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Pepito de Ternera $10.00 Veal breast, brioche, havarti, roasted green pepper, horseradish
Tortilla de Patatas $7.00 Farm eggs, confit potatoes, onions
Nuestras Bravas $8.00 Potato, milk alioli, brava sauce
Pulpo $12.00 Grilled spanish octopus, trinxat, black olive-pomegranate vinaigrette
Mini Rossejat Negre $12.00 Toasted noodles, calamari, squid ink, sofrito, harissa alioli
Nuestra Cesar $12.00 Romaine lettuce, free range chicken, croutons, parmesan *contains raw ingredients that will increase your risk of foodborne illness n) contains nuts
Remolacha $11.00 Pickled beets, organic greens, citrus torpedo onions, walnuts (n)
Cua de Bou $10.00 Braised oxtail ravioli, sunchoke, porcini, caramelizad pineapple, piquillo pepper
Tortilla de Patatas $7.00 Farm eggs, confit potatoes, onions
Cojonudo $6.00 Fried quail egg, chorizo, piquillo pepper, toast
Carpaccio $10.00 Octopus carpaccio, pine nuts, manchego, apple-shallot vinaigrette (n)
Costilla $8.00 Confit boneless pork ribs, salmorejo rojo, piquillo peppers
Albondigas $12.00 Beef-pork meatballs, tomato-nora sauce, fennel salad, spanish sheep cheese
Canelons $10.00 Free range chicken, seasonal mushrooms, rostit sauce, parmigiano

Per Picar

Coca $13.00 Dungeness crab, escalivada, avocado puree, marcona almonds, flatbread (n)
Croquetas $8.00 Salt-cod fritters, smoked piquillo alioli
Pa amb Tomaquet $6.00 Huse coca bread, shredded tomato, extra virgin olive oil
Aceitunas $4.00 Mix marinated olives
Ataula Montadito $8.00 House cured salmon, mascarpone yogurt, black truffle honey, coca bread
Xupa-Xup $3.00 Chorizo lolli-pop, goat cheese, membrillo
Mini Coca $6.00
Xupa-Xup $3.00 Chorizo lolli-pop, goat cheese, membrillo
Mejillones $9.00 House mussel escabeche, vermut sauce, fingerling chips
Rap $10.00 Fried togarashi-adobo monkfish, lemon-sage gastrique
Chorizo-Dog $9.00 Spanish chistorra chorizo, poblano pepper chutney

Paellas & Rossejats

Rossejat $34.00 Toasted noodles, free range chicken, chorizo, pimenton, roasted garlic, ali-oli
Paella Jardinera $32.00 Bomba rice, wild mushrooms, seasonal vegetables
Paella Ataula $38.00 Bomba rice, prawns, mussels, calamari, clams, saffron picada, lobster fumet
Arros Negre $37.00 Bomb rice, calamari, cuttlefish, saffron picada, tarragon alioli (n)


Donuts $6.00 Brioche, spiced sugar
Helados $6.00 Homemade ice cream selections
Pa Amb Xocolata I Oli D?oliva $7.00 Toasted bread, olive oil, chocolate, salt
Crema Catalana $6.00 Burnt creamy custard
Tabla de Quesos $11.00 Selection of artisanal cheeses, house made tomato jam

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