Blue Ribbon Brasserie

Up to date Blue Ribbon Brasserie prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

Cuisine: American, Eclectic & International.


Hummus $12.75
Steak Tartare $17.50 * raw beef
BBQ Ribs $14.00
Steamed Clams $18.50
Garlic Shrimp & Chorizo $19.50
Pierogies $12.50
Baked Clams $19.50 bacon & marrow butter
Chicken Liver Mousse $12.50
Sauteed Calamari $16.50
Fried Chicken Wings $13.00
Escargot $16.50
Fried Oysters $21.00
Beef Marrow & Oxtail Marmalade $19.00
Salt & Pepper Shrimp $19.00

Fruits De Mer

1/2 Dz. Raw Oysters $21.00 *
1/2 Dz. Raw Clams $16.50 *
New Orleans Shrimp $18.00
Chilled 1/2 Lobster $21.00
Shrimp Cocktail $17.50
Plateau $91.00 new orleans shrimp,4 raw west coast oysters, 6 raw east coat oysters*, 6 raw clams*, 1/2 lobster & shrimp cocktail.


Cream Of Tomato $8.75
Onion $15.00
Matzoh Ball $13.50
Spicy Fish Soup $17.50


Caesar $13.50
Greek $13.00
Beet & Goat Cheese Salad $14.00 candied walnuts & orange
Iceberg Wedge $13.50 bacon & blue cheese
House Salad $10.00 lettuce, avocado, carrot & ginger dressing
Kale Salad $13.50 quinoa, flax seed, avocado & miso-tahini dressing


Salmon $31.00 asparagus, crispy potato & mustard sauce
Whole Fish $35.00 scallion, roast tomato & olive oil
Roasted Hake $25.50 chick peas, red pepper & lemon tahini
Shrimp Provencal $32.00 cheese ravioli & spinach
Steamed Lobster $40.00 corn on the cob & baked potato
Sweet & Spicy Catfish $27.50 mashed potatoes, collard greens & tartar sauce
Red Trout $28.00 wild mushrooms, green beans, almonds & bacon


Ox Tail Fried Rice $24.00 daikon, shiitake & bone marrow
Seasonal Vegetable Fried Rice $21.50
Paella Basquez $37.00 clams, mussels, shrimp, calamari, chicken & spicy chicken sausage
Paella Magdalena $75.00 whole steamed lobster, new orleans shrimp, clams, mussels, shrimp, calamari, chicken & spicy chicken sausage.


Grilled Half Chicken $28.50 mashed potatoes & spinach
New York Strip Steak $39.50 onions mushrooms, string beans & french fries
Braised Beef Brisket $26.50 roasted fennel, carrots & brussel sprouts
Grilled Lamb Chop $28.00 bacon-braised kale & apricot-chile jam
Fried Chicken $28.50 mashed potatoes & collard greens
Barbeque Pulled Pork $24.50 mashed potato, corn succotash & fried shallots
Fried Chicken Special $9.50 sunday-thursday: 10pm-12midnight. 2 pieces of fried chicken & pint of beer.


Hamburger Deluxe $18.50
Chicken Burger Deluxe $18.50
Black Bean Veggie Burger $14.50 sliced avocado, pickled chili sauce & french fries.


Paella Royale $142.00 whole lobster, new orleans shrimp, salmon, chicken, mussels, clams, calamari, chicken sausage, red peppers & peas
Surf & Turf $62.00 whole steamed lobster, new york strip & french fries
Land And Sea $32.00 fried chicken, fried catfish, mash potatoes & gravy


French Fries $7.50
Spinach $7.00
Mashed Potatoes $7.50
Collard Greens $7.00
Pickled Peppers $4.50
Grilled Asparagus $10.50
Broccoli $7.50
Corn Succotash $7.50
Roasted Veg $8.50


Chocolate Bruno $12.50
Banana Split $15.00
Strawberry Sundae $14.50
Fresh Berries $12.00
Sorbet $3.75 raspberry, mango, lemon
Ice Cream $5.00 vanilla, chocolate, strawberry
Banana Walnut Bread Pudding $14.75 banana caramel sauce
Creme Brulee $12.00
Chocolate Chip Bread Pudding $14.75 hot fudge
Root Beer Float $10.00 vanilla ice cream
Hot Fudge Sundae $11.50
Ice Cream Soda $10.00

Coffee Drinks $12

Jamaican tia maria & dark rum
Tiramisu frangelico & chocolate liquor
Mexican kahlua & espresso infused tequila
Irish baileys & irish whiskey
Cafe Amaretto amaretto, brandy & almonds

Winter Warmers $12

Hot Toddy bourbon, rum, or applejack with honey, lemon, cinnamon & cloves
Jagertea rum, red wine, genepy, allspice dram, black tea & orange juice
After 8 peppermint infused whiskey, hot chocolate, marshmallows (made with milk or water)
Hot Spiked Cider applejack, amaretto, apple cider, lemon & honey
Jolly Folly red wine, brandy, amaretto, allspice dram, apple cider & cinnamon-nutmeg bitters.

Non-Alcoholic Options $6

Hot Chocolate & Marshmallows made with milk or water.
Winter Spice Toddy winter spice syrup, hot water, lemon, cinnamon & cloves.

Dessert Wines By The Glass $11

Muscat domaine durban 2009
Moscato d’Asti bricco del sole 2011.


Choice Of Vegetable, Starch, Drink & Dessert. Add Chicken Or Shrimp. Choice Of Sauce: Butter, Marinara, Olive Oil Or Plain.
"Naked Nuggets" BBQ Sauce Or Honey Mustard
Burger Deluxe lettuce, tomato & choice of cheese
Chicken Burger Deluxe lettuce, tomato & choice of cheese
Chicken & Vegetable Paella saffron rice, red pepper, zucchini & peas
Grilled Cheese challah & choice of provolone, swiss, american or cheddar
Chicken Fingers BBQ sauce, honey mustard or katsu
French Bread Pizza marinara & mozzarella
Fried Chicken 2 pieces your choice
Catfish Fingers tartar sauce
Grilled Chicken boneless skinless breast
Strip Steak grilled
Grilled Salmon mustard mayo or teriyaki sauce
Shrimp Fried grilled or steamed
Pasta Penne & Side Of Parmesan


Mashed Potato
French Fries
Baked Potato


String Beans
Collard Greens


Fresh Berries
Scoop-O-Ice Cream
Mini Banana Split
Mini Strawberry
Mini Hot Fudge

Crushed Ice Cocktails

Oaxaca (Wa-Ha-Ca) Campfire Punch $48.00 – $12.00 mezcal, aperol, maraschino liquor & lime juice
Gowanus Iced Tea $11.00 – $27.00 dark rum, maraschino liquor, homemade grenadine, cava & lemon juice
5th Ave Whiskey Sour $43.00 – $11.00 rye whiskey, peychaud’s bitters, absinthe, simple syrup, lemon & lime juices
Slope Sangria $10.00 – $25.00 red wine, brandy, sherry, orange liquor & orange juice
Jack Rose $30.00 – $48.00 apple whiskey, homemade grenadine & lemon juice
John Daly $11.00 – $27.00 housemade tea vodka & fresh lemonade
Honey Margarita $43.00 – $11.00 blanco tequila, honey & lime juice

Bottle Conditione Cocktails

(3) / (6). * Consuming Raw Or Undercooked Meat, Seafood Or Eggs May Increase Your Risk Of Food-Borne Illness.
Straight Up Brooklyn $30.00 – $52.00 rye whiskey, maraschino liquor, dry vermouth & orange bitters
Calico Jack $32.00 – $56.00 aged rum, drambouie, kronan swedish punsch, dolin genepy des alpes
Sazerac $30.00 – $52.00 rye whiskey, peychaud’s, absinthe & simple syrup.

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