Bistrot Du Coin

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Cuisine: French.

Les Crozets De Savoie

Savoyarde (Traditional) $8.95 – $16.95 gratin of buckwheat pasta, onions in cream sauce with swiss cheese
Croziflette $9.25 – $16.95 gratin of buckwheat pasta, french ham, bacon, onions and reblochon cheese
Bretonne $9.95 – $16.95 gratin of buckwheat pasta, seafood, mushrooms, diced vegetables and lobster sauce

Ravioles De Royan

Dauphinoise (L’??original) mini raviolis in a cream sauce with swiss gruyere
Homardine mini raviolis, seafood, mushrooms and lobster sauce
Aveyronnaise mini raviolis, duck confit, gizzards, mushrooms and cream sauce
Nicoise mini raviolis, french ham, mushrooms and pesto sauce


Foie Gras Frais Poele, Risotto D’orge Truffe $14.95 sautted foie gras with barley risotto and truffle sauce
Pate De Campagne Maison $8.25 homemade country oate (pork)
Assiette De Cochonaille $15.50 assortment of french cold cuts (beef and pork)
Confit De Canard, Pommes Rissoles $18.95 duck leg confit with frisee and sauteed potatoes
French Cheese Plate $9.69


Tartine A  La Tapenade, Jambon Cru Et Gruyere $13.95 – $7.95 tartine with black olive puree, prosciutto and swiss gruyere
Tartine En Bayaldi De Legumes/Basilic $13.95 – $7.95 tartine with mixed vegetables, basil oil and black olive puree
Tartine Parisienne $13.95 – $7.95 tartine with french ham, bechamel sauce and swiss gruyere
Tartine Baltique $17.95 – $9.95 tartine with smoked salmon, tamara, onions and capers

Moules Festival

Moules Provencales A La Facon Hiba steamed mussels in white wine with tomatoes, thyme and garlic
Moules Mariniere steamed mussels in white wine with onions, shallots, garlic and parsley
Moules Sauce Poulette steamed mussels in cream sauce
La Traditionelle Mouclade Des Charentes steamed mussels in a light cream sauce with light curry
Moules Catalanes steamed mussels in white wine with onions, peas, peppers, tomatoes and chorizo
Moules Normandes steamed mussels in cream sauce with celery, leeks, mushrooms, potatoes and bacon
Moules Roquefort steamed mussels in creamy roquefort sauce
Moules Au Pistou steamed mussels with pesto, prosciutto and french ham
Moules Sauce Thailandaise steamed mussels with thai sauce, vegetables and thai basil
Moules Bretonnes $16.95 – $27.95 steamed mussels with lobster bisque, lobster meat, shrimp, mushrooms, celery, diced tomatoes.

Soupes & Salades

Herbs $9.95 top with gratinee goat cheese
French Onion Soup $8.95
Soupe De Legumes $6.95 vegetable soup
Veloute De Champignons $7.95 creamy mushroom soup
Soupe De Moules Safranee $7.95 creamy mussel soup with saffron
Moules Gratinees Au Beurre D’??ail $8.25 – $15.50 mussels baked in half-shell with garlic butter (flat dish)
Coeur De Laitue $7.50 vinaigrette moutarde . bibb salad dressed with house vinaigrette
Mesclun Salade $8.95 mix greens with house vinaigrette
Salade De Magret Et Gesiers De Canard $13.95 smoked duck breast, gizzards confit, green beans, mix greens and vegetables
Harrengs Doux Fume, Pommes A L’huile $11.95 marinated smoked herring carots, potatoes, onions, and mixed greens
Salade Verte Au Roquefort $9.95 green salad with roquefort cheese and walnuts
Salade Nicoise Facon Bistrot $13.95 bonito tuna, hard boiled egg, anchovy over mixed greens, vegetables, black olives
Salade De Chevre Chaud $8.95 warm goat cheese salad with walnuts
Salade D’artichaut Et Asperges $7.99 baby artichoke, grilled asparagus salad and parmesan cheese
Salade Frisee Aux Lardons $9.50 frisee salad with sauteed bacon, egg and croutons
Petite Fricassee De Merguez $7.69 small spicy sausages made with lamb and beef sausage sauta©ed with tomatoes, chick peas and onions
Salade Maraichere $12.50 romaine lettuce, radis, carrots, zuchini, yellow squash, grapes, fennel and curry vinaigrette
Salade Maraichere $3.95 add smoked salmon

Nos Poissons

Medallions De Lotte A La Dieppoise, Shell Fish $21.95 monkfish medallion cooked in a light lemon cream sauce
Pave De Saumon Sauce Vin Blanc $21.95 pan seared salmon, tagliatelle pasta, brasied portabello mushrooms and asparagus
Special Fish Of The Day please ask your server

De La Basse Cour

Poulet Roti Au Four $16.95 one half oven roasted chicken with french fries
Volaille A La Provencale $19.95 fricasse of chicken, vegetables in tomatoe sauce served with pasta
Magret De Canard Au Poivre Vert $22.95 pan seared maple leaf duck breast, vegetable flan, asparagus, light creamy green peppercorns sauce chef recommends med-rare

Les Specialitees Du Bistrot

Tartiflette Savoyarde $15.50 – $8.25 potatoes, roblochon cheese, onions and bacon
Bouchee A La Reine $17.95 – $9.95 chicken, veal sweetbreads and mushrooms in cream sauce over puff pastry
Gratin D?endives Au Jambon $9.50 braised endives with french ham, swiss gruyere and bechamel sauce
Escargot A La Bourguignonne $9.50 snails with garlic butter
Mergez Grillees, Version Bistrot $17.25 grilled spicy sausages made with lamb and beef served over couscous and mediterranean-spiced vegetables

Cuisine Du Terroir

Cassoulet Du Bistrotier $21.95 white bean stew with sausage, pork, lamb and duck confit
Saute De Boeuf Au Curry, Riz Madras $20.95 curried beef stew with madras rice
Blanquette De Veau $21.95 veal stew in a light creamy sauce with onions, mushrooms and rice
Navarin D?agneau $21.50 lamb stew in a light tomato garlic sauce and baby vegetables
Boeuf Bourguignon $22.95 beef stew in red burgundy wine sauce with onions, mushrooms and pasta
Tripes A La Nissarda (Nicoise) $17.95 beef tripe stew with white wine, herbs, celery and carrots
Casserole De Lapin A La Moutarde $21.95 rabbit stew in a light creamy mustard sauce with carrot, onions, mushrooms and croes pasta

Nos Viandes

Le Steak Maison $18.95 grilled steak frites with french fries and bearnaise sauce
Onglet A L?echalotte $21.95 hanger steak with french fries served with compote of shallot, red wine sauce chef recommends med-rare or rare
Tournedos Poele, Sauce Aux Poivres $23.50 pan seared pave pepper cream sauce & french fries
Tournedos Poele, Sauce Roquefort $23.50 pan seared pave, served with roquefort sauce and french fries
Entrecote Grillee, Sauce Bearnaise $24.95 grilled rib eye, with french fries and bearnaise sauce
Filet De Boeuf Grille, Sauce Bearnaise $25.95 beef tenderloin with french fries and bearnaise sauce
Filet De Boeuf Poele Forestiere $28.50 pan seared beef tenderloin, saute of wild mushrooms with mashed potatoes and perigourdine sauce
Steak Tartare $18.50 raw ground beef, egg yolk, and condiments with french fries

Desserts $8.95

Dessert Du Jour
La Tropezienne brioche with custard, orange flavor with creme anglaise
Mont-Blanc light chestnut mousse with crushed hazelnuts
"Classique Creme Brulee" classic creme brulee with vanilla beans
Gateau Quatre Quarts Au Rhum Bananes, Ananas Et Raisins rum pound cake with bananas, pineapple and raisins
Creme Caramel A L’ancienne classic cream caramel
;Fondant Au Chocolat Semi Amer bitterrsweet chocolate fondant (warm) with vanilla ice cream
Tarte Au Citron lemon custard the french way with meringue?
Tarte Aux Pommes Normande apple tart with calvados
Clafoutis Aux Poires Et Son Coulis traditional custard tart with pears and coulis
Mousse Au Chocola A Ma Facon homemade chocolate mousse
Poire Belle Helene poached pear with vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce and whipped cream
Chocolat Liegois caramel fudge, chocolate ice cream. chocolate sauce and whipped cream
Cafe Liegois coffee and vanilla ice cream, chocolate coffee sauce and whipped cream
Peche Melba poached peach, vanilla and strawberry ice cream, almonds, and coulis of red berries
Banana Split With A French Twist two banana halves with raspberry sorbet, chocolate and vanilla ice cream, raspberry and chocolate sauce and whipped cream


Benedicte $11.95 eggs benedicte
Benedicte Au Saumon Fume $14.95 eggs benedict with smoked salmon
Au Plat $8.90 eggs sunny side up
Brouilles $8.90 scrambled eggs
Bacon $4.45 side bacon

Nos Omellettes

Nature $8.90 plain omelet
Aux Herbes $10.95 herb omelet
Aux Champignons $10.95 mushrooms omelet
Au Jambon $10.95 ham omelet
Au Fromage $10.95 cheese omelet
Vegetarienne $10.95 vegetarian omelet
Saumon Fume $14.95 smoked salmon omelet
Mixte $11.95 herbs, ham and cheese omelet

French Cocktails

Bisou De Patis $9.95 house chanpagne, chambord and raspberry nectar
St Tropez (Mimosa) $9.95 house champagne and orange juice
Passionnee $9.95 house champagne and passion fruit nectar
Martinique $9.95 cruzan pineapple rum and pineapple juice
Panama $9.95 absolut vodka and pomegranate juice
Guyanne $9.95 passion fruit with passion fruit nectar
Mattini d’Ecosse $9.95 maker’s mark bourbon, sauza gold tequila and passion fruit
Martini Suisse $9.95 van gogh chocolat vodka and bailey’s irish cream
The Original Sin $8.69 calvados lecompte with ginger ale
Cosmo BDC $9.95 absalat citron, cranberrl juice and tip/e 5’ec
Versailles $9.95 crel coose and chanbord
St Bart $9.95 absolut vodka, malibu coconut rum, midori and pineapple juice
Back Door $9.95 absolut raspberry, bailey’s irish cream
Aroma Martini $9.95 elder flower liquor on saint-germain and van cogh vodka
Guadeloupe $9.95 cruzan coconut run, with lime juice
St Germain $9.95 st germain 2oz., club soda 2oz.and house champagne 2oz.
Compote Mon Pote $9.95 van gogh wild apple vodka and apple puckers
Parisian Passion $8.69 elder flower syrup and house champagne

Draught Beer $6.99

Stella Artois
Leffe Blonde Or Dark

Bottle Beer

Chimay $8.69
Kronenbourg $3.95
Duvel $8.72
Amstel Light $6.95
Heineken $6.95
Heineken Light $6.95
Bass Ale $6.95
Jenlain Blonde $7.69
Jenlain Amber $7.72

Pot Lyonnais $8.95

Alsace Edelzwicker 2003
Beaujolais Village Pierre Ferrault 2009
Cotes Du Rhone 2002


Beaujolais $8.95 cabernet, cotes du rhone, merlot, pinot noir


Alsace $8.95 chardonnay, rose, sancerre, sauvignon blanc.

Michel’s Specials

Gigondas $12.95 rhone
Chateauneuf Du Pape $12.95
Meursault $14.95 burgundy – 100% chardonnay
Vacqueras $8.95 rhone
Special Bordeaux $12.95 st emilion, margaux, pomerol
Clairette De Die $7.95 rhone – sweet sparkling

Champagne Et Sparkling Wine

Moet Et Chandon Brut Imperial N.V. $11.95
Taittinger Brut N.V. $11.69
Piper Heidsieck Champagne NV $9.95
BDC Nectar Sparkling Wine ;Sweet; NV $6.95
St Michelle $8.95 house french sparkling brut nv
Champagne Cazanova Brut Rose $11.95

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