Afterglo Restaurant

Up to date Afterglo Restaurant prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

Cuisine: Seafood, Pub Food.


Broken Arrow Ranch Axis Venison Tataki $13.00 with a salad of julienne apple, arugula, crushed juniper berries and spiced pumpkin seeds drizzled with raw honey, pumpkinseed oil and apple cider vinegar
Parsnip and Miso Soup $9.00 sauteed leeks and wild mushrooms, watercress and parsley oil
Carpaccio of East Coast Autumn Fluke $12.00 shaved burdock root and fresh hearts of palm salad, preserved lemon, chili paste, extra virgin olive oil
Kappa Naruto Summer Rolls $8.00 carrots, peppers, peas shoots, jicama, mango and papaya served with a soy pineapple reduction, papaya ginger sauce and drizzled with guajilio soy glaze
Tosaka Roll $9.00 parsnip and pinenut ‘rice’, avocado, daikon, carrot, pea shoots, real wasabi, nama shoyu and pickled ginger
Grilled Spanish Octopus $12.00 salsa verde, elephant garlic chips, watercress, roasted tomato
Yellow Tomato Gazpacho $10.00 with a salad of avocado, pickled red onion and watercress, hemp seeds and hemp oil
Here Comes the Sun $8.00 crisp whole wheat flatbread topped with pumpkin seed, sesame seed, black cumin, flax sunflower seed and caraway seed served with sunshine dahi and chili oil
Wild Copper River Sockeye Salmon Tartare $13.00 avocado, mango, shallot, quail egg, basil, citrus sesame vinaigrette and peruvian purple potato chips
Grass Fed Vietnamese Style Bison Ceviche $13.00 bibb lettuce, home grown sprouts, red onion, bell peppers, lime, wild jungle peanuts and crispy shallots
Two Vegetable Carpaccio $10.00 raw artichoke with shaved aged goat cheese, lemon extra virgin olive oil, homegrown milk thistle sprouts, celtic sea salt, raw ‘ grilled asparagus with ‘bbq’ oil, celtic sea salt and sundried tomato

To Start or Finish

Artisan Cheese Plate $18.00 a daily selection of raw and artisan cheese each served with appropriate garnishes, fresh fruit and homemade honey vanilla flatbread


Way to Glo $14.00 paradise farms lettuces, watercress, homegrown crunchy sprouts blend, carrot, cucumber, radish, fresh burdock root, scallions and sliced red onion tossed in a soy- marjoram vinaigrette sprinkled with
The Big Blue $14.00 fresh sea beans tossed in a ponzu dressing, wakame, silky palm and hijiki seaweed marinated in nama shoyu and rice vinegar, green and red tosaka and ogonori tossed with a miso-citrus dressing, all sp
A Beutiful Mind $15.00 baby Romaine lettuce tossed with blueberries, walnuts, brazil nuts, organic sun dried goji berries and Thai coconut meat garnished with a pomegranate – chia seed jelly and ground raw cacao in a rosem
Sing Like There is no One Listening $13.00 ruby red grapefruit and red radish salad with baby bok choy, fresh mint and homegrown red clover sprouts drizzled with eucalyptus honey, extra virgin olive oil and crushed pink peppercorns


Steamed Brown Rice $6.00 with julienne burdock root, shiitake and wilted dandelion
Puree of Sweet Potato $6.00 with napa cabbage, walnuts and orange zest
Green Salad $6.00 with arugala and watercress and ponzu vinaigrette
Beauty Pearls $8.00 hato mugi ‘wild barley’ cooked with miso, roasted corn and edamame
Organic Quinoa Salad $6.00 with mint and tomato
Whipped Parsnip $6.00 with homegrown sprout salad


Grilled Rib Eye of American 100% Grass fed Northstar Bison $39.00 beet and goat cheese napoleon, pickled red onion, arugula pesto and balsamic glaze
Grilled Rack of Australian 100% Grass Fed Lamb $42.00 green papaya slaw, flery wild jungle peanut chutney and tamarind sauce
Pan Roasted Breast of Macfarlane Farms Pheasant $35.00 marinated wild mushrooms, arugula pistachio ‘bread’ raw chocolate mold sauce and chipotle oil
Coriander Dusted Albacore Tuna $32.00 whipped parsnip, local kumquat marmalade, homegrown sprout salad, soy marjoram vinaigrette and crispy leeks
Grilled and Sliced Sirloin of Broken Arrow Ranch Nilgai Antelope $34.00 vegetable and pignoli ‘ricotta’ tartlette made with house dried onion and tomato, marinated zuchhini, kalamata olives and a sage pesto sauce
Grilled Whole Organically Raised Mediterranean Branzino $32.00 served with a salad of baby bok choy, ruby red grapefruit and sliced radish, mint, eucalyptus honey, crusted pink peppercorn and extra virgin olive oil
Pan Roasted Filet of Australian 100% Grass Fed Beef $39.00 whipped sunchokes, grilled baby eggplant and a provencal vinaigrette
Homemade Saffron-Almond Pappardelle Pasta $24.00 pesto, sliced artichoke, marinated portobello, sundried tomato, toasted almonds and shaved aged goat cheese
Steamed Alaskan Black Cod $34.00 yucca croquettas, pickled purple pearl onions, cilantro aioli, paradise farms micro greens
Sauteed Filet of Wild Copper River Sockeye Salmon $32.00 fresh dandelion greens, salad of fresh young Thai coconut, green papaya, peppers, carrots and homegrown sprouts tossed in a tarmind dressing, drizzled with an almond chili sauce and spiced cashews
The Raw Plate $27.00 choose any 4 salad of young coconut and green papaya with chili almond sauce and spiced cashews, tosaka roll with nama shoyu and real wasabi, cucumber summer rolls with papaya ginger sauce, wild mush

Desserts Wines By the Glass

Sauterns, Barton and Guestier, France 2002 $12.00
Black Muscat Roseblum $20.00
Dolce, Far Niente 2001 $25.00
Basarc, Chateau Coutlet 2001 $35.00
Moscato d’Asti ‘Santa Stefano, Italy 2004 $20.00
Nika, Passito di Panterlaria, Italia 2002 $12.00
Reisling Icewine, Inniskillin, Canada 1999 $25.00

Port by the Glass

Osborne 10 yr Tawny $15.00
Quinta Do Noval 10 yr Tawny $15.00
Quinta Do Noval 20yr Tawny $25.00
Taylor Fladgate 10yr Tawny $20.00
Taylor Faldgate 20yr Tawny $30.00
Taylor Fladgate 30yr Tawny $45.00

Sherry by the Glass

Pedro Domecq Pedro Ximenez Venerable Vors $12.00

Sauternes by the Bottle

Sauternes, Chateau Reiussec 2001 375 ml $97.00
Sauternes, Chateau d’Yquem, France 1989, 375ml $361.00

Fortified Wines by the Bottle

Black Muscat Roseblum $97.00
Muscat Beaumes di Venise, Domaine De Coyeaux, France 1999 375 ml $150.00

Icewine by the Bottle

Reisling Ice Wine, Inniskillin, Canada 1999 375 ml $220.00
Vidal Oak-Aged Icewine Gold, Inniskillin, Canada 1998, 375 ml $220.00

Sparkling Dessert Wines by the Bottle

Brachetto d’Aqui, Italy $41.00

Vintage Port by the Bottle

Osborne 10yr Tawny $77.00
Quinta Do Noval 10yr Tawny $89.00
Quinta Do Noval 20yr Tawny $115.00
Taylor Fladgate 10yr Tawny $77.00
Taylor Fladgate 20yr Tawny $117.00
Taylor Fladgate 30yr Tawny $320.00

Afterglo Desserts

Honey Pot $10.00 a walnut tartlette filled with banana cinnamon creme, topped with sliced bananas and orange segments with a organic raw chocolate sauce drizzled with honey and sprinkled with hemp seeds a completely
Opalescence $10.00 assorted fruits and berries with champagne jelly, melon sorbet and watermelon pop rocks
A Perfect Sunset $10.00 grenadine glazed peaches and apple strudel with caramelized walnuts and yogurt sauce
Chocolate, Salt and Olive Oil $10.00 milk chocolate cremoso sprinkled with celtic sea salt and drizzled with organic extra virgin olive oil served with sourdough toast and a coffee parfait
Ying Yan $10.00 cream cheese short dough with blackberry compote, balsamic syrup and black pepper goat cheese ice cream
A Study in Chocolate $16.00 a white chocolate and yogurt semifreddo with organic chocolate brownie and pomegranate reduction, warm Mexican chocolate soup, chocolate ice cream with a chocolate cookie and chocolate candy, milk ch
The Beauty Inside $11.00 a warm molten chocolate cake filled with an aromatic blue cheese ganache with a roasted pear compote, blackberry sorbet, honey drizzled and black pepper
Indian Passioni $11.00 curried dark chocolate mousse served over passion fruit jelly with crisp filo
Let it Glo $10.00 this raw dessert pairs an almond vanilla tart filled with coconut cream with a papaya lemon and almond milk smoothie
Refresh $8.00 a daily selection of homemade raw sorbets and interesting ice creams
Artisan Cheese Plate $18.00 a daily selection of raw and artisan cheeses each served with appropriate garnishes, seasonal fruit and honey vanilla flatbread

Organic Coffees and Teas

Organic Fair Trade Brewed Coffee $3.00
Organic Fair Trade Espress $4.00
Double Espresso $6.00
Cappuccino $6.00
Mighty Leaf Organic Tea Service $3.00

Martinis That Twist and Glo

Kumquat Martini $12.00 the ‘super citrus’ kumquat infused in ketel one vodka, shaken with agave syrup and dash of sweet vermouth
‘Hot’ Chocolate Martini $12.00 van gogh chocolate vodka shaken with godiva chocolate liqueur, agave syrup, and pinch of chili powder
Pear Sake-Tini $12.00 organic sake shaken with organic pressed pear juice, agave syrup, pinch of cinnamon, and a drop of fresh ginger juice
Pineapple Ginger Martini $12.00 ciroc vodka shaken with organic pineapple juice, organic lime juice, and fresh squeezed ginger juice
Sweet and Sour Apple-Tini $12.00 belvedere vodka shaken with fresh organic apple juice, sour apple liqueur, and a touch of cointreau liqueur
Martini in the Raw $12.00 absolut currant vodka, shaken with organic carrot juice, organic cucumber juice, organic sake, and a touch of hemp seed oil
Berry Berry Good Gin-Tin $12.00 tanqueray 10 shaken with organic puree blend of juniper and goji berries, agave syrup, and splash of organic grapefruit juice

Beer Selection

Miller Lite, USA $6.00
Corona, Mexico $6.00
Amstel Lite, Holland $6.00
Heinekien, Holland $6.00
Samuel Smith Organic Lager, Northern England $8.00
Samuel Smith Organic Ale, Northern England $8.00

Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Fresh Squeezed Organic Orange Juice $6.00
Fresh Squeezed Organic Grapefruit Juice $6.00
Fresh Squeezed Organic Lemonade $5.00
Assorted Organic Fresh Pressed Juice $6.00 pink guava, pineapple, apple, pear, papaya, mango, coconut
Young Thai Coconut Water $4.00
San Pellegrino Sparkling Mineral Water $6.00
Evian Still Spring Water $6.00
Trinity ‘Geothermal’ Water $8.00
Organic Iced Tea $3.00
Coca-Cola $3.00
Sprite $3.00
Ginger Ale $3.00
Organic Fair Trade Brewed Coffee $3.00
Organic Fair Trade Espresso $4.00
Double Espresso $6.00
Organic Fair Trade Cappuccino $6.00
Mighty Leaf Organic Tea Service $3.00

Drinks That Make You Glo

Get Up and Glo $12.00 shot of organic espresso, kahlua liqueur, dark rum, agave syrup, and shaken with fresh cream
Cleopatra Force $12.00 frangelico, gran marnier, fresh squeezed blood orange juice and a pinch of nutmeg
Spice of Life $14.00 frozen ‘raw’ blend of fresh pineapple, organic fresh pear, fresh ginger and Italian lemon liqueur, lower alcohol with organic sake $13.00, alcohol free $11.00
A ‘Pom’ a Day Keeps the Doctor Away $15.00 ‘pom’ pomegranate juice, pressed organic papaya juice, galliano and ketel one citron vodka, lower alcohol with organic sake $14.00, alcohol free $12.00
Fountai of Youth $15.00 made with the ‘queen of fruits’ the mangosteen, fresh orange juice, organic pressed apple juice, absolut raspberry vodka, and a dash of chambord liqueur, lower alcohol with organic sake $13.00, alcoh
Purely Syn-Tropical $12.00 coconut water frappe, with fresh coconut puree, banana, fresh yogurt agave syrup, and malibu coconut rum
Grasshoppers Never Looked This Good $12.00 fresh yogurt blended with godiva white chocolate liqueur, wheatgrass, green and white creme de menthe
The Beauty Elixir $14.00 organic pressed mango juice, coconut milk, bee pollen, goji berries, and charbay blood orange vodka, lower alcohol with organic sake $13.00, alcohol free $12.00
Glo-Hito $12.00 organic mint leaves muddled with organic limes, agave syrup, shaken with mount gay rum, topped with soda water
From Russia with More Than Just Love $12.00 organic lemons, agave syrup, fresh organic aloe vera, dash of organic grapefruit juice, shaken with stolichnaya vodka, lower alcohol with organic sake $10.00, alcohol free $9.00
Glo-Brazil $14.00 Brazilian super fruit ‘acai’, blended with blackcurrant, frozen Thai coconut water, pink guava juice, apple juice, blackberry brandy and cachaca brazilian run, lower alcohol with organic sake $13.00,

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