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Cuisine: Japanese, Sushi.

Starters – Signature

Sunomono Moriawase hrimp, surf clam, octopus and crab with sweet vinaigrette (gf)
Mentaiko Spicy cod roe
Tako Sumiso-ae Sliced octopus, scallion and cucumber with sweet miso (gf)
Kani Sunomono Crab, seaweed, cucumber and sprouts with sweet vinaigrette (gf)
Ebi Shumai Steamed shrimp dumplings
Tsukemono Assorted pickled vegetables
Hijiki Braised black sea vegetables, carrot and yam
Hourenso Goma-ae Spinach with sesame seed dressing
Kinpira Marinated Japanese burdock root, lotus root and carrot
Mozuku Vinegar marinated seaweed
Natto Fermented soy beans


Tofu Avocado Soft tofu, avocado with sesame seeds with creamy dressing
Daikon Kaiware Thinly sliced daikon radish with sprouts
Kaisou Assorted seaweed on baby greens with sesame dressing
Amu Salad Seasonal greens and dried seaweed with wasabi yuzu dressing


Sashimi Moriawase Chef?s selection of our standard fresh sashimi (gf)
Sashimi Select one of Tuna, Yellowtail, Salmon, Mackerel, Squid or Octopus (gf)
Hamachi Carpaccio Sliced Yellowtail and roe with citrus sauce and greens
Maguro Avocado Tuna marinated in Umami soy sauce mixed with avocado (gf)
Binnaga Tataki Seared Albacore with Ponzu sauce (gf)

Yakimono – Grilled Selections

Yakiniku Thinly sliced BBQ Snake River Kobe Beef
Unagi Kabayaki Fresh water eel in japanese bbq sauce
Kamo Aburi Broiled maple leaf farms duck (teriyaki or sea salt)
Gindara Kasuzuke Juicy black cod marinated in sake pulp
Okonomiyaki Japanese style savory pancake with pork, squid and vegetables
Tofu Steak Sauteed vegetables with spicy miso over grilled tofu
Gyu Tataki Thinly sliced seared beef with ginger garlic sauce
Yamaimo Butter Japanese mountain yam sauteed in butter with yuan sauce
Sake Harami Kasuzuke Fatty Salmon belly marinated in sake pulp
Ika Maruyaki Grilled squid brushed with a delicate sweet soy sauce
Saba Shioyaki Mackerel grilled with sea salt
Tori Aburi Grilled 100% natural free range chicken (teriyaki or sea salt)
Muuru Gai Misoyaki New zealand green lip mussels broiled with a spicy miso sauce
Gyoza Pan-fried premium dumplings

Agemono ? Fried Selections

Chicken Nanban Marinated free range chicken braised with Japanese Nanban sauce
Nasu Dengaku Eggplant with yuzu infused miso sauce and burdock root chips (gf)
Kani Cream Croquette Two oval croquette filled with crab meat, vegetables and cream
Calamari Tempura Japanese sliced squid hood tempura
Mochi Kakiage Two hot rice cakes with assorted seafood and vegetables
Ebi Chile Shrimp with a spicy chili sauce
Ebi Renkon Minced-shrimp sandwiched between lotus root slices (gf)
Toriten Marinated chicken tempura with Karashi mustard on the side
Soft Shell Crab Tempura style whole crab with Ponzu sauce
Chikuwa Isobe Fish cake lightly battered with seaweed flakes
Ika Geso Age Squid legs marinated with garlic sauce and lightly fried (gf)
Agedashi Tofu Hot deep-fried Tofu with Dashi broth
Agedashi Mochi Hot deep-fried Mochi with Dashi broth

Nabemono ? Hot Pots for 2-4

Kobe Beef Sukiyaki Cooked Kobe Beef, vegetables, tofu, in broth with a poached egg
Kobe Beef Shabu Shabu Raw Kobe Beef and Kombu broth hot pot with tofu and vegetables (gf)
Sakana Shabu Shabu Sashimi-grade Hamachi and Kombu Broth with tofu and vegetables (gf)
Aigamo Shabu Shabu Maple Leaf Farms Duck and Kombu Broth, tofu and vegetables (gf)
Yosenabe Chicken and Seafood hot pot with Tofu and vegetables (gf)
Yudofu Melting Tofu in Kombu broth (v)(gf)
Zousui Choose Udon noodles or rice with egg and seaweed for your hot pot

Shime ? Noodles, Soup and Rice

Kani Zousui Crab meat in rice porridge
Tekka Don una sashimi marinated with umami soy sauce over rice (gf)
Oyako Gohan Grilled dry salmon & salmon roe over rice (gf)
Kamo Soba Green tea buckwheat noodles served with sliced duck dipping broth
Chawan Mushi Japanese savory egg custard with chicken, shrimp, Shiitake and Enoki
Yaki Onigiri Grilled triangular rice balls brushed with umami soy (gf)
Steamed White Rice Sticky rice served in a small bowl (v)(gf)
Misoshiru Miso soup made fresh (gf)


Mochi Ice Cream Green tea, azuki bean, sakura cherry and other flavors available daily three piece and one piece per plate options
Special Desserts Please ask us about these daily options

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