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Cuisine: Japanese, Sushi.


Sunomono Salad $7.50 this spiced cucumber and seafood with special vinegar dressing
Poki Salad $8.00 spicy tuna with mix green special crossing
Seared Ahi Tuna Salad $9.95 lightly served ahi tuna with mix green special dressing
Seaweed Salad $4.00 seaweed seasoned with sesame
Green Salad $5.00 mix green with special dressing
Avocado Salad $5.50 mix green with arccodo


Miso Soup $3.25 with mushroom
Miso Soup $2.25 soy bean soup


Tempura $7.95 deep filed shrimp & vegetable
Soft Shell Crab $8.95 deep fried sow shal crab with pnsu sauce
Ika Maruyaki $8.95 boked whoo sauce
Boof Tataki $8.95 sweed rice beef with poncu souce
Hamachi Kama $9.25 grilled yrllow for cover
Albacore Tataki $9.50 slightly secred abccore with poruse souce
Seared Ahi Tuna $9.50 slightly served ahi tuna with poru souce
Nama Kaki $9.00 oyster in half shev
Edamane $3.50 boiled soy bean
Gomase $4.00 boiled spnoch with sesome
Oshltashi $4.00 boiled spinach with bonto fiches
Yakitori $4.50 boiled chicken on served
Gyoza (6pc) $4.75 ach fried pouces
Age Dashl Tofu $4.75 deep fried with rump souce
Shi Shamo (3pc) $4.75 boiled smalfish
Ika Karaage $7.95 monk fish liver
Ankimo $7.95 monk fish liver


Seafood Udon $9.95 noodle and seafood in broth
Nabeyaki Udon $9.95 noodle with spinach fish cake, egg, shitake mushroom and fried shrimp in broth
Ten Zaru $9.95 shrimp & vegetable tempura with cold noodles & dipping souce
Tempura Udon $9.95 noodle fried shrimp & vegatable in broth
Beef Udon $9.75 noodles and beef in broth
Zaru Soba $6.75 cold noodles served with dipping sauce


Sashimi Moriawase $17.50 conthatton
Maguro $12.50 tuna
Hamachi $12.50 yellow iat
Sake $10.50 fresh salmon
Albacore $10.00 white tuna
Tako $9.50 octopus

Makimono Roll or Hand Roll

California Roll $4.25 crab avocado & cucumber
California Roll with Tobiko $4.95
Futo Maki $5.00 big roll egg & vegetables
Spicy Albacore Roll $3.95 white tuna
Rock’n Roll $4.75 eel avocado, tobiko
Spicy Scallop Roll $4.75
Ebikyu $4.50 shrimp & cucumber
N.y.maki $4.75 shrimp avocado & cucumber
Salmon Skin Roll $4.50
Negi Machi $4.50 yellow tail & scallion
Unakyu $4.50 eel & cucumber
Poki Maki $4.25 spicy tuna
Tekka Maki $3.95 tuna roll
Sake Maki $3.95 salmon & green onion
Shilako Maki $3.75 black mushroom
Saba Gari $3.75 mushroom & ginger
Kappa Maki $3.25 cucumber roll
Oshinko Maki $3.25 picked daikan radish
Uma Maki $3.25 picked plum
Avocado Roll $3.50
Dynamite $4.75 spicy mushroom with tobiko

Sushi combination

Nigiri Deluxe $19.00 15 pieces deluxe & moguro hirame icelic, amoebi abocare unogi, sake himachi ikura
Nigiri A $17.50 13 pieces tekka & moguro, hirome,eel unogi, sake himachi ikura
Nigiri B $16.50 13 pices, colloing roll & moguro, homoont home, unogi eel sake toko
Chireshi $14.95 asorved fish over sushi rice
Sashimi Sushi a $16.50 kioppo, tekka sashimi & migri
Sashimi Sushi B $17.50 colllonlo roll, jekia sashimi & nigiri
Tokka Don $15.95 tuno served over sushi rice
Hamachi Don $15.95 yellow roll served over sushi rice

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