Los Pollos

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Los Pollos Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly

Los Pollos Aperitivos Menu and Prices

Causa Rellena $8.95 – $7.95 stuffing mashed potato with chicken or shrimp
Ensalada De Aguacate $6.00 avocado salad
Leche De Tigre $8.95 chunk of fish with spicy lemon juice & shrimp
Tamales $7.00 corn food stuffing with chicken or pork
Ocopa $7.00
Calamares Fritos $8.75 fried calamary
Papa A La Huancaina $6.50 sliced potato in spicy cheese sauce
Anticucho $7.50 beef heart grill with corn & potato
Papa Rellena $7.25 stuffed potato with meat
Choritos A La Chalaca $7.00 1/2 shell mussels topped with onions, tomato and corn in lemon juice

Los Pollos 1. Pollo Combo $19.95 Menu and Prices

Papas Fritas   french fries
1 Soda 2 Ltrs   2 lt soda
Ensalada   salad
Frijoles   beans
Arroz   rice
1 Pollo Entero   1 whole chicken

Los Pollos 3. Super Combo Familiar $29.95 Menu and Prices

1 Arroz Chaufa   fried rice
1 Ensalada   salad
2 Pollos Enteros   2 whole chicken
1 Salchipapa   french fries with sausage
1 Soda 2 Lt   2 lt soda

Los Pollos Acompanamientos Menu and Prices

Side Orders
Maduros $3.00 fried sweet plantain
Papas Fritas $3.00 french fries
Yuca Frita $3.00 fried cassava
Tostones $3.00 fried green plantain
Salchipapa $4.95 french fries with hot dog
Frijoles $3.00 beans
Papa Majada $3.00 mashed potato
Arroz $3.00 rice

Los Pollos Fried Rice Peruvian Style Menu and Prices

Chaufa De Pollo $11.75 fried rice with chicken
Chaufa De Carne $11.75 fried rice with meat
Escabeche De Pescado $15.95 stew fish with onions & black olives
Jalea $23.50 deep fried calamari, fish, shrimp & mussels
Chaufa De Camarones $15.95 fried rice with shrimp
Pescado Frito $13.95 fried filet of sole served with rice and green plantain with marinated onions
Chaufa De Mariscos $17.95 fried rice with seafood

Los Pollos Especiales De Fin De Semana Menu and Prices

Weekend Specials
Piqueo Criollo $13.95 combination of spaghetti pesto, tripe stew, papa huancaina & green rice chicken
Cau Cau $11.95 beef tripe stew
Carapulcra $10.95 chicken stew with dried potato & onion salad
Seco De Cabrito $13.95 shank lamb stew
Pollada $14.95 fried chicken leg served with rice, salad, ocopa or potato huancaina style
Arroz Con Pollo $11.95 green rice with chicken & papa a la huancaina

Los Pollos Postres $4.95 Menu and Prices

Chocolate Mousse  
Mango Mousse  
Tres Leches  

Los Pollos Carnes Menu and Prices

Bistec A Lo Pobre $14.95 steak with rice, sweet plantain, hot dog, egg & fries
Bistec Encebollado $13.50 steak marinated with onion, tomato & white wine sauce
Milanesa De Pollo $10.95 breaded chicken
Pollo Saltado $11.95 chicken chunks sauteed with onions, tomato & fries
Modonguito A La Italiana $11.95 tripe sauteed with onions, carrots & fries
Lomo Saltado $11.95 beef chunks sauteed with onions, tomato & fries

Los Pollos Pollo Menu and Prices

Pollo $3.25 – $4.50 chicken
5 Costillas $11.95 5 pcs rib

Los Pollos Mariscos Menu and Prices

Ceviche De Camaron $16.25 shrimp marinated in spicy lemon juice
Ceviche Mixto $15.50 shrimp, squid, mussels & fish in spicy lemon juice
Chupe De Camarones $16.95 shrimp soup with rice & vegetables
Pescado A Lo Macho $17.95 fish fillet with seafood
Ceviche De Lenguado $13.50 fish marinated in spicy lemon juice
Pescado A La Chorrillana $13.95 steamed filet of sole with onions & tomatoes
Chupe De Mariscos $15.95 mixed seafood with yellow rice
Chupe De Mariscos $15.95 seafood soup with rice & vegetables
Parihuela $17.95 peruvian style soup with seafood combination

Los Pollos Sopas Menu and Prices

Sopa A La Minuta $6.00 minuta soup
Aguadito De Pollo $4.00 chicken soup
Sopa Del Dia $4.00 soup of the day
Sopa De Mariscos $11.95 mixed seafood soup

Los Pollos Helado $5.95 Menu and Prices

Ice Cream.

Los Pollos Tallarines Menu and Prices

Peruvian Style Pasta
Tallarin Verde Con Bistec $13.95 spaghetti with basil sauce, parmigian cheese and grilled steak
Tallarin De Camarones $15.95 pasta peruvian style with shrimp
Tallarin Rojo Con Mariscos $16.95 spaghetti peruvian style with seafood
Tallarin De Pollo $12.95 pasta peruvian style with chicken
Tallarin De Carne $12.95 pasta peruvian style with meat

Los Pollos 2. Combinacion De La Casa $26 Menu and Prices

Ensalada De Aguacate   avocado salad
4 Costillas   4 ribs
1 Pollo Entero   1 whole chicken
Salchipapas   french fries with sausage
Frijoles   beans
1 Soda 2 Lts   2 lt soda
Arroz   rice

Los Pollos Grill Menu and Prices

Pescado A La Perla $14.95 grilled fish topped with sauteed onions and tomatoes
1/2 Parrillada Mar Y Monte $19.95 grilled mix seafood with fava beans pure & onion salad (smaller)
Churrasco $19.95 t-bone steak with french fries & salad
Parrillada Mar Y Monte $29.95 grilled mix seafood with fava beans pure & onion salad
Suprema De Pollo $12.95 chicken breast served with salad & avocado
1/2 Entrana $16.95 1/2 skirt steak
Carne Asada $14.95 thin steak with rice, beans, sweet plantain
Lenguado Al Fierro $14.95 grilled filet of sole with steam mixed vegetables

Los Pollos Combinaciones Menu and Prices

Combinations. Served With Rice And Beans Or Rice And French Fries. All Combinations Are Served With Salad.
1/4 Pollo Y 2 Costillas $9.95 1/4 chicken & 2 pcs. ribs
Pollo $5.00 – $7.25 chicken

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