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Cuisine: Bistro, French.

Les Classiques Du Bistrot Low Fare

La Bavette Echalottes, Frites $16.95 Flank steak w/shallots, french fries
L’omelette Du Jour, Salad $10.95 Omelette of the day, salad
Le Foie De Veau Aux Oignons $15.95 Calf Liver w/onion, Cabernet sauce homemade mashed potatoes
La Cesar Salad Au Poulet $10.95 Ceasar salad w/ chicken
Le Boeuf Bourguignon $16.95 Beef stew w/onion, bacon, red wine sauce, served with pasta
Le Saumon Au Beurre Blanc $15.95 Fresh Norwegian salmon w/beurre blanc sauce
Le Cassoulet $18.95 Northern beans,lamb stew, duck, sausage
La Cesar Salade Au Saumon $12.95 Cesar salad w/Norwegian salmon
Le Demi-poulet Roti Aux Herbes $15.95 Half roasted chicken w/herbs, french fries
La Quiche Du Jour $11.95 Homemade quiche of the day, salad


La Soupe Du Jour Homemade soup of the day
La Fricasee D’ Escargots Et Champignons Sauvages $7.95 Escargots sauteed w/ garlic butter, Portobello mushrooms & garlic confit
La Poellee De Champignons Sauvages Aux Fetuccini $7.95 Fricasee of fresh Portobello mushrooms w/ fetuccini in a light cream & Brandy sauce
Le Pate De Campagne Maison Et Ses Cornichons $5.95 Homemade country pate w/ French pickles
La Soupe a L Oignon Gratinee $5.95 French onion soup w/ gruyere
La Roquette Au Fromage De Chevre $9.95 Aurugula salad w/ goat cheese
La Salade Cesar $5.95 Hearts of romaine w/ Ceasar dressing and shaved parmesan
La Salade Bio Au Confit & Gesiers De Canard $8.95 Mixed organic baby greens w/ homemade ducks confit & gizzards
Le Thon Tartare $12.50 Fresh raw Ahi tuna w/ seaweed salad, avocado & roasted sesame & Nori
Le Foie Gras Frais Aux Poires Pochees, Miel Et Citron, 5 Epices $16.00 Fresh Hudson Valley foie gras w/ lemon-honey & 5 spices
Les Calamars Sautes Aux Olives Et a L’ Ail $8.95 Fresh young calamari w/ roasted red bell peppers, garlic confit, black olives in an extra-virgin olive oil
Les Calamars Frits $8.95 Fried calamari w/ Provencale sauce
Baby Leeks & Grilled Shrimp Salad $10.00
Tomato, Avocado & Goat Cheese Salad $7.95
Fresh Porcini Mushrooms, Puff Pastry, Light Bourbon Cream Sauce $10.00
Bundle of Spinach & Crabmeat, Roasted White Corn, Bell Pepper, Cream of Dry Vermouth $10.00

Lunch Prix Fixe 3 Courses 16.95

La Salade Maison Organic baby greens w/ balsalmic vinaigrette
Le Pate Maison Homemade country pate
La Soupe Du Jour Homemade soup of the day
Le Poisson Du Jour Fresh catch of the day
Les Moules Mariniere Fresh rope-mussels w/ white wine & herb sauce
Le Gigot D’agneau Au Jus Roasted leg of lamb w/ rosemary & thyme juice
Le Dessert Du Jour Dessert of the day

Fish & Crustaces

Le Saumon Grille Et Glace Et Sa Sauce Roquette $11.95 grilled Norwegian salmon w/ house BBQ glaze & keylime arugula sauce
Les Moules Marinieres Et Ses Frites $11.95 Fresh rope-mussels in white whine & fresh herbs sauce
Les Crevettes Grilles $15.95 grilled shrimp w/ grape tomatoes, roast garlic, capers, olive oil & Chardonnay


Les Pates Aux Fruits De Mer $14.95 Linguini w/ scallops, shrimp, calamari, mussels in a light white whine sauce
Les Pates Aux Legumes $11.95 Curly pasta w/ sauteed fresh seasonal vegetables in a light cream sauce & fresh herbs


La Salade Cesar Au Poulet Grille Et Parmesan $10.95 Large Ceasar salad w/ grilled chicken and shaved parmesan
La Salade De Couscous Aux Petis Legumes Et Gigot D’agneau Froid $13.95 Couscous salad w/ vegetables & cold roasted leg of lamb

Hot Meats

L’entrecote De Boeuf a La Sauce Au Vin Rouge $15.95 New York strip steak with Cabernet sauvignon sauce
Le Gigot D’agneau Au Jus $13.95 Roasted leg of lamb w/ rosemary, roasted garlic & thyme juice
Le Poulet Roti Aux Oignons Et Champignons $11.95 Pan-seared chicken breast w/ sweet onions & mushrooms
Le Confit De Canard Et Sa Puree $13.95 Homemade duck confit w/ homemade mash potatoes

Fish & Seafood

Le Saumon Grille Et Glace Et Sa Sauce Roquette $19.95 Grilled Norwegian salmon w/ house BBQ glaze w/ keylime arugula sauce
Le Thon Grille Au Poivre Vert $19.95 Grilled & blackened Yellowfin tuna w/ green peppercorn sauce
Les Coquilles St. Jacques a La Provencale Et Au Pastis $20.95 Sea scallops lightly sauteed in fresh tomatoes, garlic, fresh herbs, touch of Anise
Les Crevettes Grilles $25.00 Grilled shrimp w/ grape tomatoes, roasted garlic, capers, olive oil & Chardonnay
Les Moules Marinieres Et Ses Frites $17.95 Fresh rop-mussels sauteed w/ white wine & fresh herbs

Meats & Poultries

Le Steak Tartare Et Ses Frites $24.95 Traditional steak tartar served w/ French fries
Le Carre’d’ Agneau Aux Herbs Et Sa Mousseline D’ Ail $26.95 Rack of lamb w/ fresh thyme jus, roasted garlic mousseline
L’entrecote De Boeuf Au Roquefort $24.95 New-York strip steak with Roquefort-Blue cheese cream sauce
Le Magret De Canard 5 Epices $23.95 Breast of duck cooked medium rare w/ poached pears, honey-lemon, 5 spices


Rabbit Roulade, Confit Shallots, Mustard, White Wine Sauce $22.95
Fresh Filet of Halibut, Baby Artichoke Ragout $22.95
Galatine of Grey Sole $22.95 w/ salmon mousse, cream of sauvignon blanc, dill sauce
Calf Liver, Caramelized Onion, Cabernet Sauce $19.95
Veal Tenderloin, Bouron Sauce, Lima Beans, Roasted Walnuts $25.95

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