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Dosa N Curry Rice Specialties Menu and Prices

Tamarind Rice $9.95 * (vg, gf). tamarind flavored rice with mild spices.
Coconut Rice $9.95 (vg, gf). rice cooked with coconut and spices.
Vegetable Pulao $9.95 (vg, gf). basmati rice cooked with peas, onion and green pepper, garnished with fresh herbs.
Curd Rice $9.95 (gf). rice mixed with yogurt sauce and mild spices.
Bise Bela Bath $9.95 (gf). rice cooked with lentils, fresh vegetables and spices.
Vegetable Biryani $10.95 (gf). basmati rice cooked with vegetables and spices. served with raita.
Pongal $9.95 (gf). rice cooked with lentils and spices. served with sambar and chutney.
Lemon Rice $9.95 * (vg, gf). lemon flavored basmati rice with mild spices.
Tomato Rice $9.95 * (vg, gf). rice cooked with tomato and spices.

Dosa N Curry Dosa Menu and Prices

Masala Dosai $10.95 (vg). thin rice and lentil crepe filled with potato and curry leaf spiced onion masala.
Spring Dosai $10.95 * (vg). stuffed with cabbage, carrot and potato masala, rolled and sliced.
Mysore Masala Dosai $10.95 * (vg). coated with spicy south indian sauce.
Podi Masala Dosai $10.95 * (vg). dosai with spicy chili powder and potato masala.
Paper Masala Dosai $10.95 (vg). paper thin dosai stuffed with curry leaf spiced potato masala.
Paper Dosai $10.95 (vg). paper thin, crispy, large crepe.
Ghee Roast Dosai $10.95 thin crepe with clarified butter.
Butter Masala Dosai $10.95 butter flavored dosai with potato masala and cilantro.
Special Masala Dosai $11.95 * (vg). coated with spicy chutney, sautA©ed onion, tomato and potato masala, rolled and sliced.
Sada Dosai $9.95 (vg). thin rice and lentil crepe.
Onion Rava Masala Dosai $10.95 * (vg). rava dosa with onion and potato masala.
Malli Dosai $10.95 * (vg). coated with sweet and spicy coriander sauce.
Masala Paneer Dosai $11.95 * stuffed with sautA©ed onion, tomato and paneer.
Pesarattu Dosai $10.95 (vg). spicy green lentil crepe served with uppuma.

Dosa N Curry Curries Menu and Prices

Mutter Paneer $11.95 (gf). green peas cooked in onion and tomato sauce with pieces of homemade cheese.
Navratan Korma $11.95 (gf). fresh garden vegetables cooked in a creamy sauce with ginger, garlic, onion, nuts and spices.
Vegetable Bhuna $11.95 (vg, gf). assorted mixed vegetables in a thick sauce.
Malai Kofta $11.95 (gf). vegetable and cheese balls cooked in a creamy nut sauce with fresh herbs and spices.
Aloo Gobi $11.95 (vg, gf). potato and cauliflower cooked with onion, tomato and mild spices.
Dal Makhani $11.95 (gf). lentils cooked with fresh herbs and spices, sautA©ed in butter and garnished with fresh coriander.
Saag Paneer $11.95 (gf). fresh spinach cooked with onion, tomato, ginger, garlic, cream and pieces of homemade cheese.
Vegetable Jalfrezi $11.95 (gf). assorted mixed vegetables cooked with spices and herbs in a curry sauce.
Shahi Paneer $12.95 (gf). homemade cheese sautA©ed with fresh ginger, garlic, onion and tomato, garnished with nuts and raisins and cooked in a creamy sauce.
Vegetables Vindaloo $11.95 * (vg, gf). assorted vegetables cooked in a spicy tangy tomato sauce.
Bhindi Masala $11.95 (vg, gf). okra cooked with onion, tomato and spices.
Ennai Kathirikka $11.95 * (v). fried eggplant cooked with onion, tomato, ginger and herbs.
Paneer Tikka Masala $12.95 (gf). homemade cheese cooked in a creamy tomato sauce.
Aloo Mutter $11.95 (vg, gf). fresh green peas cooked in a delicately spiced sauce with potatoes.
Rajmah $11.95 (vg, gf). red kidney beans in a tomato-onion sauce.
Channa Saag $11.95 (gf). fresh spinach cooked with whole chickpeas, fresh garlic, ginger and spices, garnished with fresh coriander.
Dal Tadka $11.95 (gf). lentils cooked with onion, tomato, butter and spices.
Baingan Bhurtha $11.95 (gf). an eggplant specialty baked over an open flame, mashed and then sautA©ed with onions, garlic, ginger and other spices.
Chettinad Vegetables $11.95 * (vg, gf). vegetables cooked with spicy south indian special masala.
Khumb Saag $11.95 (gf). fresh spinach cooked with mushrooms, garlic and ginger.
Poondu Kuzhambu $11.95 * (vg, gf). garlic cooked in tamarind based sauce with onion and tomato.
Vegetable Korma $11.95 (vg, gf). assorted vegetables cooked in coconut sauce with mild spices.
Paneer Do Piaza $11.95 (gf). pan-roasted homemade cheese cubes with fresh ginger, onion and bell peppers.
Channa Masala $11.95 (vg, gf). chickpeas cooked in onion and tomato sauce.

Dosa N Curry Soups Menu and Prices

Mysore Tomato Rasam $2.95 *(vg, gf) tomato and tamarind flavored south indian soup.
Tomato Soup $3.95 (vg, gf). homemade tomato soup.
Hot & Sour Vegetable Soup $3.95 *(vg, gf). spicy and sour mixed vegetable indo-chinese soup.
Mulagtawny Soup $3.95 (vg, gf). spicy hot soup, made with lentils, vegetables and spices.

Dosa N Curry Side Orders Menu and Prices

Plain Rice $2.95 (vg).
Appalam $2.00 (vg, gf). 4 pieces papad.
Plain Yogurt $2.95 (gf).
Sambar $5.95 (vg, gf).
Mango Chutney $1.50 (vg, gf).
Pickle $1.50 * (vg, gf).
Milakai Podi $1.50 * (vg, gf). mixture of spicy lentil powder.
Raita $2.95 (gf).
Potato Masala $3.95 (vg, gf).

Dosa N Curry Uthappam Menu and Prices

Cheese Vegetable Uthappam $10.95 (gf). rice and lentil pancake topped with vegetables and cheese.
Plain Uthappam $7.95 (vg, gf). rice and lentil pancake.
Onion Hot Chilli Uthappam $9.95 * (vg, gf). rice and lentil pancake topped with onion, chili and cilantro.
Onion Uthappam $8.95 (vg, gf). rice and lentil pancake topped with onion.
Vegetable Uthappam $10.95 (vg, gf). rice and lentil pancake topped with vegetables and cilantro.

Dosa N Curry House Specialties Menu and Prices

Achari Paneer $12.95 (gf). homemade cheese cubes pan-cooked with pickle spices.
Achari Gobhi $11.95 (vg). gluten-free. fresh cauliflower pan-cooked with pickle spices.
Channa Batura $11.95 large deep-fried puffy bread served with chickpeas curry.
Pav Bhajji $10.95 fresh garden vegetables cooked in tomato gravy with onion, garlic and ginger. served with 2 pav (bread rolls).
Channa Paneer Masala $11.95 (gf). whole chickpeas, homemade cheese with fresh garlic, and ginger cooked in a creamy tomato sauce.
Paneer Bhurji $12.95 (gf). grated homemade cheese cooked with fresh tomatoes, diced onions, ginger, garlic and spices.
Idyappam Khorma $10.95 (vg). fine steamed rice noodles served with vegetable khorma.
Khatty Mithay Baingan $11.95 (vg). gluten-free. fresh eggplant cooked in a special sweet and sour sauce with spices, garnished with cilantro.
Poori Bhajji $11.95 (vg). deep-fried puffy wheat bread served with potato masala.
Kothu Paratha $10.95 chopped south indian-style paratha mixed with khorma and spices.
Vegetable Uppuma $9.95 (vg). cream of wheat cooked with vegetables and spices.

Dosa N Curry Beverages Menu and Prices

Salt Lassi $2.95
Sweet Lassi $2.95
Mango Shake $3.95
Neer More $2.95 spiced buttermilk.
Mango Lassi $3.25
Soda $1.50 coke, diet coke, sprite, orange soda, ginger ale
Chickoo Shake $3.95
Indian Soda $2.50 limca, thumbs up
Mango Juice $3.00

Dosa N Curry Appetizers Menu and Prices

Vegetable Platter $9.95 assorted combination of vegetable pakoras, cheese pakoras, samosa, tikki, chili bhajji and vada.
Medhu Vada $5.95 (vg, gf). deep-fried crispy lentil donuts made with mild spices.
Bhel Puri $5.95 cold. a mixture of puffed rice, gram flour sev, crushed poories, tomatoes and onions. served with hot and sweet chutnies.
Madurai Podi Idli $6.95 (vg, gf). pieces of idli tempered with onion and spices.
Paneer Pakora $4.95 (gf). homemade cheese fritters deep-fried in chickpea batter.
Dahi Vada $5.95 (gf). fried crispy lentil donuts dipped in yogurt.
Gobi 65 $6.95 spiced cauliflower fritters.
Vegetable Pakoras $3.95 (vg). fresh cut vegetables, deep-fried in chickpea batter.
Papdi Chat $5.95 cold. spiced potatoes, cucumber, onions, green peppers and tomatoes with fried wheat wafers, yogurt sauce and sweet & sour tangy sauce.
Vegetable Samosa $3.95 deep-fried crispy lightly spiced turnovers stuffed with potato and peas.
Idli Sambar $6.95 (vg, gf). 8 mini steamed rice and lentil cakes, soaked in sambar.
Aloo Tikki With Chole Masala $6.95 (gf). spiced potato and spinach patties deep-fried in chickpea batter, served with garbanzo beans.
Chilli Bhajji $4.95 * banana pepper fritters.
Sundal $5.95 (vg). gluten-free. seasoned chickpeas sautA©ed with roasted onion, coconut and spices.

Dosa N Curry Desserts Menu and Prices

Kulfi $3.50 homemade sweetened milk ice cream. choice of mango or pistachio.
Rasamalai $4.00 (gf). homemade cottage cheese dumplings soaked in flavored milk.
Carrot Halwa $3.95 (gf). grated carrot cooked in milk and butter, garnished with nuts and raisins.
Payasam $3.95 vermicelli cooked in sweetened milk, garnished with nuts and raisins.
Rice Pudding $3.95 (gf). rice cooked in milk with nuts and cardamom.
Gulab Jamun $3.50 milk balls fried and soaked in cardamom flavored sugar syrup.
Badam Halwa $4.95 (gf). almond paste cooked in milk and butter, flavored with saffron.

Dosa N Curry Indian Breads Menu and Prices

Spinach Naan $3.95 naan bread stuffed with spinach, homemade cheese and spices.
Aloo Naan $3.95 soft white bread stuffed with potatoes, green peas and spices.
Poori $3.95 (vg). 2 pieces. whole wheat, deep-fried puffed bread.
Naan $2.95 unleavened white flour bread baked in our tandoor.
Peshawary Naan $3.95 multi-layered unleavened bread stuffed with sweet coconut, raisins and nuts. baked in the tandoor.
Aloo Paratha $3.95 (vg). wheat bread stuffed with mashed potato and cooked with butter on a griddle.
Garlic Naan $3.95 unleavened white flour bread flavored with garlic, herbs and spices.
Dal Poori $4.95 (vg). 2 pieces. deep-fried whole wheat and lentil bread.
Chappathi $3.00 (vg). 2 pieces. wheat bread cooked on griddle.
Onion Khulcha $3.95 unleavened white flour bread stuffed with onion.
Tandoori Roti $2.95 (vg). whole wheat bread baked in tandoor.
Paratha $3.00 (vg). multi-layered whole wheat bread cooked with butter on a griddle.
Broccoli Naan $3.95 * naan bread stuffed with fresh broccoli, onions, mixed pickles and coriander.
Bread Basket $9.95 assorted naan, garlic naan and aloo naan.

Dosa N Curry Indo-Chinese Menu and Prices

Manchurian-Style Indo-Chinese Dish $9.95 (vg). idli and gobi, served with rice.
Noodles Indo-Chinese Dish $10.95 (vg). vegetables, chili, garlic and szechuan.
Chili-Style Indo-Chinese Dish $10.95 tofu and paneer, served with rice.
Fried Rice Indo-Chinese Dish $9.95 (vg). vegetables, szechuan.

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