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Cuisine: Japanese, Sushi.


Albocore with Crispy Onions $5.95
Tokoyaki $5.95
Gia Girlic Fried Rice $7.95
Crispy Rice with Spicy Tuna $5.95
Shishito Pepper $6.95
Croquetles $9.95
Apcs Oyster $9.95
Soltshell Crab $8.95
Garlic Green Bean $5.95
Sashimi Sampler $13.95
Sesame Chicken $7.95
Salmon Yellowtail koma $8.95
Spicy Tona Guac Dip $7.95
Cha-Shs Slider $3.75
Spicy garlic Edamome $4.95
Beef Gyaza $5.95
Crab Mozzarella $6.95
3 Stuffed Shishito $5.95
Spicy garlic Edamome $4.95
Baked Green Mussels $6.95
Kobe Silder $3.75
BBQ Short Rib $10.95
Fried Oysters $8.95
Oyster or Uni shooter $6.95
Spicy Pork $7.95
Spicy Chicken $5.95
Uni or Escolor $12.95


Blue Crab Salad $12.95
Sashimi Salad $12.95
Spicy Tuna Salad $12.95
Softshell Crab Salad $12.95
Salmon Skin Salad $8.95
Mango Avocado Salad $8.95
Tofu Salad $7.95
Seaweed and Cucumber Salad $6.95
Garden Salad $6.95
Seaweed Salad $5.95
House Ginger Salad $5.95


Seafood udon Pasta $13.95 Scallop, shrimp, mussels, mixed with vegetables and udon noodle served with special sauce
Seafood Udon $12.95 Assorted seafood udon served on a hot pot
Udon Copmbination $11.95 Served with shrimp & vegetable tempura
Udon Combination $11.95 Served with any regular roll
Sansai Udon $9.95
Regular Udon $8.95 Paain udon with vegetable and fish cake
Yakisoba $9.95 – $11.95 Sliced beef or chicken or seafood marnated with house special sauce mixed with stir fried cabbage onion bean sprout and carrot served with seaweed flakes


Salmon teriyaki Bento $16.95 2 Pcs sushi, 3pcs sashimi, hrimp and vgetable tempur salmon teriyaki seaweed and cucumber salad & 3 house side dish
Steak Teriyaki Bento $15.95 Steak teryaki shrimp and vegtable 4pcs sushi seaweed and cucumber salad & choice of 1 roll
BBq Rib Set Plate $13.95 BBQ rib beff gyoza takoyaki & croquette house salad served with 3 house side dish
Spicy pork set Plate $11.95 Spicy pork beef gyoza takoyaki & croquette house salade served with 3 house sidee dish
Steak Teryaki set Plate $12.95 Steak teriyaki beff gyoza, takoyaki & croquette house salad served with 3 house side dish
Chicken Teriyaki set Plate $11.95 Chicken teriyaki, beef gyoza takoyaki & croquette, house salad served with 3 house side dish

Black Rice Roll

Poke Tuna Roll $14.95
Tango Tuna Roll $14.95
Premium Baby Rockstar $14.95
Viagra Roll $12.95
Sts Roll $12.95
Aloha Roll $12.95
Garlic Albacore Roll $11.95
Sprinkles Roll $12.95
Mountain Ami $11.95
Volcanic Rock Roll $10.95
Black Widow Roll $10.95
Veggie Burrito $9.95

Riceless Roll

Bora Bora Luau $15.95 Spicy tuna scallop avocado aspargus wrapped with tuna
Bell Air Roll $12.95 Tuna salmon white fish avocado crab meat wrapped with cucumber
Roll Up Roll $12.95
Cilantro sake Roll $12.95
Rose Roll $11.95 Deep fried spicy tuna asparagus avocdo with shrimp tempura
Ex Boyfriend Roll $10.95 Spicy crab wrapped around soy paper topped with salmon and esoolar
Salmon Crunch Roll $10.95 Salm on avocado crabmeat crem cheese out wrapped with seaweed & lightly fried
Girlfriend Roll $9.95 Spicy tuna and crabmeat wrapped arounf soy paper topped with tuna yalmon & yellowtil


Tuana $4.95
Salmon $4.15
Yellowtail $4.85
Escloar $3.95
Seared Tuna $5.15
Albacore $4.25
Halibut $4.95
Black Snapper $4.15
Mackerel $4.05
Scallop $4.05
Smelt egg $4.00
Shrimp $3.95
Octopus $4.95
Fresh Water Eel $5.15
Squid $4.25
Crab $3.95
Egg $3.25
Spanish Mackerel $4.15
Jumbo Scallop $5.05
Salmon Egg $4.95
Yellowtail Belly $4.15
Sea Urchin
Halibut Fin
Salmon Belly $4.75


Tuna $10.95
Albacore $10.95
salmon $9.95
Octopus $10.50
ellowtail $10.95
Halibut $11.95

Regular Rolls

Tuna Roll $4.15
Spicy Tuna Roll $5.15
Salmon Roll $3.95
California Roll $4.15
Vegetable Roll $3.95
Avocado Roll $3.95
Spicy albacore roll $4.15
Freshwater Eel Roll $4.65
Spicy Scallop Roll $3.95
Scallop with Crab Roll $4.35
Salmon Skin Roll $4.15
Yellowtail Roll $4.35
Shrimp Roll $3.85
Scallop Roll $3.95
salmon & Avacado Roll $5.15
Baby Philly Roll $5.45
Asparagus Roll $3.95
Mango Salmon Roll $5.75
Big Roll $5.25

Chefs Special

Miso Chicken Kebab $13.95
Fish & Chips $12.95
Pork or Chicekn Cutlelt $12.95 Deep fried to golden crisp served with there house sides and rice
Chirashi Trio $17.95
Fried Pork Ribs $15.95

Value Meal Specials

Crazy Combination $16.95 4 Pcs sushi & any special roll
Chicken Teriyaki Bowl $8.95 Grilled tender chicken served with house etriyaki sauce in a bow
Beef Teryaki Bulogogi Bowl $9.95 Thin stripes of tender and juicy steak served with house trriyaki sauce in a bowl
Spicy Pork Bowl $9.95 Pork tenderloin marinated in house spicy sauce spicy sauce pan grilled with mixed vegtables and steamed rice in a bowl

Chefs Special Roll

Bruin Roll $14.95
Angry Hulk Roll $13.95 Spicy crabmeat cucumber shrimp tempura shrimp avocado guacamole
Crazy Roll $13.95 Spicy albacore shrimp tempura crab popcom shrimp
Energy Roll $13.95
Tomato Roll $13.95 Spicy tuna crabmeat rice out potato strings & deep fried
Ucla Roll $13.95 Baked salmon spicy tuna with call roll
Fantasy Roll $12.95 Spicy tuna avocado shrimp tempura
Calamari tempura Roll $12.95 In spicy tuna avocado out spicy craomeat & calamari tempura
Baby Lobaster $12.95 Baked crawfish meat on califorinia roll
Red Dragon Roll $12.95 Crab meat cucumber asparagus avocado inside & fresh tuna garlic butter outside
Dyanamite Roll $11.95 Baked scallop & onion on california roll
Spicy Tuna Guacamole $11.95
Rainbow Roll $10.95 Chefs choice fish and avocado on california roll
Philadelphia Roll $10.95
Alaskan Roll $10.95 Tuna salmon yellowtail crab meat avcado soy paper
Fire Dragon $11.95 Crab meat shrimp tempura with spicy tuna avocado
Shrimp Crunch Roll $9.95 Crab meat shrimp tempura avocado cucumber with crunch
Love Roll $9.95 shrimp tempura salmon crab meat & spicy tuna
Baked Salmon $9.95 Baked salmon scallon smelt egg on calfomia roll
Caliland Roll $8.95 Baked califorina roll with cream cheese on top
House Roll $9.95
Golden Spicy Tuna Roll $9.95 Deep fried spicy tuna roll with avocado
Cali Tempura $8.95 deep fried caldornia roll
Heart Attack $8.95 Spicy tuna avocado & jalapeno

Poke Special

Spicy Poke $11.95 Crispy rice balls served with spicy tuna guacamole spicy chunk salmon and assorted seaveed
Traditional Tuna Poke $12.95 Marinated fresh tuna, assorted seaweed avocado, cucumber and sweet onion masago on bed of seasoned rice
Westwood Poke $13.95 Tuna, salmon, yellowtail, im mitabion crabmeat avcado cucumber red onion green onion masago micro mix green macadamia nutand crispy onion. Served on bed of black rice

Side Orders

House Salad $3.50
Miso Soup $1.95
Rice $1.95
Black Rice $2.50
Avocado $1.75
Yama-Gobo $2.50
Fresh Cut Jalapeno $1.50
Sushi Rice $2.50
Sesame Seed $1.50

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