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Cuisine: American.


Steamed Mussels $15.00 Pemod, cream, orange & fennel
Spicy Tuna Tartare $13.00 Toasted chickpeas, kalamata olives, crostini
Grilled Asparagus $14.00 Sunny eggs, prosciutto, pecorino, sunny egg, prosciutto, pecorino, black truffles
Kale & Cauliflower $13.00 Gorgonzola, pumpkin seeds, currants, tomatoes, lemon honey
Red Beet Tartare $13.00 Goat cheese, hazelnuts, greens
Burrata Salad $14.00 Roasted Pears, white balsamic vinaigrette
Charred Octopus $17.00 Fennel, cannellinis, tomato, garlic


Market Vegetables Roasted fennel, olives mixed olives roasted peppers grilled artichokes roasted cippolinis acorn squash
Artisan Cheese Taleggio, aged gouda, robiola, blend bucherondin, dunbarton blue, cacio pecorino, bocconcini
Cured Meats Prosciutto san daniele finnocchiona charlito picante trufa seca sausage molinari sopressata wild boar sausage
Toasts $3.00 Ricotta tomato, thyme brussels & pancetta roasted eggplant capanade
Toasts $15.00 Ricotta tomato & thyme brussels & pancetta roasted eggplant capanade


Pesce Di Oggi Line caught and seasonally inspired mp
Rohan Duck Breast $34.00 Pumpkin polenta, arugula cherry demi
House Lamb Sausage $32.00 Truffle potatoes, wild greens
Grass Fed Ribeye $37.00 Fall greens, roasted garlic, pecorino & rosemary potatoes
Seared sea Scallops $33.00 Shiitake, creamed corn, pancetta
Pork Parmesan $33.00 Sausage gravy, burrata & garlic spinach


Veal Meatballs $26.00 Bucatini, capers, parsley, pecorino
Wild Boar Ragu $32.00 Pappardelle, brussels, parmesan
Spicy Sausage & Paccheri $26.00 Houseground sausage, sherry, smoked mozzarella
Potato Gnocchi $32.00 Rock shrimp, wild mushrooms, roasted com, thyme
Pumpkin Ravioli $31.00 Butter & sage, pecorino, biscotti
Truffle Risotto $33.00 Butternut, english peas, pecorino
Linguine & Pancetta $28.00 Crushed Tomatoes, roasted garlic, chilis, burrata
Lobster Risotto $32.00 English peas, pecorino, saffron, chili oil


Pumpkin Bread Pudding $9.00 Pumpkin seed brittle & jack daniels cream
Warm Donuts $9.00 Nutella or burbon glazed, powdered sugar
Fried Bananas $10.00 Gelatos, chianti cherries, biscotti, whipped cream
Ice Box Cake Old School $10.00 Chocolate pudding, graham crackers
Chocolate Brownie $9.00 Pistachio gelato
Chocolate Budino $9.00 Whipped Cream


Coffee or Tea $4.00
Espresso $3.00
Cappuccino $4.00
Latte $4.00 Coffee, steamed milk
Vanilla Latte $4.00 Coffee, steamed milk & vanilla
Macchiato $4.00 Double espresso, foam
Mochaccino $4.00 Espresso, steamed milk & chocolate

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