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All salads served with a slice of rustic Arisan Bread
THE GRAND PIANO $8.50 Mixed greens, mandarin oranges, Asian noodles topped with Asian-spiced chicken and shrimp.
BOW TIE SALAD $8.50 Citrus marinated salmon, rice and vegetables on a bed of baby spinach.Served with a roasted garlic vinaigrette.
THE SMART BOARD SALAD $8.50 Blackenod chicken caeser salad
THE OLYMPLAN $8.50 Cobb salad with avocado dressing
TYE DYE SALAD $8.50 Mixed groens tossed with apple, pecans, blue cheese & vinaigrette
WHISPERING PINES $8.50 Thinly sliced ribeye on a bed of mixed greens with egg, tomato, curly fries, pine nuts, Oil & vinegar.


SOUP DU JOUR $1.95 Served in a small bread bowl. Soup served in a cup


KFED $8.50 Three cheese, macaroni
THE HOLLIS SPECIAL $8.50 The crab cake with a remoulade sauce.
DR. FRED S FAVORITE $8.50 Fish & chips lightly breaded & fried grouper served with seasoned freis


YOUR CHOICE OF 3.14159 $2.95 Individual boscon Cream Pie, Crame Brulce, Individual Coconut Cream Pic, Vanilla Bean Cheesecake.


ALL sandwiches are served with fries.
LOAVES & FISHES $8.25 Fried grouper sandwich with lettuce & tomato on a kaiser roll
59 RINESTONES $8.50 Shaved ribeye steak sandwich with caranelized onions, sharp cheddar on a fresh kaiser roll.
THE SADDLE SHOE $7.50 Hand pattied 1/2 lb. sirloin steak burger on a toasted kaiser roll with choddar cheese, thick cut tomato & onion
THE JC MELT $7.50 Albacore tona melt on grilled sourdough
THE CREED $7.95 Stecked corned beef, saucrkrant & twiss on grilled rye bread
TALLADEGA CHICKEN $7.50 Spicy chicken sandwich with blue cheese & lettuce on a kaiser roll
THE PROMENADE $7.50 Fried oyster sandwich with a remonlade sauce, letruce & tomato on a baguett.
THE DOUGH BOY $7.95 Maple cured bam with bavarti cheese, lettuce & tomato on a preizel bun
THE VIEW $7.95 Roast turkey club with a cranberry relish, served on ciabatta bread
THE SPEED $8.25 Salmon burger with lettuce & tomato on an oversized English muffin
61 KEYS $8.50 Grilled three cheese & tomato on sourdough
THE CAMPAIGN $8.50 Build your Own Panini – Choose from Chicken, ham, curkey, roast beef, cheddar, Swiss provolone, Amiercan, tomato, roasted peppers, mushrooms, pesto sauce, chipotle, mayonnise, honey mustard.


YOUR CHOICE $1.25 Coffee (100% Colombian), Decaf Coffee, Hot Tea, Iced Tea, Soft Drinks ( Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Root Beer)

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