Ahuua Mexican Grill

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Cuisine: Mexican.


Fountain Drink $1.89
Jarritos $1.99
Bottled Pepsi $1.99
Bottled Crush $1.99
Bottled Sangria $1.99
Pure Leaf Tea $1.99
Horchata $1.99
Bottled Water $1.10


Guacamole and Chips $4.99
Queso Dip and Chips $4.99
Ultimate Nachos $7.49 Topped with black beans, melted cheese, salad and choice of meat.
Chips and Salsa $1.99
Queso Grill $6.99 Melted Jack cheese with chorizo and pico de gallo.


Ahuua Salad $8.99 Chopped lettuce, black beans, sweet corn, tomatoes, onion, crispy tortilla strips and jalapeno ranch.
Side Salad $1.99 Chopped lettuce, tomatoes and sweet corn.
Taco Salad $7.99 Your choice of meat, sitting on fresh lettuce, along with rice, cheese, tomato, corn, cheese sauce and sour cream inside a flour crispy shell.

Mexican Traditions

Carne Asada Plate $10.99 Juicy grilled steak, served with rice, beans and salad.
Baja Fish Taco $9.49 3 grilled or crispy fish tacos topped with cabbage, pico de gallo and an avocado slice along with our tangy baja chipotle sauce on corn tortillas.
Enchiladas Verdes $8.99 4 corn tortillas filled up with our seasoned grilled chicken, topped with green and cheese sauce, served with rice and salad.
Carnitas Plate $9.49 Tender deep fried pork served with rice, beans and salad.
Fajitas $9.99 Served with green peppers, onions and tomato mix served with rice, beans and salad with flour or corn tortillas.
Chile Relleno $7.99 Poblano pepper stuffed with 3 cheeses, topped with our warm and tasty red tomato sauce and sheared cheese, served with rice and salad.
Carne con Chile $8.99 Chunks of skirt steak covered in a spicy red sauce, served with rice and beans.

Burritos and Bowls

Burritos Supreme $6.49 Served with refried or black beans, rice, lettuce, tomato and your choice of meat.
Burrito Bowl $6.49 Rice, beans and salad with your choice of meat.
Ahuua Burrito $8.99 Served with green peppers, onions and tomato mix topped with green and ranchera sauce. Served with rice and salad.
Breakfast Burrito $7.49 Mexican sausage with scrambled eggs and refried beans inside. Served with rice and salad.


Cheese Only Quesadilla $4.99
Cheese and Meat Quesadilla $6.49
Ahuua Quesadilla $8.99
Fajita Style Shrimp Quesadilla $9.99

Tacos, Tortas and Tostadas

Taco $1.85
Torta $5.49
Tostada $3.49

Ahuua Combos

3 Pieces Taco Meal Combo $7.49
3 Pieces Flautas Combo $7.49 Three corn tortillas rolled around and filled with shredded chicken or beef until crispy, topped with salad.
3 Pieces Enchiladas Rancheras Combo $7.49 Three corn tortillas rolled around and filled with shredded chicken or beef and covered with our ranchera sauce.
Crispy Burrito Combo $7.49 Flour tortilla rolled around and filled with shredded chicken, shredded beef or ground beef, with cheese. Fried until crispy.
Quesadilla Meal Combo $7.49 Flour tortilla stuffed with cheese along with your choice of meat and salad.
Grilled Chicken and Rice Combo $7.49 Juicy tender grilled chicken, sitting on a bed of red rice and covered with cheese sauce.

Side Orders

Cheese $0.50
Sour Cream $0.50
Fresh Jalapeno $0.50
Tortillas $0.50
Grilled Jalapenos $1.49
Rice $1.99
Fries $1.99
Beans $1.99
Avocado Slices $1.99
Queso Dip $2.30
Guacamole $2.30

Kid’s Menu

Kid’s Quesadilla $4.49
Kid’s Taco $4.49
Kid’s Chicken Fingers $4.49


Mexican Churros $2.15
Flan $2.99
Fried Ice Cream $3.49
Bunuelos $1.99
Tamal and Ice Cream $3.99

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