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Up to date Azuma Izakaya prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.


Edamame, Spicy Edamame $4.00 Boiled soybeans in pod lightly salted.
Chicken Kara Age $7.00 Japanese style crispy popcorn chicken.
Braised Beef Tapas $8.00 12 Hour stow cooked beef rib eye.
Sizzling Corn $6.00 Buttered sweet corn served on a sizzling plate, topped with spicy mayo and green onions.
Ebi-Mayo $7.00 Crispy fried shrimp with spicy mayo. (Chef recommended dish).
Tsukune Meatball 5 Ways $11.00 5 Chicken meatball skewers in 5 different sauces salt, yakitiori, spicy mayo, wasabi mayo, tomato confit.
Age Dashi Tofu With Mushroom Sauce $6.00 Japanese style crispy fried tofu with mushroom sauce. (Chef recommended dish).
Tebasaki $7.00 Nagoya Style spicy chicken wings
Takoyaki $8.00 First popularized in osaka, battered fried octopus balls topped with bonito flakes, mayonnaise, and tonkatsu sauce.


Miso Soup $3.00
Soup Of The Day


Azuma Garden Salad $5.00
Tofu Salad & Tomato Yuzu Dressing $6.00
Sliced Salmon Salad W/ Homemade Salsa $9.00 (Chef recommended dish).
Seaweed Salad $6.00


Azuma Bento Box $16.00 Sauteed beef and onions over rice, age dashi tofu, kushi age assortment, garden salad, miso soup.
Azuma Premier Bento box $22.00 Braised rib eye on rice, sashimi, kushi age assortment, garden salad, miso soup. (Chef recommended dish).
Donburi Raman Combo $15.00 A half portion shoyu ramen and half portion braised beef rib eye over rice.
Yaki Dinner $18.00 8 Piece yakitori assortment, rice, garden salad, miso soup.
Kushi Dinner $18.00 8 Piece kushiage assortment, rice, garden salad, miso soup.
Kobe Burger $17.00 Kobe beef dressed with tomato confit, sauteed mushrooms, and shichimi tater tots.

Rice Dishes

Sizzling Beef Bibim Bap $10.00 Korean style crispy rice dish served in a hot stone bowl.
Braised Rib Eye Donburi $11.00 Braised fish over rice.
Braised Rib Eye Donburi $11.00 12 Hour slow cooked beef rib eye over rice. (Chef recommended dish).
Ebi Fry Donburi With Sweet Miso Sauce $12.00 Fried shrimp over rice with a sweet miso sauce.
Coconut Curry Chicken Donburi $9.00 Coconut Red curry with crispy Chicken over rice.
Salmon Onigiri $6.00 2 Rice balls stuffed with grilled salmon.


Add-ons for our hungrier ramen enthusiasts charsiu pork $3, buttered corn $2, egg $2, spicy miso paste $2, wakame seaweed $1 & bean sprouts $1.
Tonkatsu Classic Ramen $9.00 Kyushu style ramen in a rich pork broth.
Miso Ramen $9.00 Hokkaido style ramen in a miso chicken broth.
Spicy Miso Ramen $9.00 Hokkaido style ramen in a spicy miso chicken broth.
Shoyu Ramen $9.00 A tokyo classic, ramen in a soy sauce chicken broth.
Small Shoyu Ramen $6.00 A half portion of shoyu ramen.
Yaki Soba, Yaki Udon $8.00 Stir fried noodles in a house yaki sauce.

Shabu Shabu

A Japanese variant of hot pot. Thinly sliced raw meat and of vegetables served with dipping sauces, cooked tableside in light chicken broth, complimentary vegetable plate.
Beef $16.00
Chicken $16.00
Seafood $23.00
Vegetarian $15.00
Beef Rib Eye $19.00
Pork $16.00
Lamb $17.00

A La Carte

Beef $7.00
Beef Rib Eye $10.00
Chicken $7.00
Lamb $8.00
Pork $7.00
Calamari $5.00
Oysters $6.00
Fish Balls $4.00
Shrimp $5.00
Clams $6.00
Nappa $2.00
Enoki $4.00
Mushroom $4.00
Vegetable $8.00

Kushi Age

Japanese deep fried skewers, 2 skewers per order.
Kushi Combo $19.00 2 Shrimp, 2 pork with onion, 2 seafood, 2 potatoes, 2 zucchini.
Shrimp $4.00
Scallop Spring Roll $6.00
Crab spring Roll $8.00
Seabass Slider With Cheese $9.00 One slider per order.
Oyster $8.00
Salmon $8.00
Seabass $7.00
Soft Shell Crab $9.00
Pork With Onion $7.00
Pork Wrapped Enoki Mushroom $7.00
Chicken Tender With Nori Cheese $6.00
Quail Egg $4.00
Sweet Potato $3.00
Giant Yam $3.00
Potato $3.00
Zucchini $3.00
Mango Kakigori $8.00 Japanese shaved ice with syrup and condensed milk served with fresh mango.
Mochi Ice Cream $7.00 Green tea, kona coffee, red bean.
Choco-Banana Spring Roll $7.00
Japanese Yogurt Creme Brulee $6.00


Soda $2.00
Premium Tea pot $5.00
Mango Yogurt Drink $5.00
Guava Tea $3.00
Lychee Tea $3.00
Peach Tea $3.00
Passion Fruit Tea $3.00
Mango Tea $3.00


2 Grilled skewer per order.
Azumo Combo $19.00 2 Thigh, 2 mushrooms, 2 meatballs, 2 pork belies,, 2 shrimp.
Chicken Thigh $4.00
Chicken Thigh W/ Scallion $4.00
Tsukune Meatball $4.00
Chicken Skin $4.00
Chicken wing $5.00
Chicken Heart $4.00 (Chef recommended dish).
Chicken Gizzard $4.00
Chicken Tender W/ Spicy Mayo $5.00
Quail Egg $4.00
Duck Breast W/ Scallion $8.00 (Chef recommended dish).
Kobe Slider $7.00 (One slider per order). (Chef recommended dish).
Beef Cubes $8.00
Beef Wrapped Cherry Tomato $7.00
Pork Belly $8.00
Shrimp $4.00
Calamari $5.00
Miso Marinated Chilean Sea Bass $9.00
Mackerel $8.00 (Chef recommended dish).
Salmon $8.00
Mushrooms $4.00
Wrapped Mushrooms $7.00

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