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This is one of the family-owned restaurants that is thriving in the Pacific coast region. They are well known for their burgers whose recipe they have maintained since their foundation. Apart from their delicious burgers, In-N-Out is also known for its scenery which is always comfortable and happy. These, together with some of their policies which focuses on family ownership are some of the factors that set them apart from similar players in the industry. They make their products with simplicity yet they come out with unmatched deliciousness.

What they do

Some of the products on the In-N-Out menu prices worth sampling include the double burgers which are made with a couple of patties. Other products on the burger menu you can try are their combos and items on what is called “secret combo”. Although it’s not a secret, this menu consists of some exquisite meals like double meat burgers made with two American beef patties and protein style burger wrapped in hand-leafed lettuce. In-N-Out is great for all types of customers and strives to attract all demographics. One of their distinctive features is the level of commitment they show when serving their customers as well as when making their meals. They pick out fresh ingredients whether it’s the patties or vegetables ensuring that customers get the best end product.

Food Size Price

Burgers & Fries menu prices

Double-Double Burger $3.45
Cheeseburger $2.40
Hamburger $2.10
friesFrench Fries $1.60

Combos menu prices

Combos Include French Fries and Medium Drink

double_double_mealDouble-Double Burger $6.70
cheeseburger_mealCheeseburger $5.65
hamburger_mealHamburger $5.35

Drinks menu prices

Soft Drink Small $1.50
Soft Drink Medium $1.65
Soft Drink Large $1.85
Soft Drink Extra Large $2.05
Shakes $2.15
Milk $0.99
Coffee $1.35


In-N-Out was started in 1945 and at the same time, the menu prices were developed together with a speaker system for ordering. It was started by a couple called Mr. and Mrs. Snyder in California and after facing some challenges in the first two years of operation, they opened a second outlet in California. Being the first drive-through fast food restaurant at that time, the restaurant didn’t have much competition but they still had to work hard to attract loyal customers.

Their growth was considered to be slow for some people but the restaurant maintained that family ownership, turning down franchising offers, insisting that they didn’t want anything to interfere with their quality production. They still had a steady growth and by 1970, they had opened 18 stores. After Mr. Snyder died that same year, his son took over the business and became more successful leading to over 80 other restaurants in various places.

Unfortunately, he also died in 1993 after which his brother took over the business, driving it to more success in a short time. He expanded the restaurant to over 100 outlets within 6 years before he also died. In-N-Out now has over 200 outlets and still takes pride in the same high-quality service and products they had when they first started.


In-N-Out has invested in hiring great staff who are able to offer amazing friendly services efficiently as well as giving customers a clean environment to enjoy their meals. Through family ownership, they have ensured that their burgers are still as amazing as they were when they first opened, giving them a distinctive taste that cannot be found anywhere else. All their ingredients including dairy products and the type of oil they use. In-N-Out menu prices are also cheaper than other restaurants in the same category ensuring you don’t get broke trying to get a good meal. For the best burgers and even drinks, In-N-Out has you covered. A visit to any of their outlets will give you maximum satisfaction.

4 thoughts on “In-N-Out

  1. I ordered a gyro, carrot cake and a fish hoagie. The carrot cake was imitation as was the gyro. The cake was food colored orange not a carrot in it. It was very bad. The gyro was from a kit you can buy in the market. I could of had two whole kits for what I paid. It was not good. The fish hoagie would have been great if they followed my instructions. It was the only item that had good flavor and texture. The vegatables were fresh as we’re my fries and onion rings.

  2. I ordered a small pizza, fries, and a buffalo wings platter. My order was delivered in a fair amount of time considering the inclement weather. The pizza was missing from my order, when I called back to let them know, I was told that my order would be delivered shortly. Another hour passed and no pizza. I called back and they said the driver was backed up, but my order would be there soon. Another hour passed and no pizza. Mind you it’s 11:00pm. I called back and said I wanted my card credited. I was told that I would have to tell the driver once he got here that I didn’t want the pizza anymore. Then once he returns the pizza, my card will be credited. He finally came around 11:30pm. My pizza was burnt and reheated. Unfortunately, I probably won’t order from here for a while. I was dissatisfied with the service. It shouldn’t take 3 hours for a small pizza to be delivered.

  3. Food was unseasoned, scrapple was mushy. Asked for scrapple with one of my platters instead of sausage and they still gave me sausage. Ordered pancakes and they didn’t provide syrup. No napkins or utensils were provided. Won’t order from here again.

  4. Everything was perfect. GrubHub gave me a hour and 15 wait for my food to be dropped off, but in&out got me the food in less then 30minutes plus the food order was correct and good. My first time ordering from these guys and I will be back for sure!

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