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Up to date Antonucci Cafe prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

Cuisine: Coffee, Italian.


Chicken Consomme $7.50
Minestrone Soup $7.50
Steamed Clams $11.00 with sweet sausage, sofrito and tomato
Seared Calamari $12.00 with arugula, pepper jelly and pistachio vinaigrette
Meatballs $9.00 beef, veal, pork in tomato sauce
Eggplant Parmigiana $12.00 with basil and mozzarella
Frittata $9.00 with grilled vegetables
Steamed Clams $15.00 with soffrito, sweet sausage and tomato
Seared Calamari $14.00 with arugula, pepper jelly and pistachio vinaigrette
Deep-Fried ;Arancini; $14.00 with meat ragu and mozzarella
Eggplant Parmigiana $14.00 – $22.00 with mozzarella, tomato and basil
Grilled Autumn Vegetables $14.00 – $24.00 with anchovy dressing
Braised Tripe $18.00 with yellow polenta
Imported Bufala Mozzarella $18.00 with prosciutto and peppers


Market Green Salad $8.00 with shallot vinaigrette and herbs
Classic Caesar Salad $8.00
Classic Caesar Salad $10.00 with grilled chicken
Pear Salad $8.00 with bibb lettuce, feta cheese and pumpkin seed vinaigrette
Roasted Beets And Gorgonzola $9.00 with frisee and marinated leeks
Avocados, Hearts Of Palm And Cucumber Salad $10.00 with shaved parmigiano and orange vinaigrette
Small Braised Artichokes $12.00 with caper and parsley dressing
Imported Bufala Mozzarella $14.00 with prosciutto and peppers
Pear Salad $9.00 bibb lettuce, feta cheese, caramelized pecan and pumpkin seed vinaigrette
Market Green Salad $9.00 shallot vinaigrette and herbs
Caesar Salad $9.00 parmesan cheese and anchovy dressing
Beets And Gorgonzola $10.00 marinated leeks, frisee and mustard dressing
Avocados, Hearts Of Palm And Cucumber Salad $12.00 shaved parmigiano and orange vinaigrette
Kale Salad $12.00 with salty ricotta and balsamic garlic vinaigrette
Leek Salad $14.00 with gorgonzola in walnut vinaigrette
Puntarelle $12.00 with anchovy vinaigrette


Spaghetti $14.00 with oven-dried tomatoes and garlic
Spaghetti $18.00 with meatballs beef, veal, pork
Linguini Carbonara $14.00 with eggs and bacon
Spaghetti $14.00 with salsa bolognese
Eggplant Ravioli $18.00 with shallots, tomato, ricotta salata and thyme
Triangoli Ravioli $20.00 stuffed with mushrooms, shallots, tomato and thyme
Penne $14.00 with spicy tomatoes, olives and capers
Bucatini $15.00 with bacon, onion, tomato and pecorino
Lasagna $15.00 with meat ragu
Macaroni And Cheese $9.00
Risotto Of The Day


Tuna Nicoise $12.00 with haricot vert, boiled egg, green and black olives, sweet peppers, anchovies and cherry tomato
Foccacia BLT $11.00 with applewood smoked bacon, romaine, and tomato
Chicken Paillard $15.00 with mixed greens and lemon
Sauteed Calf’s Liver $19.00 with caramelized onions and pilaf rice
Braised Beef Short Ribs $24.00 with roasted vegetables
Lamb Shank $21.00 with fregola, dried fruit and nuts
Fish Of The Day
Dover Sole $36.00 with rice pilaf, spinach and tomato vinaigrette
Salt Crust Branzino $28.00 with french string beans and salmoriglio dressing
Sword Fish $27.00 with braised mixed vegetables
Arctic Char $24.00 with sauteed spinach and shitake vinaigrette
Spaghetti And Meatballs $19.00 pork, veal, beef and tomato
Bucatini $18.00 with smoked bacon, onions and tomato
Sauteed Calf’s Liver $24.00 with caramelized onions, red vinegar and yellow polenta
Pork Tenderloin $24.00 with swiss chard in orange porto wine sauce
Braised Short Ribs $29.00 with autumn vegetables and celery root puree in red wine sauce
Pan Seared Heritage Pork Chop $27.00 with chayote squash, pignoli, raisins and sweet and sour onions
Grilled Italian Sweet Sausage $19.00 with black lentils beluga


Sauteed Spinach $7.00
Yellow Polenta $7.00
String Fries $7.00
Roasted Potatoes $7.00
Broccoli Rabe $7.00
Macaroni And Cheese $11.00

Home Made Desserts

Chocolate Banana Cake $9.50 with chocolate ice cream
Floating Island $9.50 with creme anglaise and berries
Warm Chocolate Cake * $9.50 with vanilla ice cream
Pear Tart $9.50 with vanilla ice cream
Buttermilk Panna Cotta $9.50 with mixed berries
Creme Brulee $9.50
Tiramisu $9.50
Orange Cheese Cake $9.50
Ricotta Fritters $9.50 with vanilla and chocolate sauce
Assortment Of Seasonal Fruit $11.00
Assortment Of Cookies And Biscotti $12.00
Selection Of Ice Cream Or Sorbet $7.00
Coffee Granita $9.50 with cinnamon brioche
Souffle Of The Day * $14.00

Selection Of Teas $4.50

English Breakfast
Earl Grey
Orange Pekoe


Chardonnay Lincourt 2007 (California) $14.00 full-bodied, honeydew, pear, light oak
Villa Antinori White 2008 (Toscana) $9.00 fresh, floral, long finish
Gavi Di Gavi Broglia ;La Meirana; 2007 (Piemonte) $13.00 dry, apricots, floral
Pinot Grigio ;Di Leonardo; 2007 (Friuli) $8.00 pear, crisp apple, melon
Sauvignon Blanc Peju 2008 (Napa Valley) $12.00 grapefruit, lemon, tropical fruits
Soave La Cappuccina 2008 (Veneto) $8.00 medium-bodied. citrus, crisp
Pinot Bianco Alois Lageder 2007 (Alto Adige) $9.00 fresh, full of fruit flavors
Brut Heidsieck Monopole Blue Top (France) $18.00 full-bodied, grapefruit, nutty
Drusian Prosecco Di Valdobbiandene (Veneto) $9.00 extra dry, cream, f1oral


Levin Rose 2006 (France) $6.00 medium-bodied, soft red fruits


Merlot Hahn Estates 2006 (Monterey) $10.00 flavorful, bright cherry, herbs
Pinot Nair Martin Ray 2007 (Russian River Valley) $12.00 strawberry, raspberry, spice
Valpolicella Venturini 2008 (Veneto) $10.00 hazelnut, rose, cherry
Montepulciano Masciarelli 2006 (Abruzzo) $9.00 dry, black cherry, floral
Dolcetto D’alba Musso 2006 (Piemonte) $10.00 dry, light, fruity
San Giovese La Carraia 2007 (Umbria) $11.00 cherries, spices
Chianti Riserva "Tormaiolo" 2003 (Toscana) $10.00 f1avorful, berry, smooth finish
Barbera D’alba Guidobono 2007 (Piemonte) $11.00 medium-bodied, red and dark cherry flavors
Cabernet Sauvignon Sebastiani 2006 (Sonoma) $12.00 stone fruits, cherry, herbs
Cabernet Sauvignon Pepperwood Grove 2008 (Chile) $9.00 blackberry, raspberry jam, caramel
Zinfandel Zin 91 2006 (California) $12.00 red raspberry, dark plum, spice

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