Andre’s Cafe and Bakery

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Cuisine: Coffee, Sandwiches, Coffee & Tea, Bakery & Pastries.


Hungarian Country Platter $12.95 Hungarian salami, sausage, ham, cheese, red onion and green pepper served with bread and butter. Add korozott for $2.00
Korozott w/ Paprika $7.95 Feta & cream cheese blended w/ onions and spices. Served w/ sliced tomatoes and bread
Savory Palacsintas w/ Hortabagyi Palasinta $9.95 Made w/ chicken paprikash
Savory Palacsintas w/ Mushroom $8.95 Sauteed mushrooms in mushroom sauce
Savory Palacsintas w/ Tomato & Mozzarella $8.95 Sauteed mushrooms in mushroom sauce
Savory Strudel w/ Kaposztas $8.95 Cabbage w/ spices
Savory Strudel w/ Smoked Ham & Potat $9.25
Savory Strudel w/ Cream of Spinach & Potato $8.95


Veal Goulasb w/ Nokedli $18.95 Veal stew w/ bandmade noodles
Stuffed Cabbage $17.95 Ground meat and rice in sour cabbage
Chicken Paprikasb w/ Nokedli $17.50 Chicken stew w/ sour cream and bandmade noodles
Stuffed Pepper $17.50 Ground meat and rice in pepper w/ tomato sauce
Layered Potato (Rakott Krumpli) $15.95 Potato, sausages, eggs, sour cream
Turoscusza Tepertovel $15.95 Noodles w/ farmes cheese, bacon & sour cream
Wienerscbnitzel $18.95 Served w/ french fries or mashed potato
Breaded Chicken Cutlet $18.95 Served w/ french fries or mashed potato. Add hungarian cucumber salad $3.00

Rustic Brick Over Pizza

Rustic Brick Over Pizza

Andres Groumet Desserts

Strudels by the Slice $8.95 Apple, sour cherry w/ nuts, bluberry, cheese, poppy seed, cherry, sugar free apple
Palacsinta $8.50 Apricot jam w/ nuts, raspberry jam, chocolate, cheese w/ raisins, nutella hazelnut
Cbestnut Puree $8.50 Served w/ whipped cream
Floden $5.00 Filled w/ walnuts, toppy seed & prune lekvar
Linzer Tart $4.00 Apticot or raspberry
Babka by the Slice $5.00 Chocolate or cinnamon w/ raisins
Fruit Squared $5.00 Apple or cherry
Danisb $4.00 Cheese, cheese puff, prune lekvar, cinnamon w/ nuts, sugar free, apple, cherry or blueberry
Plain Croissant $3.00
Chocolate Croissant $4.00
Ruglab 5 pcs $6.00 Classic of chocolate no nuts, sugar free classic
Pie by the Slice $6.50 Apple, apple crumb, cherry, blueberry


Dobos Torte $7.95
Napoleon $7.95
Rigo Jancsi $7.95
Rum Ball $7.95
Vanilla Rolad $7.95
Seven Layer Cake $7.95
Honey Slice $7.95
Mocba & Apricot Rolad $7.95
Chocolate & Raspberry Rolad $7.95
Chesecake & Plain or Cherry $7.95
Sacher $7.95 Chocolate, apricot, nuts
Hazelnut Triangle $7.95
Chestnut Rolad $7.95
Chocolate Mousse Cup $7.95

Coffee, Tea & Beverages

Coffee or Tea $2.50
Espresso $2.50
Cappuccino $4.50
Latte $3.50
Hot Chocolate $4.00
Fountain Soda $2.50
Coke $2.50
Sprite $2.50
Diet Coke $2.50
Juice $3.50 Apple, orange, cranberry
Bottled Water 16oz $2.50
Iced Coffee or Tea $3.00
Double Espresso $4.00
Ices Cappuccino $4.50
Macchiato $3.00
Chocolate Milk $3.50
Bottled Water 32 oz $6.00

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