, shiro and green beans.


Ethiopian House-made Cottage Cheese $4.00
Tomato Fit-fit $4.50
Tomato Salad $4.50

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