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Cuisine: Chinese.

rice, noodle and dim sim

Shanghai Juicy Dumpling $5.95
Shanghai Fried Dumpling $5.95
Shanghai ?Shaomai? $5.95
Pork Dumpling $5.95
Pork Steam Dumpling $5.95
?Qi Cai? won ton $5.95
Pot Stick $5.95
Egg Roll $4.95
chicken fried rice or chao mian $5.95
pork fried rice or chao mian $5.95
beef fried rice or chao mian $5.95
shrimp fried rice or chao mian $6.95
combination fried rice or chao mian $6.95
pork fried rice noodle $6.95
comb fried noodle $7.95
seafood fried noodle $8.95
shanghai noodle soup $4.95
Simplified chao mian $5.95
Shredded chicken noodle $5.95
ribs noodle soup $5.95
beef tenderloin noodle soup $5.95
chao rice cake $6.95
rice cake soup $6.95
zha jiang mian $6.95
seafood noodle soup $7.95
hot brown sauce noodle $6.95
special flavor noodle soup $6.95
steam rice $1.00
soft drink $1.25
sweet bean past cake $5.95
sweet variety rice $5.95
Rose bean paste boiled rice dumpling $5.95
fermented glutinous sesame boiled rice dumpling $5.95
apple juice $2.50
orange juice $2.50
beer $2.95 domestic
beer $3.75 import
Red or white wine $3.75


wine chicken $6.95
fried shrimp $7.95
smoked fish $7.95
hot spicy internal organs $5.95
special salted duck $5.95
celery dry tofu $5.95
cold processing beef $5.95
garlic cucumber $4.95
preserved egg bean curd $4.95
Sichuan orange beef $4.95


hot & sour soup $5.95
Spinach ToFu soup $5.95
Chicken & Sweet corn soup $5.95
Fried ToFu & Bermicelli Soup $5.95
Preserved Vege. & pork soup $5.95
Wo Won ton soup $6.95
Seafood & ToFu soup $7.95
Smoked $7.95 meat /w bamboo soup
Shanghai Clay Pot $15.95
Fish head Clay Pot $15.95
Combo Clay Pot $15.95


Eggplant $7.25 with garlic sauce
Eggplant $7.25 with brown sauce
Dry sauteed string bean $7.25
mushrooms, broccoli $7.25
braised Tofu $7.25
Mapo Tofu $7.25
family style Tofu $7.25
vegetable Tofu $7.25
Tender green /w mushroom $7.95
spinach garlic $7.95
special sauteed tofu $7.95
celery lily $7.95
celery fresh almond $7.95
sauteed fresh broad bean and lily $7.95
sauteed ham and fresh broad bean $9.95
sauteed Green Leaf Bud $9.95


Beef broccoli $8.95
Green onion beef $8.95
Mongolian Beef $8.95
Kuo Pao beef $8.95
Hot spicy beef $8.95
Celery beef $8.95
Black pepper beef $8.95
Oyster sauce beef $8.95
Spicy sauce beef $8.95
Mushrooms tenderloin $8.95
Orange peel beef $8.95


Shredded pork /w garlic sauce $8.25
Shredded pork /w dried ToFu $8.25
Shredded pork /w bamboo shoot $8.25
Sweet & sour Pork $8.25
pork chop /w pepper & salt $8.25
pork chop /w sweet vinegar sauce $8.25
Peking spareribs $8.25
Pork Chop /w wuxi style $8.95
Meat ball with brown sauce $8.95
Pork wrapped with gluten $8.95
Braised Pork in brown sauce $8.95
Chef?s Special cooking spicy $10.95


chicken /w garlic source $7.95
chicken broccoli $7.95
cashew chicken $7.95
black bean chicken $7.95
kung pao chicken $7.95
chicken /w brown sauce $7.95
curry chicken $7.95
hot spicy chicken $7.95
vegetable chicken $7.95
Sweet & sour chicken $7.95


House Special hot red pepper shell shrimp $9.95
Kuo Pao Shrimps $9.95
Shrimps with Garlic Sauce $9.95
Snow Peas Shrimps $9.95
Hot spicy Shrimps $9.95
Seasonal Vege. Shrimps $9.95
Sweet Sour Shrimps $9.95
KunPao Sliced fish $9.95
Garlic Sauce Sliced fish $9.95
Black been sauce sliced fish $9.95
Snow Peas Sliced fish $9.95
Mushrooms sliced fish $9.95
Sweet sour sliced fish $9.95
Salt & pepper sliced fish $9.95
Kunpao squid $9.95
Spicy sauce sliced fish $9.95
Salt & Pepper Squid $11.95
Sour vinegar sliced fish $11.95
Steam sliced fish $11.95
Scallops with Special Sauce $12.95
Scallops with mushrooms $12.95
Scallops with black pepper $12.95
Sauteed shrimps $12.95
Salt & pepper shrimps $9.95
Shrimps with Green Leaf Bud $12.95
Bai-gou (almond) shrimps $11.95
Walnut shrimps $12.95
Sea Cucumber /w green onion $15.95
Tendon Pork /w mixed meat $15.95
braised fish?s tails $15.95
Sauteed tender and sea cucumber $15.95

Pre-order items (seasonal price)

Whole fish with Pine nuts.
Whole fish with hot bean sauce
Crab with Rice Cake
House special a whole crab

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