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Enjoy Izakaya Roku latest menu price updated list. Up to date Izakaya Roku and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

Izakaya Roku Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly

Izakaya Roku Fried Menu and Prices

Nasu Dengaku $7.00 fried eggplant with county miso, shrimp and edamame beans
Chikuwa Isobeage $5.00 fried seafood cake with seaweed
Roku’n Octopus $6.00 deep fried baby octopus (salt and pepper or spicy)
Kakuni Bite $7.00 bite sized fried pork belly on a spoon
Sweet Potato Fries $4.00
Corn Tempura $7.00
Assorted Tempura $8.00 shrimp and two kinds of vegetable
Agedashi Tofu $6.00 deep fried tofu with green onion, sakura carrot and ginger in dashi broth

Izakaya Roku The Greens Menu and Prices

Today’s Veggie Sticks $7.00 assortment of vegetables with miso-avocado & wasabi- mayo dip
Shabu Shabu Salad $10.00 thinly sliced beef with variety of greens and ponzu julee
Okra Salad $9.00 okra with yuzu and wasabi dressing
Seafood Salad $13.00 red king crab, smoked salmon, tobiko with yuzu-wasabi dressing
Spinach Salad $8.00 spinach, onion, tomato and bonito flakes with ume dressing
Roku Salad $8.00 six (roku) vegetables, bacon and yuzu-wasabi dressing

Izakaya Roku Yakitori Menu and Prices

Choice Of Flavors: Salt Or Sauce – 2 Skewers / Order
Mochi Bacon $6.00 rice cake with bacon (sauce only)
Momo $5.00 chicken thigh (salt or sauce)
Tsukune $7.00 minced chicken with shiso leaves and ginger (salt or sauce)
Kawa $5.00 chicken skin (salt or sauce)
Pork Belly $8.00 salt or sauce
Beef $8.00 beef loin (salt or sauce)

Izakaya Roku Nimono Menu and Prices

Rolled Dashi Egg $6.00 japanese style omelet flavored with dashi broth. your choice of mentai (cod roe sauce) or shoyu daikon oroshi (soy sauce and grated daikon)
Nikujaga $7.00 slow cooked potato with beef and onion
Beef Stew $7.00 beef and root vegetable stew
Kakuni $8.00 soft braised pork belly
Beef Tendon $6.00 slow cooked beef tendon with miso

Izakaya Roku Noodle Menu and Prices

Your Choice Of Colors: White: Regular Tonkatsu. Red: Spicy Tonkatsu. Black: Garlic Tonkatsu
Udon A La Carbonara $8.00 udon noodles in carbonara sauce
Roku Ramen $11.00 tonkatsu soup base (pork broth) each ramen is topped with green onion, chashu, wood ear mushroom and soft boiled egg

Izakaya Roku Rice Menu and Prices

Your Choice Of Toppings: Ume: Japanese Pickled Plum. Tori: Chicken Thigh. Shake: Salmon
Ocha-Zuke (Rice With Tea) $8.00 green tea and dashi poured over rice, topped with nori and wasabi
Beef Stew Bowl $8.00 stewed beef tendon served over rice topped with green onions and ginger
Mentai Bowl $8.00 crab meat and spicy cod roe paste over rice
Garlic Fried Rice $8.00
Pork Belly Fried Rice $8.00
Yaki Onigiri $3.00 grilled rice ball flavored with soy sauce

Izakaya Roku Snacks Menu and Prices

Devil Tofu $5.00 tofu garnished with korean seaweed, sesame seeds, ginger and chili oil
Kurobuta Spicy Sausage $5.00 5 pcs of sausages with dijon mustard
Ume Okra $4.00 sliced okra with umeboshi (japanese pickled plum) paste
Edamame $3.00 boiled and salted soy beans
Sesame Green Beans $4.00 green beans tossed in sesame seeds dressing
Burdock Chips $5.00 fried sliced burdock
Cucumber With Japanese Plum $5.00 fresh cucumber with plum dip
Shio-Kara $4.00 salted fresh squid, slightly fermented
Fresh Salmon Carpaccio $13.00 with onion, kaiware and black tobiko
Seaweed Salad $3.00 seaweed with sesame oil dressing
Kimchee Cucumber $5.00 kimchee seasoned cucumber
Takoyaki $7.00 fried octopus balls with wasabi sauce

Izakaya Roku The Grilled Menu and Prices

Hotate Butter $12.00 sautA©ed scallops with shiso, kaiware and tobiko
Shake Foil $12.00 steamed salmon in foil with miso-butter and soy sauce
Salt Broiled Hokke $10.00 okhotsk atka mackerel fish broiled with salt
Crispy Chicken Wings $7.00
Kimchee Pork $7.00
Steamed Clams $9.00 steamed clams with white wine
Tonpei Yaki $7.00 stir-fried cabbage and pork wrapped in an egg crape, topped with mayonnaise and mustard

Izakaya Roku Taka’s Special Menu and Prices

Satoimo Croquette $9.00 taro and crab meat croquette
Karaage $7.00 japanese style deep fried chicken (garlic or spicy)
Ebi-Mayo $13.00 fried shrimps tossed in avocado, mustard, mayonnaise
Chicken Nanban $8.00 fried chicken dipped in sweet & sour sauce, served with tartar sauce
Nikumaki Onigiri $7.50 rice balls wrapped with marinated beef
Tuna Poki $9.00 marinated tuna served with shiso tempura

Izakaya Roku Dessert Menu and Prices

Petit Tomato’s Compote $5.00 with lemon julee
Green Tea Ice Cream $4.00
Vanilla Ice Cream $3.00
Honey Toast $7.00 thick toast, with strawberries, blueberries, mint, whipped cream and vanilla ice cream
Red Beans Ice Cream $3.00
Mochi Ice Cream $3.00 green tea or vanilla
Green Tea Parfait $6.00 2 scoops, green tea & red beans, topped with mochi, whipped cream, red beans paste and gummies

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