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Tres Golpes con Huevo, Queso y Salami $6.00 Boiled mashed green plantains with eggs, cheese and salami.
Yuca, Salami y Huevo $4.75 Cassava, salami and egg.
Yuca, Salami y Queso Blanco $4.75 Cassava, salami and white cheese.
Guineo, Salami y Huevo $4.75 Green banana, salami and egg.
Guineo, Salami y Queso Blanco $4.75 Green banana, salami and white cheese.
Tortilla con Queso $3.00 Cheese omelet with home fries and toast with coffee, tea or chocolate.
2 Huevos con Tocineta y Tostadas $3.00 2 eggs with bacon and toast. Includes coffee, tea or chocolate.
2 Huevos con with Jamon y Tostadas $3.00 2 eggs with ham and toast. Includes coffee, tea or chocolate.
2 Huevos con Salchicha y Tostadas $3.00 2 eggs with sausage and toast. Includes coffee, tea or chocolate.
2 Huevos con Tostadas, Papas de la Casa y Cafe $2.50 2 eggs with toast, home fries and coffee.
Tortilla Hispana $3.50 Spanish omelet with home fries and toast. Includes coffee, tea or chocolate.
Avena $3.00 Hot oatmeal.


Chicharrones sin Hueso $11.00 Boneless fried chicken.
Pechunga a la Parrilla $11.00 Grilled chicken.
Pechuga Salteada $11.00
Pechuga Empanizada $12.00 Breaded chicken cutlet.
Pechuga en Salsa $11.00 Breaded chicken cutlet in sauce.
Pechuga a la Francesa $11.00
Chicharrones con Hueso $11.00 Fried chicken with bone.


Arroz con Camarones $14.00 Rice with shrimp.
Arroz con Pollo $8.00 Rice with chicken.
Arroz con Pescado $14.00 Rice with fish.


Bistec Encebollado $11.00 Steak with onions.
Bistec a Caballo $12.00 Steak with eggs.
Bistec Empanizado $12.00 Breaded steak.
Bistec en Salsa $11.00 Steak in sauce.
Bistec Enchilado $11.00 Steak in hot sauce.
Bistec Salteado $12.00 Pepper steak.
Chuletas Fritas $10.00 Fried pork chops.
Chuletas Enchiladas $11.00 Pork chop in hot sauce.
Chuletas en Salsa $11.00 Pork chop in sauce.
Chuletas Empanizadas $11.00 Breaded pork chops.


Chicharron Mofongo $7.00 Fried pork skins. Includes mashed green plantains.
Pernil Mofongo $7.00 Roast pork. Includes mashed green plantains.
Pollo Mofongo $7.00 Chicken. Includes mashed green plantains.
Camarones Mofongo $14.00 Shrimp. Includes mashed green plantains.
Filete de Pescado Mofongo $11.00 Fish fillet. Includes mashed green plantains.


Camarones a la Parrilla $13.00 Broiled shrimp.
Camarones en Salsa $13.00 Shrimp in sauce.
Camarones al Ajillo $13.00 Shrimp in garlic sauce.
Camarones Empanizados $14.00 Breaded shrimp.
Espaguetti con Camarones $14.00 Spaghetti with shrimp.


Filete a la Parrilla $13.00 Broiled fillet.
Filete en Salsa $13.00 Fillet in sauce.
Filete al Ajillo $13.00 Fillet in garlic sauce.
Filete de Pescado al Limon $13.00 Fillet fish on lemon.
Filete de Pescado Empanizado $13.00 Breaded fish fillet.


Maduros $2.00 Sweet plantains.
Tostones $2.00 Green plantains.
Papas Fritas $2.00 French fries.
Yuca $2.00 Cassava.
Guineos $2.00 Green banana.

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