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Cuisine: Coffee, Latin American.

1. Pupusas

Dine-In $2.50 / Take Out (2 Minimum) $1.95.
Queso cheese
Frijoles beans
Queso Y Frijoles beans & cheese
Chicharron ground pork
Chicharron Y Queso ground pork & cheese
Ayote Y Queso zucchini & cheese
Loroco Y Queso salvadorean vegetable & cheese
Espinaca Y Queso spinach & cheese
Pollo Y Queso chicken & cheese

2. Specialty Pupusas

Dine-In $3.50 / Take Out $2.95. 2 Min
Camaron Y Queso shrimp & cheese
Pescado Y Queso fish & cheese
Super Vegetariana spinach, mushroom, carrots & cheese
Carne Asada Y Queso steak and cheese
Italian Y Queso prosciutto & cheese
Mejicana Y Queso ground pork jalapenos & cheese
Gringa Y Queso ground beef & cheese

Salvadorean Treats

With Choice Of Toppings: Pork, Beef, Chicken, Fried Fish, Grilled Shrimp $10.50
3. Tamales Pollo O Cerdo $3.75 chicken or pork
4. Pasteles Carne, Pollo, Camaron $5.75 corn pies with pork, chicken, or shrimp
5. Empanadas Leche O Frijol $5.75 fried plantain with custard or bean filling
6. Pan Con Pavo $7.75 salvadoran turkey sandwich
7. Yuca Cocida O Frita $8.75 yuca steamed or fried
8. Chile Relleno De Carne O Queso, Arroz Y Frijoles $8.95 bell pepper stuffed with cheese or pork, rice & beans
9. Salpicon, Arroz Y Frijoles $8.95 chopped beef with mint, radishes, onions, with rice & beans
10. Enchiladas De Pollo $6.75 salvadaron enchiladas
11. Tamales De Elote Frito O Cocido Con Crema $5.75 sweet corn tamales fried or steamed
12. Sopa Del Dia $9.95 soup of the day

Platos Tipicos

Combination Plates
13. Salvadorean Sampler $9.75 salvadoran sampler (1-4-7)
14. Pupusas (2) Arroz Y Frijoles O Casamiento $8.50 pupusas (2) with rice & beans
15. Tamal, Casamiento, Pupusa, Crema $8.50 1-3 above
16. Chile Relleno, Salpicon, Arroz Y Frijoles $10.75 stuffed bell pepper, beef mix with onions and mint with rice & beans
17. Carne Asada, Chorizo, Casamiento , Queso $11.95 grilled beef steak, sausage, fried rice & beans, cheese


18. Platanos, Frijoles, Crema, Queso $7.75 fried plantain, beans, cheese, sour cream
19. Casamiento, Huevo, Queso, Crema $7.75 fried rice with beans, egg, cheese, sour cream
20. Huevos Revueltos Con Jamon, Arroz, Frijoles $7.75 scrambled eggs with ham, rice, beans
21. Huevos Rancheros, Arroz, Frijoles $7.75 fried eggs with tomato sauce, rice, beans
22. Chorizo Con Huevos, Arroz, Frijoles $7.75 scrambled eggs with sausage, rice, beans
23. Huevos Con Loroco, Arroz, Frijoles $7.75 eggs with loroco, a native salvadoran vegetable
24. Papa Con Huevo, Arroz Frijoles $7.75 scrambled egg with potatoes, tomato, onion
25. Omelette Con Jamon Y Queso $7.75 ham & cheese
26. Omelette Vegetariano $7.75 vegetarian
27. Omelette De Camarones $10.50 shrimp


Poultry. With Rice & Beans And Salad
28. Pollo Encebollado $9.95 chicken breast topped with grilled onions
29. Pollo Guisado $9.95 chicken stew
30. Pollo Empanizado $9.95 breaded chicken
31. Spaghetti Con Pollo $9.95 spaghetti with chicken in tomato sauce
32. Pollo Con Camarones $13.95 grilled chicken & shrimp


Meats. With Rice & Beans And Salad
33. Bistec Encebollado $10.50 steak topped with grilled onions
34. Bistec Empanizado $10.50 breaded beef steak
35. Carne Asada $10.50 grilled beef steak
36. Bistec Salvadoreno $10.50 salvadoran beef steak, red sauce
37. Cola De Res Entomatado $10.50 oxtail in tomato sauce
38. Bistec Con Camarones $13.95 grilled steak and shrimp


Seafood. With Rice & Salad
39. Filete De Pescado A La Plancha $10.50 grilled red snapper
40. Camarones A La Plancha $11.95 grilled shrimp
41. Pescado Frito $10.95 whole fried fish, tilapia
42. Spaghetti Con Camarones En Salsa Roja $11.95 shrimp with loroco sauce

Side Orders

Platanos $3.50 fried plantains
Arroz $2.00 rice
Frijoles $2.00 beans
Casamiento $3.50 fried rice & beans
Crema Or Queso $1.00 sour cream or cheese
Huevos $1.75 eggs
Fresh Chips & Salsa $2.00

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