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Cuisine: Thai.


Egg Roll $4.95 delicious crispy wraps stuffed with bean thread noodles, mushroom, & your choice of pork, vegetables, or beef.
Spring Roll $5.95 rice paper wrapped around fresh lettuce, mini, cilantro, carrots, noodles, & your choice of fresh vegetables or shrimp & chicken.
Satay $8.95 marinated chicken or pork on six barbecued sticks served with creamy peanut sauce & pickled cucumbers.
Chicken Wings $7.95 lightly battered & beep fried to perfection, choose from sweet & sour, chili, or curry.
Angel Wings $9.95 delicious chicken wings stuffed with water chestnuts, onion, ground park, & herbs. steamed, then beep fried.
Royal Shrimp $9.95 jumbo shrimp beep fried in a coconut batter.
Amazing Nua Swan $7.95 thai style beef jerky served with sweet chill sauce.
Fried Squid $7.95 deep fried, served with sweet & sour sauce.
Wontons $5.95 your choice of cream or jalapeno cream cheese wontons with sweet & sour sauce.
Fried Tofu $4.49 served with sweet & sour sauce.
Tod Maan $10.95 a delightful blend of shrimp & crab pressed together, then fried with a sweet chill sauce.
Thai Crispy Noodle $9.95 a famous northern thai dish, crispy rice noodles with fried tofu, shrimp, & roast pork sauteed in a tangy sauce.
Appetizer Cambo $25.95 egg rolls 2 spring roll 1 royal shrimp 3 chicken satay 3 cream cheese wontons 3, fried squid 3, angel wing 1, fried tofu 4, chicken wings 3.


Egg Soup $4.95 egg, fresh tofu sweet peas, broccoli, carrots, cilantro, & green onion in chicken broth.
Wonton Soup $4.95 – $5.59 wontons stuffed with ground chicken, onion, & cabbage in chicken broth. chicken, pork or tofu, shrimp or imitation crab.
Crystal Noodle Soup $4.95 – $5.59 bean thread noodles cabbage, onion, & cloud ear mushrooms in broth. chicken, pork, or tofu, shrimp or imitation crab.
Tofu Soup $4.95 fresh tofu, cabbage, onion & cloud ear mushrooms in chicken broth.
Tom Yum $12.95 – $15.95 thailand’s most famous hot & sour soup served with mushrooms & cream. chicken pork, tofu, or mock duck.
Rice Soup $4.95 – $5.59 a soothing soup with rice & scallions in chicken broth. chicken, pork, or, tofu, shrimp or imitation crab.
Seafood Clear Soup $17.95 shrimp, squid, mussels, imitation crab, & basil in hot & sour broth.
Tom Kha $12.95 – $15.95 coconut milk soup with oyster mushrooms, chicken, pork tofu, or mock duck.
Sukiyaki – Beef $14.95 soup or stir-fry with bean thread noodles, egg, cabbage, broccoli, mushrooms, celery, onions bell peppers, & carrots. Vegetable, tofu, or mock duck.
Rice Noodle Soup $10.95 rice noodles in a chicken broth served with bean sprouts, onions, cilantro, & holy basil. chicken pork beef or meatball.
Sukiyaki – Chicken $13.95
Sukiyaki – Combination $17.95
Sukiyaki – Shrimp $15.95
Sukiyaki – Vegetable $12.95
Rice Noodle Soup – Seafood $14.95


Crystal Tread Noodle Salad $10.95 bean thread noodles, seasoned ground pork, & shrimp served in a chili lime dressing.
Steamed Seafood Salad $12.95 steamed shrimp, squid, mussels, & imitaion crab mixed with cucumber, tomato, & house dressing served over a bed of lettuce.
Crispy Seafood Salad $12.95 battered fried shrimp, squid, mussels, & imitation crab mixed with cucumber, tomato, & house dressing served over a bed of lettuce.
Thai Beef Salad $10.95 a famous northern thailand specialty made with fresh steamed beef, lettuce, green onion, lemongrass, cucumber, chili, & lime.
Amazing Salad $8.95 shredded chicken breast, lettuce, cucumber, tomato, red peppers, & egg served with a creamy salad dressing.
Uptown Salad $8.95 shredded chicken breast, shrimp, lettuce, cucumber, tomato, red peppers, & egg served with a light & flavorful thai dressing.
Papaya Salad $9.95 green papaya salad either thai or lao style.
Laab Salad $7.95 – $10.95 minced meat mixed with onion, cilantro, chili, lime, roasted rice powder served with cucumber, fresh lettuce, & sticky rice. tofu or mock duck, chicken, pork, or beef.


Tilapia $18.95 crispy fried whole tilapia, tomato, bell peppers, & onions served with a fresh tomato sauce.
Walleye $19.95 crispy fried walleye fillet cooked in your choice of red curry sauce or fresh tomato sauce.
Catfish $17.95 crispy catfish fillet with red curry sauce with steamed carrots cauliflower & broccoli.
Seafood Sizzler $19.95 stir -fried shrimp, squid mussels & scallops in a flavorful sauce served on a special sizzling plate.
Fisherman Coconut $19.95 shrimp, squid, mussels, & scallops stir fried & beautifully presented in a fresh coconut shell.
Scollps & Shrimp $19.95 ocean scallops & jumbo shrimp stir fried in a fresh garlic & white wine sauce.


Curry (Vegetables) $11.95 – $14.95 please choose your choice of meat : vegetables, tofu, or mock duck, chicken or pork, beef, shrimp
Green Curry green curry paste, baby corn, bell peppers, sweet peas, basil, & coconut milk.
Red Curry red curry paste, baby corn, bell peppers, bamboo shoots, basil, & coconut milk.
Yellow Curry yellow curry paste, coconut milk, red onion, potatoes served with tortilla chips.
Amazing Curry peanut curry sauce served with broccoli.
Pumpkin Curry fresh pumpkin in a red curry.
Massamun Curry southern thailand’s most famous dish, massaman paste, peanuts, & potatoes.
Panang Curry (Vegetables) $11.95 – $17.95 pangang curry paste & red peppers in coconut milk sprinkled with fresh kaffir lime leaves. vegetables, tofu, mock duck, pork ribs or shrimp, stuffed chicken wings or pork, beef, scallops.
Duck Crry roast duck with pineapple, bell peppers, tomato, sweet peas, grapes, basil, & coconut milk.

Stir Fry

Stir Fry $11.95 – $15.95 choose your choice of meat : vegetables, tofu, or mock duck. (chicken or pork, beef, shrimp).
Amazing Basil holy basil, bell peppers, onion, & green beans.
Pad Phed bamboo shoot, bell peppers, onion, & fresh basil with thai chili paste.
Pad Prig bambo shoots, bell peppers, & onions.
Ginger bell peppers, onion, cloud ear mushrooms, & fresh ginger.
Green Beans green beans & carrot with ginger curry paste.
Cashew cashew nuts, baby corn, onion, & bell peppers with thai chili paste.
Pineapple pineapple. onion, bell peppers,& carrot.
Amazing Vegetarian Combo $11.95 potatoes, carrot, broccoli, cauliflower, bell peppers, cabbage, onion, & mock duck.
Amazing Tofu $12.95 fresh tofu, cabbage, tomato, bean sprouts, & onion.
Sweet & Sour pineapple, tomato, bell peppers, onion, cucumber, & carrots.
Rainbow Combination broccoli, cauliflower, carrot, bell peppers, onion, cabbage, baby corn, mushroom, & tomato.
Pepper Beef stir-fried beef with broccoli, onion, fresh mushroom, bell peppers.
Chinese Broccoli chinese broccoli & thai chili.
Garlic garlic & black pepper.

Fried Rice

Fried Rice $11.95 – $14.95 please choose your choice of meat: vegetables, tofu , or mock duck, chicken or pork, beef, shrimp.
Thai Style Fried Rice $10.95 – $14.95 rice fried with eggs, onions & tomato vegetables, tofu, or mock duck, chicken or pork, beef, shrimp.
Amazing Thai Fried Rice $17.95 rice fried with pineapple egg onions bean sprouts, sweet, peas chicken pork, beef, shrimp, squid , imitation crab, & mussels.
Yellow Curry Fried Rice rice fried with yellow curry, eggs, onions carrots, & sweet peas.
Sriracha Fried Rice rice fried with eggs, onions sweet peas carrots cauliflower, broccoli, & sriracha sauce.


Noodles $11.95 – $17.95 please choose your choice of meat vegetable, tofu, or mock, chicken or pork, beef, shrimp, seafood.
Pad Thai the famous thai dish, made of rice noodles, tofu, eggs, bean sprouts, green onions, & peanuts.
Bangkok Noodles egg noodles or rice noodles mixed with tofu, bean sprouts green onion, & peanuts.
Egg Noodles stir fried egg noodles, egg, onions, celery, cabbage, & carrots.
Pad Woon Sen stir fried bean thread noodles, eggs, cabbage, carrots, tomato, & onions.
Thai Soft Noodles yellow curry, bean sprouts, onions, lemongrass, & peanuts served over round rice noodles.
Lad Nah chicken broccoli & egg in a delicious gravy sauce served over wide rice noodles or crispy egg noodles.
Spicy Noodles stir fried noodles with eggs, onions, tomato, cabbage, & holy basil.


Mango With Sticky Rice $5.95 a serving of sweet sticky rice made with coconut served with fresh mango.
Durian With Sticky Rice $6.95 sweet sticky rice served with durian.
Thai Custard With Sticky Rice $6.95 sweet sticky rice made with coconut milk served with thai inspired custard.
Tempura Ice Cream $5.95 a light crispy twist on an old favorite.


Soft Drinks $2.25 coke, diet coke, sprite, barq?s root beer, mellow yellow, lemonade, free refills.
Smoothies $4.95 orange, coconut, strawberry, taro, cantaloupe, lychee, pineapple.
Coffee / Tea $2.25 iced tea, hot tea, coffee free refills.
House Specialty Drinks $3.95 thai iced tea, thai iced coffee.
Juices $3.95 orange, pineapple, cranberry, coconut.

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