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Cuisine: Chinese, Seafood, Dim Sum.

Golden Soup Special

Sea Tiger Shark’s Fin Soup $68.00
Shark’s Fin Soup $26.00
Shark’s Fin $88.00 – $18.00 with crab meat soup
Diced Seafood Soup $16.95
Dry Scallop Soup $18.95
Fish Maws & Crab Meat Soup $18.95
Diced Beef Soup $14.95
Watercress & Bean Curd Soup $14.95

Daily Special Soups

Large $40.00
Medium $30.00
Small $20.00


Beef Stew $14.95 with curry sauce
Preserved Duck $15.95 with taro
Preserved Meat $14.95 with taro
Braised Fish Head $13.95 with ginger & scallion
Frog $24.95 with fish maws
Frog $19.95 with fish maws
Fatty Beef $16.95 with golden mushrooms & black lily
Beef Stew $14.95 with radish in superior sauce
Lobster $21.95 with vermicelli
Diced Chicken & Salty Fish $13.95 with bean curd
Preserved Seafood Deluxe $23.95
Fish Filet And Maws In Ginger Sauce $20.95
Sable Fish $18.95 with bitter melon
Clams In Xo Wine Sauce $15.95
Clams $15.95 with vermicelli vietnamese style
Braised Goose Web $25.95 with fish maws & sea cucumber
Diced Chicken & Salty Fish $13.95 with eggplant
Fuzzy Squash $13.95 with vermicelli and dry shrimp
Assorted Fresh Mushroom And Vegetables $15.95
Buddhist Style Vegetarian Delight $14.95
Cold Served Dungeness Crab
Dungeness Crab with black pepper flavor
Dungeness Crab with curry flavor
Country Style Crispy Dungeness Crab Or Lobster
Sauteed Dungeness Crab with special sweet & sour sauce
Steamed Dungeness Crab with eggplant & garlic
Sauteed Dungeness Crab with new year cake noodles
Steamed Ell with eggplant & garlic
Fried Crispy Filet Ell with pepper & garlic
Country Style Fried Prawns (In Shell) $19.95
Fried Prawns (In Shell) $19.95 with lemon grass
Sauteed Prawn $19.95 with chinese greens
Conch, Dry Squid & Pork Maws In Onion Flavor $23.95
Salt & Pepper Fried Stuffed Dry Squid $18.95
Sauteed Dry Scallop $14.95 with vermicelli & egg
Crispy Roast Squab $11.95
Sauteed Dry Squid And Vegetables $15.95
Sauteed Dry Squid & Prawn $15.95 with vegetable
Pan-Fried Lamb Chop $20.95 with honey pepper sauce
Crispy Pork Ribs $14.95 with shrimp flavor sauce
Sliced Conch $38.95 with basil
Royal Clam Meat $23.95 with soy flavor
Peking Chicken $32.00 with pineapple & pan cakes
Sauteed Sliced Lamb Szechuan Style $18.95
Sauteed Sliced Lamb $18.95 with scallion flavor
Sauteed Prawns $19.95 with szechuan pepper
Sauteed Chicken $13.95 with szechuan pepper
Sauteed Sliced Sea Cucumber $19.95 with brown sauce
Steamed Shredded Dry Squid $19.95 with x.o. sauce
Diced Chicken & Eggplant $13.95 with brown sauce

Baked Pot & Bamboo Casseroles

Fish Maws Taro And Princo Mushrooms $22.95
Assorted Vegetables $12.95 with mashed taro
Seafood Combination In Portuguese Sauce $18.95
Chicken And Mushroom In Portuguese Sauce $14.95
Diced Filet Steak In Portuguese Sauce $19.95
Steamed Duck $14.95 with taro and plum sauce
Steamed Chicken Chunk And Frog $16.95 with lotus flavor
Steamed Stuffed Bean Curd $18.95 with dry scallop
Steamed Bean Curd $10.95 with sweet preserved vegetables
Steamed Dungeness Crab Over Sticky Rice
Green Sprouts $14.95 with twin egg in chicken broth
Green Sprouts $18.95 with black mushrooms & fish maws
Tie-Gi Style For Snow Peas Sprouts $22.95
Stuffed Eggplant $14.95 with shrimp in wasabi sauce
Loofan $14.95 with dry shrimp & scallops
Steamed Mustard Green $13.95 with fish meat
Mustard Green $14.95 with golden mushrooms
Sauteed Sliced Chinese Broccoli $12.95 with bacon
Steamed Mustard Green $12.95 with minced pork & sweet preserved vegetables
Stuffed Hot Pepper $12.95 with shrimp in black bean sauce
Diced Beef $14.95 with garlic & chinese broccoli
Shredded Beef $14.95 with wasabi sauce japanese style
Shredded Beef $14.95 with preserved veg
Pan Fried Filet Steak $19.95 with bar-b-q sauce
Sauteed Fatty Beef $16.95 with golden mushrooms
Sauteed Diced Pork $12.95 with preserved veg
Sliced Preserved Pork $12.95 with leek
Pork Maws $17.95 with pepper and xo sauce
Pork Maws $17.95 with ginger and scallion sauce
Fried Crispy Pork Intestines $12.95
Salt And Pepper Fried Anchovies $12.95
Sauteed Frog $19.95 with basil
Sauteed Frog $19.95 with szechuan pepper
Fried Crispy Frog $19.95 with pepper & garlic
Duck’s Tongue $14.95 with soy sauce
Sauteed String Bean $12.95 with bacon
Sauteed String Bean $12.95 with preserved pork
Fried Stuffed Lotus Cake Country Style $14.95
Scrambled Egg $13.95 with fresh fruit
Scrambled Egg $19.95 with diced abalone & seafood
Royal Clam Meat $23.95 with prince mushrooms in xo sauce
Boiled Fish Head $13.95 with pepper
Steamed Fish Head $13.95 with diced pepper
Boiled Fish Filet Szechuan Style $19.95
Sable Fish $19.95 with preserved veg. & pepper chu chow style
Sable Fish $18.95 with bar-b-q sauce
Steamed Fish Filet $18.95 with peculiar flavor
Baby Clams $14.95 with basil
Deep Fried Crispy Fresh Oyster $13.95
Assorted Mushrooms And Vegetables $16.95
Buddhist Style Vegetarian Roll $12.95
Chinese Broccoli $13.95 with diced preserved fish meat
Boiled Cucumber $16.95 with dry shrimp & bamboo fungi
Boiled Fried Shrimp & Fish Meat $20.95 with cucumber
Boiled Bitter Melon $16.95 with bean curd sticks
Boiled Bitter Melon $16.95 with fish meat
Steamed Bean Curd $12.95 with diced beef & preserved veg
Braised Bean Curd $13.95 with preserved egg country style
Pan-Fried Bean Curd $15.95 with dry shrimp & x.o. sauce
Tiger Stripe Pepper $15.95 with dry shrimp & x.o. sauce
House Special Sauteed Choy Sum Vegetables $12.95
Sauteed Middle Part Of Chinese Broccoli $18.95

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