Arepas City Latin Eatery

Up to date Arepas City Latin Eatery prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.


Spanish Rice and Black Beans $4.50
Puertorican Arroz Con Gandules $4.50
Spicy Rice $5.50
Sweet Plantains $3.50
Yuca Frita $4.50 Fried cassava root vegetable
Tostones $4.50 Fried green plantains
Crispy Fried Ravioli of the Week $6.50
Rice Meat Balls $7.50 Ground beef and rice ball, meat sauce, cheddar
Supreme Black Bean Chili $9.00 A venezuelan twist, to an american favorite, served with tostones and spicy slaw
Alcapurrias (2) $7.50 Ground beef filled fritters from the caribbean, made from a mixture of grated taro root and green banana
Relleno De Papa $5.00 Ground beef filled mash potatoes fritters
Chicken Soup $5.50
Black Bean Soup $4.50 Topped with cultured cream and cilantro


Ensalada Verde $6.50 Mixed greens and tomatoes with ranch or balsamic dressing
Ensalada De Palmito $9.50 Hearts of palm, avocado and tomato over organic mixed greens with balsamic reduction vinaigrette
Meat Salad $12.25 Organic mixed greens, tomatoes, served with choice of meat, (chicken, pork or beef)
Grilled Chorizo Salad $11.25 Organic mixed greens, tomatoes, heart of palms, avocados, surrounded with spicy grilled chorizo and drizzle with balsamic glaze
Reina Salad $10.25 Traditional chicken and avocado salad over a bed of organic mixed greens, tomatoes, and avocados


Platano Relleno Vegetariano $11.25 One whole deep fried sweet plantain centered with spicy slaw and black beans topped with queso fresco and fresh grill vegetables, served with white rice
Platano Relleno $12.25 One whole deep fried sweet plantain centered with spicy slaw and picadillo topped with queso fresco. Served with arroz con gandules
Salmon Litoral $15.50 Cilantro garlic basted grilled salmon filet, served over pealla style rice, avocado and crusted cream
Arroz Con Pollo $13.25 Sauteed chicken served with paella style rice (pork chorizo, olives, peppers, etc)
Chicken Morichal $13.75 Chicken breast stew served with rice, beans and sweet plantain
Pabellon Criollo $14.50 Shredded flank steak served with rice, beans and sweet plantains
Pabellon Relleno $14.75 One whole deep fried plantain centered stacked with shredded flank steak, black beans and cheese, served with white rice
Pernil A La Criolla $14.50 Slow roasted pork leg served with rice, beans, cheese, and sweet plantain
Pernil Asado $15.50 Slow roasted pork shoulder served with yuca frita and spicy slaw
Toastones 3 Carnes $16.50 Roasted pork, chicken and carne mechada, all three served with tostones and spicy slaw


All served with barbecue, spicy barbecue, sofrito or cry baby sauce options
Tenderloin Steak Skewer $6.00
Chicken Breast Skewer $5.00


Fried whole green plantain open sandwich style with ketchup, lettuce, and salsa de ajo, topped with cultured cream
Picadillo $10.75 Ground beef, olives, peppers and onions
Pollo $11.00 Slow stewed chicken breast, peas and carrots
Africano $9.25 Savory black beans
Lechon $11.75 Slow roasted pork
Chorizo $10.75 Spicy spanish sausage and diced potatoes
Pepiado $10.25 Chicken and avocado salad
Jardinero $10.00 Grilled fresh vegetables
Mechado $12.50 Shredded and stewed flank steak
Toscano $11.00 Grilled fresh vegetables glazed with balsamic
Tio Simon $15.25 3 Meat delights (flank steak, chicken, add pork)


Trio $10.00 Your choice of any 3 sliders
Picadillo $6.50 Ground beef and stuffed green olives
Pollo Guisado (Chicken Stew) $6.75 Slow cooked chicken breast in tomato sauce
Reina Pepida $7.00 Chicken and avocado salad
Pernil $7.50 Slow roasted pork
Chorizo Con Papas $6.75 Spanish style chorizo stew with diced potatoes
Carne Mechada $7.50 Shredded and stewed flank steak
Pabellon $7.75 Shredded flank steak, black beans, sweet plantain and queso fresco
Miliciosa $7.75 Roasted pork, grilled queso fresco, and avocado
Pelua $7.50 Shredded flank steak with cheddar cheese
Macarena $7.50 Chicken avocado salad and shredded flank steak
Catira $6.50 Pollo guisado with cheddar cheese
Ronny $7.00 Roasted pork, iceberg lettuce, garlic sauce and spicy slaw


Cheese $6.00 Choice of cheddar or queso fresco
Domino $6.00 Black beans and queso fresco
Caripito $6.00 Fried sweet plantain and grilled queso fresco
Jardinera $6.00 Fresh grilled vegetables, over spicy cabbage
Bean Town $6.00 Black beans and cheddar cheese
Caraquena $6.50 Slices avocado and grilled queso fresco
La Toscana $6.75 Fresh grilled vegetables, balsamic glaze
Caprichosa $6.75 Grilled queso, avocado sliced and hearts of palm

Sides & Extras

Cry Baby Sauce $1.25
BLack Beans $2.50
Guasacaca $0.50
Garlic $0.50
Carrot $0.50
Spicy Mayo $0.50
Avocado $2.50
Grilled Queso Fresco (2 Slices) $2.50
Homemade Spicy Slaw $2.50
White Rice $2.50
Sriracha Spicy Sauce $0.75
Single Arepa Bun $0.75


Flan Flavor of the Day $5.00 Nutella, mocha, coconut, corn, PB, etc
Grilled Cake A La Mode $7.00
Bunuelos De Yuca Honey $7.25 Served with nutella sauce and vanilla ice cream
Vanilla Ice Cream $3.50


Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite $1.50
Goya Juices $2.00 Mango, guava, pineapple, soursop
Maltas $2.00
Coffee, Hot Tea $1.50
Banana Milk Shake $4.50
Cocada $4.50 Coconut milk shake
Pina Colada $4.50 Virgin
Nutella Milk Shake $5.50

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