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Cuisine: Italian.

Antipasti (Appetizers)

Mozzarella Caprese $6.95 fresh mozzarella bocconcini with fresh sliced tomatoes and basil.
Bruschetta $6.95 toasted garlic home made bread topped with fresh tomato garlic and fresh basil.
Crostini $7.95 fresh bread brushed with extra virgin olive oil grilled and served with the chef’s fresh toppings of the day.
Calamari Fritti $7.95 lightly battered and fried to a tender crisp, golden brown served with marinara sauce.
Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail $7.95
Vongole Pescara $8.95 fresh clams sauteed in a light white wine and lemon sauce over toasted homemade bread.
Cozze in Bianco $7.95 fresh mussels steamed in white wine lemon butter and fresh basil garlic.
Cozze alla Marinara $7.95 fresh mussel’s sauteed with parsley, with white wine in marianara sauce.

(Insalate E Zuppe) Salads and Soups

Giardino Misto $6.95 mixed garden greens with fresh tomatoes in our delicious house vinaigrette. With bocconcini di mozzarella $1.50 extra.
Chef’s Salad $7.95 mixed greens fresh tomatoes topped with black olives and grilled jumbo shrimp in house vinaigrette.
Zuppa di Nettuno $10.95 neptune’s soup. tender calamari, fresh gulf grouper sea scallops, and jumbo shrimp simmered in delicate bisque with ahint of lemon.

Paste Varie

Tortellini Salmone $13.95 fresh homemade pasta filled with salmon and ricotta in a choice of white or red sauce. Sprinkled with black caviar
Tortellini Spinaci $13.95 home made pasta filled with spinach and ricotta cheese in white or marinara sauce.
Penne Pasticiatti $11.95 short cooked pasta cooked al dente tossed in a light red meat sauce.
Gnocchi alla Romana $12.95 home made potato pasta dumplings in a tomato and basil sauce than baked with fresh mozzarella cheese.
Gnocchi Gorgonzola $13.95 home made potato dumplings simmered in a 4 cheese sauce, provolone, mozzarella, parmigiano and gorgonzola.
Gnocchi Marina $13.95 homemade potato dumplings with calamari in a red spicy sauce.
Fettucine Portobello $12.95 fresh homemade flat strips of pasta cooked in white or red sauce with portabella sliced topped parmigiano cheese.
Fettucine ai Fruttini di Mare $15.95 fresh homemade flat strips of pasta cooked in white or red sauce with calamari, mussels, clams, and shrimp.
Fettuccine Terra Mare $15.95 fresh home made flat strips of pasta cooked with a creamy sauce of portabella mushrooms, scallops and shrimp.
Tagliatelle allo Scoglio $13.95 homemade tagliatelle with a hint of squid ink to give it its unique coloration topped with jumbo shrimp and fresh calamari in a white or red sauce.

I Secondi

Veal Marsala $15.95 veal cooked in marsala wine sauce with garlic and portobella mushrooms.
Pollo alla Griglia $12.95 grilled fresh tender chicken breast on a garden salad.
Pollo Cacciatore $12.95 fresh tender chicken breast sauteed with black olives and green peppers in a spicy tomato sauce.
Pollo Marsala $13.95 fresh tender chicken breast topped with portobello mushrooms prosciutto with marsala wine sauce.
Pollo Italiano $14.95 fresh tender chicken breast sauteed with spinach and portabella in a gorgonzola sauce.
Spedini di Gamberi $11.95 grilled shrimp served with fresh green salad in house vinaigrette.
Spedini di Calamari $11.95 grilled tender calamari served with fresh green salad in house vinaigrette.
Cernia Sille Casa $16.95 fresh gulf grouper sauteed in frutti di mare in fresh lemon sauce.
Cernia Mediterrania $17.95 fresh gulf grouper sauteed with jumbo shrimp and calamari in a red spicy sauce.
Salmone Ripieno $15.95 fresh salmon stuffed with portobella and mozzarella cheese topped with portobella mushrooms in a red wine sauce.
Salmone in Umido $16.95 steamed fresh salmon topped with jumbo shrimp and scallops in a light white sauce and vegetables.

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